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Create Your Ultimate Business Plan

Lesson 2 of 10

Executive Summary: Snapshot of your Business


Create Your Ultimate Business Plan

Lesson 2 of 10

Executive Summary: Snapshot of your Business


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Executive Summary: Snapshot of your Business

So I'm going to start with the Execute Summary. And Executive Summary is really a snapshot of your business plan as a whole and it touches on your business profile, it touches on what your company does, what your goals are and what is that your business can do to be successful. Now, when we think about the Executive Summary, it's often considered the most important part of your business plan because it is really the snapshot of everything you have been talking in the document and let's be honest, sometimes you have to assume that that is the one section that people will read. People might stop reading after the Executive Summary. You just have to capture their interest. And this is a section that is commonly written last. So we, in theory as you go through all the different steps, I recommend that the Executive Summary is something that you come back and populate once you have completed all the different steps. So that's the first gray section as I mentioned. This is the theory on what...

you need to know about what the Executive Summary needs to do for you and now we're gonna go through the different questions that you should be answering and again, these are specific to your business. Here is where you start to articulate what is it that you do. So first question to ask yourself, what are your Products and Services? So you describe what sets them apart and what are the advantages that you offer to the clients that you're trying to reach. What is your vision and goals for the business? Here you need to explain where you wanna take the business and what is the opportunity in the market. What makes your business unique? What sets it apart from competition? What are really the keys to success that you believe will guarantee that you will have a strong consumer following in the marketplace? What is your Track record to date? Here you would include examples of either your recent success if you're already in the market. For example, you increase profit margins or you increase market share or you have new consumer following or your estimates in terms of what you believe that you can accomplish. Then you have financial projections for your business and this is what you're promising investors and your own expectations of what your business can achieve. And then finally, if you have specific Funding requirements, recall the business plan is to document that you used to gather resources, you would reflect that as well including the Expecting return because this is the information that any investor would be looking for as they're evaluating your business plan as a proposal of investment.

Class Description

If you are looking to start a business or have one already established, the idea of having to write a business plan can be really daunting.

The reality is while daunting you really need one to set up your business on the right track.

That is what a business plan is - an essential roadmap for business success.

Carolina Rogoll has been successfully leading small and large businesses and building brands for over a decade.

In this short class, she will be walking through step by step on how to create a business plan using the easy to use template she has put together. By the end of this class, you will have a business plan you can share, reference, and start using right away.

Having a brilliant strategy without a plan to execute won’t get you far. Not having a strategy is a non-starter, for sure. Once you have a strategy, you need to turn that into an operational plan that can be carried to make it a reality.

Anyone who own a business or is starting a business and benefit from having a physical plan for themselves and gather investor or partners.


Becky Kavanagh

Second class with Caroline Rogoll - - - another excellent, clear, actionable and amazing experience! THANK YOU!

Darlene Rosa

This was a great class! Very thorough with Lots of questions to consider for each section. Would definitely recommend for anyone like myself starting their first business.

Michelle Damm Photography

Carolina is a very knowledgeable and articulate speaker. I felt like the content in the video as well as the PDF's were on the light side. After purchasing, watching the video and seeing the PDF's I googled Business Plan and was able to find a SCORE template that was more of what I expected.