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11:00 am - Submission and Response Q&A

So we have a number of questions in terms of the output where you can uh, what you cannot put and this one is from coldwater. Steve, can you export data to a google doc spreadsheet? You should be able to because when you export this it just is a common delimited file and I'm going to assume that a google doc spreadsheet understands common delimited things that's pretty much the standard way for any type of spreadsheet, so I'm going to say yes, I've never done it, but I'm sure that google was smart enough to say ok, I'm sure it's going to be compatible, okay, right, what do you think about a quick book so from cal carl? If oranje can day to be sent to programs such as quick books for accounting purposes absolutely common delimited that's what it is any type of thing that has anything to do with numbers understand the present spreadsheets and how everything is going to be common delimited right there and in the same vein of questions from what's up doc in the never netherlands and answer...

him hello eyes it possible? Just omit the data of a form to my sequel server database you should be able to you have multiple different ways that you can export this smile you have exxon value of html, you've got forms, data you've got cominto limited you've got plain text so you should be able to do that without any issue whatsoever. I don't know in that particular one what one is going to work best for you. But certainly you will be able to. Ok. All right. Follow you once I leave the response tracker how do I get back to it once you lose response tracker. So when you were under tools here and you did the distribute that happened under the view menu. You have tracker. Gotcha. Okay, so this is what's going to come up when we don't get the spinning beach ball here. Once you send this out and you click this in your email and you send this out what's going to happen is there's going to be? It was called a response file and a response via was going to pee a pdf that is set up by you and it walks you through. Where you going to set this up? It is a pdf file that is there on your hard drive. Your desktop that's going to collect all of your responses. Once you use the distribute form feature right here, it automatically opens up the tracker window. If he doesn't go into the view and you can call up tracker right here. And when you do this you can see that we can also do a review process for commenting but it also goes in and allows you to distribute or create a form so different ways that we can do this if you don't want to choose distribute from the forms menu here you go interview tracker and you can distribute a form this way the process that I just showed you is identical to different ways that we could get to it when you distribute the forms here this will come up here in the deformed section to show you which ones we've e mailed out it will show you who you email them to who was actually read them who you've got them back from when it was done you khun set limits to the time that people have to send them out there and you can also paying people that haven't gone in and do that just by clicking on their name because you will see the entire distributed list right here of those names that you have gone in and done you can click on every single person you can email them to thank them or you can email them paying them saying you haven't gotten this back but you will see the entire list of people you've sent them to the dates the times when you've got them all back as well you will also get two received items here to show you where those are so this keeps track of everything that you've done. This is great when you're doing multiple forms to multiple people, not a problem. When you have one form, you send it out to a couple people and wait for him to get it back. But the forms tracker allow you to walk through all of this information here spelled out very clearly on how you can get to all of these when you bring them when they come back there and they're attached to the email, they're going to be in your email downloads there, and the e mails are going to go ahead and give unique names to every single one because you can't have the same name on every single form, because if you have the same name on every single form, it's things it's all the same form, so if you've ever downloaded stuff an email before, usually give you parentheses one to three, so you'll see that so in this case my name without the full form ready to go. If I had sent us out to ten people everybody's going to send this back? I'm going to have formed at the end is going to give me one, two, three, four, five as they come back so they will have unique names on them, so I don't have to worry about that. But what I do have to worry about is when I want to put these all together into a single pdf ok, so if I want to go in and I want to put these together all into a single pdf here, what I'm going to dio is I'm going to save this form here and then I'm also going tio clear this form and I'm going tio put in something else here a little bit different information check a few different boxes here, things like that so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to save this as it's going to come back as one of the responses in my email inbox is going to give me unique number at the end there so now I've got two forms right here I've got this one that somebody sent back and then I've also got the other one that was right here is well which is this one different data in here but these are both the same form here but there's different data checked in there I want to put these together into all one pdf when I'm done I've got everything collected back here if I decide to go in and going to file and I mean they create combined finkle's going finkle's combined files into a single pdf good grief this water is strong, isn't it okay combined files into a single pdf I can choose the combined files we showed you this yesterday and under the ad files I've got the nice feature that will add all the open files I've only got two responses back here but I want to put these together I choose is this are these the files that I want to put in here? Yep absolutely so I add them in here I have to select them of course which doesn't make any sense there we go there's the files if I combine them into a single pdf whatever is first in the list here those data fields will then propagate every single one through here so combining these all together into a single pdf is going to have the exact same information and every single one so all that unique data that we got back in there it doesn't work the reason why is because when I showed you with foreign fields if you have the name of a foreign field the same on that page or any other page like the last name and if it's on multiple pages it'll propagate to everything this is true with this one so I can't use the single pdf or else my information will appear on every single page no point that's when men put it into a portfolio here it's going to be a pdf but inside that pdf look at this is all being a separate chapter all inside this particular book so if I create a pdf portfolio now yes it's going to have this nice interface to it and all that but what is going to do is just going to keep my data unique to each pdf this is one pdf right here that I could look at and it's got this information in it this is another pdf that also has information in it but the data is different and the on ly way I'm going to keep those isolated as their own unique pdf ce is by putting him into a portfolio. This is a pdf portfolio each pdf is unique if I just put them all in a pdf ce and they're all pages in there it's going to completely ruin my forms because the data on the first page will be the exact same data on all the subsequent pages so don't do that, okay? I have had people it's like I just spent two hours on this and I realized when I went to my presentation, every single thing is identical for every page and it's like yes, it is and they're just like I'm in a pan I can understand yes so that's. So the pdf portfolio while it seems nice and interesting when you're creating cool, interesting, fun looking layout so you can do an alternative to like a power point presentation is also extremely useful when you're done with doing all your forms to be able to store these into one pdf without having these to be in a folder of hundreds of pdf form responses, you can actually go and take these and put these all together into one nice looking portfolio but still keep them unique and you can also go into it any one of these two and you can also open the existing original file here and get it right back in here to see this data that's in there all because we went in and we did a pdf portfolio so I'm going to show you what it does if we put it into a single pdf here file create combined files into a single pdf add my open files had them put into a single pdf here two different pdf ce two different sets of data combined the files oh wait a second any foreign fields that have the same name and the merge documents are now merged into one field if you want the values in these fields to be unique, then you need to create a pdf portfolio interesting I wonder why they're telling me this I don't know well this can't pertain to me so I'm just gonna click ok anyway well look there's my information there and I know bob on the second page went ahead and filled it out and look there's bob's information oh wait that's page number two you mean I was supposed to pay attention that little dialogue box there ah that's why luckily enough it's going to tell you that so if you combine them into single pdf at least warn you I think it should have flashing lights and bells to do that but nonetheless it at least tells you that's where you go ahead and use a pdf portfolio it's not just for looked it's for practicality as well go figure so you have any questions with that? Thank you for reiterating that cause that definitely don't want that to happen to people not more than once or twice yeah, I learned somehow all right, so we have definitely have more questions coming in. Um let's see cold water. Steve says we want to use the forms for sales rep porter's for sales rep border entry and want to auto populate a database? Will we need a java script to execute this? Um, no, you wouldn't actually. What you would need is when I would if I was going to create something with this. What I would do is I would set this up if I wanted to populate this particular field and say I've got an excel spreadsheet with all this information in here, what I would need to do is they would need to go in and I could take the exact means of these so an excel spreadsheet taken great ahead of that, says last name, exactly the way this is done, but somebody's last name in there, I could do their first thing, just like this, and following the exact names of each and every one of these fields, the names of these fields would be the header in my excel spreadsheet than the data would be down below. If I've got ten rows of information for ten unique individuals, it would create ten pdf ce so it's, just a matter of taking that data and being able to import it right back in. So if you want to do this, you could start here and fill out this entire form and export the data here by going under the forms here and exporting the data under manager, form data and export the whole thing, and then you could just take your excel spreadsheet, and you can actually take your common delimited spreadsheet and export that as just a comma delimited file, because then you can then import that comma delimited file back into your spreadsheet right there, because you can do all types of files, text, data flow, xml, ftf any way that you want to, so when we have a comment, a limited file right here, and we selected me, import that back in it's going to go ahead and put this back in here, and it flows the copy back into the files here I have multiple ones open here yet, so it flows it back into the files as it goes, so yes, you can. The key thing is right here is to make sure that when you go in and do that, the file of the field names matched the ones in your data because we can export it that way, we can import it that way. Okay, and pdf earner sandeep in chicago s can I lincoln excel sheet to the tracker tool and haven't update the excel sheet automatically when I received the form? No, you can't we don't have that ability, which would be really nice to be able to do that, but you're gonna have to go through the process manually and do that, okay, you know, I don't know if life cycle designer could do that, and I know we haven't talked about that, but lifecycle designer is a way that you can actually create the forms, not what we've done here was we actually created just the form fields based on something we've created. Another application lifecycle designer allows you to go through and actually create inside there, plus propagate all the foreign fields as well, it's for pc only down that's what it is it's a standalone item from adobe they'll be bought the company several years ago and this is expressly to make business forms in such so if you are not graphic savvy and you don't have been designed your other any page layout item live cycle designer actually designs the forms and creates the forms as well in there and it works very much in conjunction with the acrobat but it is a stand alone separate pc only application all right we've got a number of people asking for some clarity and really cool said can I see the right way to receive the info one more time slowly certainly absolutely so here is the best way to understand how we receive the invoked here when we create a submit button here and under our actions the way we can set this up is when we submit the forms here and when they go into our actions say submit to form here these are the four different ways we can go ahead and collect the form of data with us on ftf or an ex fbi file is going to give us just the forms data file right there on html file will give us to us all in html war we can receive the entire pdf with the pdf and all of the forms data involved in it as well so that's where we can actually see those items there when we use the distribute feature here and we send this whole thing out. What this allows us to do is when we use our tracker window and we call this up here we will be able to get the data back here and we will be able to choose when we get the data back. How weaken open those up so we can open these files up that were received back with the data in them and then we can go under our features here under our forms under the tool there and we can export the data from those vials or we can have all these files come back into one folder probably are males download folder and choose the merge data in a spreadsheet where we can select all those files at once bring them into a spreadsheet file when we do that we have the ability of exporting that data as multiple different files file types as well and connie bigelow asks is there any benefit for using the single pdf option versus portfolio? Not when you're using the when you're doing forms data when you have forms data propagated there you never want to use the single pdf option unless you only have one page pdf portfolio is required if you want to have multiple forms and keep all the unique data in that form in order to have them as separate editable pdf ce that are going to have the unique did it for each and everyone a great great thing this calf question actually came in yesterday and I know I didn't get to it so I wanted to make sure that j g gets this question answered when filling in a form that has a drop down box will this election populate the form when the user starts to type in the name of the box so when we're looking at the states and that I don't think it will I think you have to physically go in and select that one and I have to remember back when we were doing that so if we were doing that all right through this and kind of off topic but yeah I think you have to go in and physically click on the drop down menu to in order to do that because I know we can try so we just do the state of birth here let's do it really quickly so we'll do state of birth and we have to make this into a drop down I've got a great race this and make it into a drop down here so here we are another question while we're doing this one here okay sami dawn from indiana says can you add additional pds once you've created the addition initial pdf portfolio absolutely up in the upper right hand side of the pdf portfolio there you'll see a pages section where you can add the league move around just like we would in a normal painting out, they're very easy to do. You can add files and folders, do it very simple, punching in the portfolio of looking, the other, writing inside it's, very clear how you could do that.

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Learn how to create interactive PDFs with Jason Hoppe in this intensive Adobe Acrobat tutorial. Jason will show you the basics of using Adobe Acrobat to create PDFs, then delves into even more advanced techniques: creating forms, using calculations and JavaScript, distributing PDFs, creating hyperlinks and bookmarks, including and embedding files in your PDF, and much more! Beyond Acrobat, Jason also shows you how to use InDesign, Photoshop, and other software to enhance your PDFs. PDFs aren't just text, and Jason Hoppe is the one to show you how to use them to their full potential.

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