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Creative Effects in Photoshop

Aaron Nace

Creative Effects in Photoshop

Aaron Nace

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Class Description

Learn how to combine and enhance images in new and exciting ways! In Creative Effects in Photoshop, Aaron Nace will teach you how to manipulate your photographs in a variety of ways.

Aaron will show you how to use Photoshop to create a double exposure and an album cover. You’ll learn advanced blending modes, layer masking techniques, and how to use filters to transform photos into graphics. You’ll also learn about using Layer FX, advanced coloring and how to work with type.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2

Class Materials

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Aaron Nace - Creative Effects in Photoshop - Reference Guide.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

D Kelly

Excellent Class. The instructor is down to earth and he feels like just a good bud who just stopped by to teach you PS. It is very fast so working knowledge of PS is a must! I learned some neat tricks and love being able to be creative. I do a lot of photography so it will be fun to start collecting my own images. in which to be more creative with.


His classes are very well explained, very interesting and he is dynamic, I love the courses of Aaron Nace.

Edward Ries

The course content is excellent. However it appears that the instructor assumes the online class are already experts. He zips through actions faster that can be easily followed so the how to value is lost. The results are evident but the various steps to get there are lost in the speed with which they are executed. This diminishes the value of the course except for those who are already extremely versed in photo shop actions.

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