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Shoot: Jullian

Okay I've never used a cannon before never even held it you don't have to live feed if you don't if it's crazy for you she would but she's going to get comfortable all right I'm ready to go okay hey what's your name julian I like your hat okay can you come stand right over here like this? I love your hat so we're going to show off your cool style okay so just kind of stand like this look at me it's like this already oh my god. You already let me see what? Let me fix your hat a little bit there we go okay, ready oh, you look perfect hold on okay we'll get that perfect angle here hey, look right oh, this is a thirty five okay ready that's a ce faras the tether goes okay julian look right at me, okay? Give me your best look your most serious look you can get me ready. Oh yeah, that was fabulous. Okay, let me see. Okay, let me do a little side view no bad nice sitting in the live you alison moved him back into the light you see how that's the first thing she did she moved him overto life s...

o what we're doing theirs were actually using the full expanse of the lighting we have that set up for somebody to be underneath the hair light okay and we'll have a look at me oh yeah that right there that looks awesome ready oh yeah I used to use in a thirty five this little okay let me see you get the serious look going that looks so cool okay stand up two more and then I'll let some deals okay so on this one on the slash at rock creek maybe I think a little bit about what your settings right now they don't even know uh do you have czech cia one hundred one one hundredth the shutter speed eight hundred um I would see I would think about I don't know I think your average is probably in a three to so go ahead and bring your think about looking at a shot of speed and maybe increasing that because we have some it's a little bright you need to change it ah you are a team player right there oh you know what it's on what's tv oh is it okay so it's the camera it's a pre set because you my experience with using any sort of pre sets is I cannot shoot well I haven't I I've only used manual that's right ok I'm knocking over and then um let's see where you are okay, so you're gonna go ahead and further okay let me see again okay, now this time kind of turn to the side for your mm's um excuse me as I said that I think you're at one one twenty fifth so we want to get up to like probably one uh one over two hundred if you're going to keep it at this okay okay I just stepped on jim's hat sorry okay ready you look awesome you're rocking it out oh yeah that's a serious look I love it I love it and you sure okay yeah dark though all right a little bit dark um yet and you want to get the cat fights back yeah so maybe drop that toe one over one sixtieth allison I don't know how to change it allison just picked up the camera for the first time she doesn't shoot with this at all normally I'm gonna take you to one one sixtieth and a three five aperture eso she's just jumping in to show it on the tether and saying I don't know what you're getting so for alison all right way c oh that looks good oh, he is loving it yeah he's a rock star oh yeah there we go oh it's dark no no it's it's pretty clean actually I know that with that second one is a little darker yeah come down do I need to change my no I think actually you want to just bounce some light back up yeah, I think that's what we want teo okay, so should I have him come down and kind of look up at me or have him come closer to this so if you're looking straight on and his face which is very handsome look that you had to hear that a lot don't you such with that hair s o look at the difference if you look at me it's julian right julian if you're looking at me so look right at me can we get a shot of his face so if you're looking at me and I'm gonna put a reflector on some fill light I'm tomorrow by the way I'm so rude to meetyou andi I bring this up to see how my own the only thing I want to dio is this shadows yeah that's all I want to do because we have catch lights part of what you're combating a little bit is the hat you know so you might want to see like can he still be cool if you do this yeah yeah he can't and that's a huge difference right? Right so grim boom them you find the same thing I wasn't kidding with banks depending on overhead lighting banks can cause more shadow too. Yes. Okay, one more ready? Okay, wait a minute. You're cool it. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm excited are you okay ready, let me see oh oh, ok, wait crush arms again oh, that's the money shot, let me see I got my camera really fast you know that sex was nice I like that it was just the composition would come down a little bit of course you could try yours if you want to be quick okay really really really okay well allison's trying her camera will quick um first of all allison was in her entry video shows us that she be a model so I think she's usedto telling people what you know she's heard oh yeah okay oh except you guys won't be able to see a look in the back we'll look at the back with the camera ready are you ready okay you look ready okay oh this looks like you know what this looks like do you do dio music like you play the drums or guitar skateboarder ride bikes you d'oh I love bikes what kind of bike do you have you don't know just like a bmx bike do you do jumps you d'oh okay look writing me oh that is cute ok alright show that to camera that one jacob oh yeah that's good yeah I mean huge kudos to alison for city with a camera that's not her is that she's never touched before we're gonna have katie jump in for a couple quick shots huh that's a lot better yeah it hard but how old are you touch the equipment once before your eight so what grade are you in light fifth, fifth grade. Sixth grade twelfth grade. No fourth grade shoot. Shoot. Shoot you that should that greater you in third. So close, right? About twelve was really close. Twelve is close to three, right? No, I think you're the coolest eighth grader that I shall never met on that smile because that was great. But when you decide what we're jumping ten images yeah, yeah. Show that camera that's great. So she's making him laugh and smile. And I'm like tonto. I think you are, like the coolest eight year old that I no like of all time. I like you the coolest out of all of your friends know you're not. Do you have some cool friends? You hang out with ugo. What are their names? Eight. And then jacob, those air cool names. And are they in your class at school? They are. How you doing? All right. Good. Remember, we're talking about the bedroom? Yeah, I was trying to get a taxi. Yeah, practice focusing on the eyes and then with closing. Seek member. When I talk about focus and re composing just be very basic about it. I'm saying hold the camera the shutter halfway down, get there your focus and then tilt down. Okay, until you feels like it's a good composition for use there's not so much headroom and then click so as long as you're holding and halfway down you're gonna keep that focus you can also use the focus lock on the back your camera depending on what kind of camera model you have where'd you get all your cool clothes from like that cool hat you don't know did your mom get it for you? You have a pretty awesome mom, don't you? She's pretty fun. Very good. You want to see if we can't move him around a little bit? Yeah. Can you give me a favor and sit on the floor? Yeah, okay. And then try grabbing the reflector. Get some of that light that they go hard. How do you do that? Go ahead and just a little bit more like cause he's farther back. Okay? Yep. There we go. Have you modeled before you haven't? Because you seem like you've modeled before you've got like, all the poses down shots looking. You've got all this that you're also look, kitty that's what, are you having fun there gonna be a model after this? No. Is it not fun, it's? All right, it's okay, not good, not bad uh huh, well, we have some twizzlers, twizzlers tard. We have eminem granola bars with chocolate on the bottom. How does that sound? Maybe we can get you one of those for being so good. How does that sound? Okay, let's, try one more shot from, like, from you, getting in a different angle, and then we're good. Take it and go. All right, wait, we've got white pepper jumping in for you. You're gonna get a two set, all right, get

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Celebrated children's photographer Tamara Lackey leads a special worldwide workshop on the magic, art, and business of child portrait photography. Take a live, front-row seat with Tamara as she works with a wide range of kids. You'll watch as she works to put them at ease, gets them laughing, and coaxes out their natural personality for fun poses and great family portraits. More importantly, you'll be part of an ongoing weekend conversation with fellow photographers around the world about how to grow your own successful portrait photography business, while balancing personal and professional lives.