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Wrap Up

Lesson 19 from: Capturing Authentic Photos of Children & Families

Chris Orwig

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Lesson Info

19. Wrap Up

Lesson Info

Wrap Up

So, here we are at the end of the day. A little bit of an adventure, hopefully one which was unexpected, right, because you come in thinking one thing. This is true of all great education experiences. You think, this is what I'm gonna get out of it, but there's always surprise. The surprise is the sweet stuff. You gotta pay attention to it. And you have to, at some point, record it, write it down, revisit it, otherwise it's gone, right, because you're gonna go back to distracted from distractions by distractions. Remember Seneca said, "You can't learn anything deeply "if you have a preoccupied or distracted mind." So with those things, I encourage you to revisit them and know this, that this course, while it's been about family and kids, it's really, really about a lot more than that. And you saw me sneaking that in, right? It's about life, it's about love, it's about humanity, it's about time. One of the reasons why family photographs are so meaningful is because of the passage of tim...

e. You have a photograph and you say, "Wow, that uncle is no longer here." And it documents that passage. When we become adults, ten years pass and we look a little bit different. But for a kid, oh my gosh, makes you realize how much time has actually gone by. And so what this does for us it is gives us, it tunes us to this idea. And there's this proverb which I really enjoy, which is, "Teach us to number our days that we may be wise." And so this class might even be a little bit about wisdom. You think, oh, it's just about fun, family and kids. It's like, no, it's about so much more than that. Would you agree? And so with those lessons, whichever one spoke to you, listen to that voice, because there's something there that's important. Photography, as a craft, the image is incredibly important, but so is the process, the journey, the growth. And the only reason I'm a photographer, as I told you, I was hit by a car and the camera helped me to grow and to heal. That's the only reason I'm still a photographer. And so if we miss out on that, we miss probably half of the good stuff that's there. So as you dig into this craft, ask yourself, well, why am I doing it. What does this really mean to me. And then pursue it in that way, and be free about that and let it kind of speak to you, I think in other words. Maybe photographing my mom, you know, it was sort of fun and entertaining, but it spoke to you. Like, hey, you know what, I don't have any pictures of my mom or dad. The only reason I want to photograph my mom is because that broke student who didn't photograph his dad. So that spoke to you. Or maybe it's more like, you know, my good buddy, he has these little kids and he doesn't have any photos because he just can't, they're twins, they're always in his arms. Like, I gotta give him some good photos, or maybe you're a grandparent, like I said, or an aunt or uncle, or you can do this as a gift. Or maybe as a profession, as well. It's a great way to connect with people. So hopefully, you take all of that and you say, you know what, this course is gonna be different. It's not just one that I just watch and it's entertaining and kind of fun, this is one where I'm gonna do some work. Because I showed you the trick. The trick isn't that complicated. The tough part is putting in the time and really making that happen. So that's my deepest hope for you here, and also you watching at home. And then, of course, if you ever want to reach out, you know, reach out to me. I mean, I do this. This is like my passion project. I have all this other stuff that I do, but this is something that's new and growing for me that is really meaningful, and so I'd love to kind of share that journey with you. So on that note, at least from me, thank you for being here and I really appreciate you guys taking part in this journey.

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Meredith Zinner Photography

Chris is a FANTASTIC teacher (and photographer). He is so very very authentic, warm, REAL, talented, knowledgeable, honest, open and true to his wonderful self. This class, in addition to endless nuggets of knowledge and insights, highlights how being true to your own self makes you a better photographer- emphasizing connection, authenticity, fun and easy relaxed simple joy. A refreshing take on children's photography for sure! Thank you Chris and CreativeLive!

lisa james

Wow, I have been in search of my style. I've been reading and researching and listening to inspiring speakers and from each one I've gathered pieces of information that help guide me. This class, however, has been the most successful for me. Chris's approach to teaching and his material that he provides is Spot On for me. Thank you, Chris. I am so inspired and eager to move forward now that I can see my vision more clearly. I highly recommend this class.

Neeraj Arora

Oh my god!!!! What a class. I couldn't stop watching. Chris you are an inspiration, loved every word you said, loved how you said it. I am in the process of getting a plan together for doing photography professionally on the side, on top of my research career, and you just hit a home run in getting me motivated and excited in taking the plunge. My photography of people gives me a lot of satisfaction and meaning and you just validated what I have been thinking of doing lately. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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