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Creating Fantasy Landscapes

Lesson 4 of 8

Sorting in Bridge

Bret Malley

Creating Fantasy Landscapes

Bret Malley

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4. Sorting in Bridge

Lesson Info

Sorting in Bridge

I've set this up where I have, you know, some water pictures, these air, some of the ones I was talking about is just some from the archive, just to give you an idea. Um, you know, you can also go to collections. And this is where Let's see if I have one for water. So, in general, you know, if I wanted to add these to the water collections that way, it's basically it's not gonna be moving them, which is really great. It's just gonna be basically tagging them. So if I need Teoh, go to the water pictures, I can drag them toe water and they're all there. So in general, I'd make collections, and that's how I kind of find all my inspiration images. But for this I don't think that the drives connected, uh, let's see models. Ocean plans. Yeah, so those are all from different ones, but that's that's the idea. Uh, so if I go to photo shop, I should have this. The basic idea set up here. Um oh, Enbridge. Also, if you find that you really like, let's say, um, an ocean image, let's say landscape v...

arious. Here we go. Let's say this one so you can give things ratings that where you can just sort between the ones that you really like in this case as a three star. So if you hit command three or control three on the keyboard, it will. It will jump to that rating and you can filter. So if I go to show three or more than I just have some of those select one so we can see and actually you can actually see which ones I chose that be nice. Same day. Do another composite on that wants another time. But that was a good one. Ah, so anyways, rating and filtering is fantastic. Then we have the moon there.

Class Description

Most photographers have a ton of landscape images stashed away on various hard drives from vacations, hikes, or from actually pursuing landscape photography. These images are just a starting palette for our own imagination as we composite the impossible in Photoshop. Bret Malley will show how you can evolve landscape images into a new fantasy landscape of your making using custom brushes, textures and, other tools within this magical program.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

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Timary Lee

This is a great class. Bret is a terrific teacher and speaker. This is fast paced, however, and he does move quickly through things but that is actually a pro instead of a con to me. I absolutely loved his thoughts about creating your own gallery of 'stock' images, background and textures. I feel inspired by this class and capable of creating my own fantasy landscapes. Thank you!

a Creativelive Student

Very clear, practical and easy to understand tips that make significant and amazing changes in what otherwise will be regarded as a normal photograph - he brings normal to extraordinaire in a very clear and organized set of steps. Very well organized workflow. I loved this class.


This was very good. I know Bret knew what he was doing when he was zooming through his layers, but I found it very hard to follow and really understand everything he was doing. I nice chap and good class.