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Creative Wedding Photography

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Introduction to Post-Production Workflow

Susan Stripling

Creative Wedding Photography

Susan Stripling

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Lesson Info

26. Introduction to Post-Production Workflow

Lesson Info

Introduction to Post-Production Workflow

Hi! We're not going to shoot a single thing today we're going to take a single picture, but I'm gonna talk to about business and marketing and I, as we mentioned before most of us didn't really go to school for this. A lot of people will go to school for photography but not for business and not for marketing and you sort of fall into photography because it's something that you really love it it's something that you are very passionate about, but when you really get down to starting the business, you know, a lot of people really struggle with actually making it profitable and having a long life in the business, and I think a few years back people a published one of their benchmark studies about photography studio is the average life of a photography studio from opening to closing with six years and I've been doing this for thirteen years and I would like to keep doing this for thirteen years and this is my full time job. This is the only thing I do. I have to send my kids to college, I ...

have to pay my rent and I don't want to be doing this until the day I die, so I have to be very, very careful about pricing and profitability and knowing all of my numbers and these are things that I've picked up over thirteen years of being in business and I do want to put out a little disclaimer there I'm not an accountant, I'm not a lawyer, I am in absolutely actually no way qualified to tell you any of these things whatsoever, but I'm just going to give you the tips and tricks and everything that I figured out, too keep myself profitable stay in business, continued to book weddings in a time that isn't exactly the easiest time to book weddings, how I moved all the way across the country and didn't manage to go out of business while doing so. And then on top of that, how I stay organized, how I run my business, how I don't let my business eat my life because it did once, and I really don't want that to happen again feeling pretty okay right now, and a lot of that is because I am very careful and very mindful of every single thing that I'm doing in order to keep going. So to talk about all of these things very first segment of today is workflow, and when I'm talking about work flow, I don't just mean after you take pictures at the wedding and you come back, how do you go through your work flow of raw photo editing? I'm talking about the workflow of simple day to day being in business. So just as a brief overview in the next hour and twenty two minutes, what I'm going to teach you about talk about how you shoot you, how that's the program that I use for booking weddings and staying organized and keeping on task with everything that I have to do, how use quickbooks for my finances and how that and my accountant work together to make sure that the irs gets every single dime that I owe them. Yeah, how I use ever note to keep all of my receipts, how in years past my receipts used to just pile up in these big finance boxes in the closet, and now I don't know everything that I do is digital for my receipt keeping email signatures again for some people that's business one o one but for me, we were talking about ah ha moments and light, bold moments using email signature is to increase my response time to clients was one of those ah ha moments for me a few years back photo mechanic, and we start talking about photo mechanic and outsourcing my raw processing that's when we'll get to meet jen and john from sidecar post, who will be coming back tomorrow to talk in great detail about workflow and postproduction and how to maximize your efficiency if you're doing this yourself at home? Again outsourcing raw processing why do I do that for ten years? I didn't do that what made me start doing that and how did I choose the company that I work with? I'm not here to tell you the email sidecar post and get on their client list tomorrow I'm here to help you figure out if we're all processing outsourcing that is something that would be profitable for you or if it's something that would be a bad business decision for you and if you don't outsource again as I mentioned before come back tomorrow and john and john will help you just become much faster much more efficient if you're doing it at home yourself facebooking and blogging how does that factor into my work flow? When do I do it? How do I do it? How do I choose what I block? How do I choose what goes on facebook talking through all of that as well? Zin folio which is the company that I used teo host my online galleries for my clients it's how I deliver my digital files to my clients it's how I back up even everything down to the personal pictures on my iphone get backed up mobile e if that's even a word on those in folio app fundy album software down in portland andrew funderburg genius man has invented the software that I can design a sixty five image album in about nine minutes and that's, with actually sitting there and thinking about it, I could actually go faster if I really wanted to madeira books, which is the album company that I use, which blows everybody away with customer service and their quality of their product is stunning. Before I go on to talk about all of these things, I understand that I'm going to be talking about a lot of companies and softwares and products, and none of these people have given me a dime to be here today I'm talking about them like I talk about my gear, I pay for it myself. I talk about it because I love it because these are things that help, maybe portmore productive. These are things that help me deliver a quality product to my client's I'm not here saying used fund the album software because fundy sent me a check and said, please do it, it's, because I actually use it every day in my work flow, so to talk about first, we're going to talk about xu q. Is anybody here in the studio audience to shoot the user to two nods and for blank stares? Nice. So hyuk, you is just one of the many products that are out there that help you with your studio management. And I know that there are a lot of other products out there that will help you with studio management and for those of you that are watching at home, I'd love to hear what you are using you know, maybe there's something amazing out there that we in the studio haven't heard of before so if there's a new product you love and we were talking before coming the chat rooms tell us what you're using I'd love to hear I chose you shoot you because when I moved to new york back in two thousand eight, my work flow is a little bit of a mess I was doing everything you know, writing everything down trying to like make these records myself on the computer and when I was in florida, which is where I started my business for the first, you know, eight years or so of being in business I only shot about twenty three two twenty eight weddings a year and it's pretty easy to stay on top of twenty three, two, twenty eight weddings a year, your client calls you khun remember their date, you can remember their venue, you've got all that info right there and when you're working through your post wedding workflow, it just isn't all that much to keep in your head it's one wedding a weekend, maybe one every other weekend it's you know, nothing to win incredibly crazy, but once I moved up north started shooting more weddings at fifty three weddings this year. I can't keep that work for you in my head anymore and when you have many multiple moving pieces to the workflow not just downloading, not just postproduction but albums, marketing all of the other things that come after the fact taking care of the vendors, I was having a really hard time staying on top of everything, so I used to queue for about a million different things, and again, this isn't a commercial for xu q. This is me saying, if you're busy and you're overwhelmed, maybe you need to look for studio management software. Maybe you need to see if there's something out there that will work for you, and if you don't need something as robust isa shoot q interface, maybe you should just take a better look at what you are using now and see if you can make it a little bit more efficient. You know, maybe using some of the things that I explain that shook you does for me. So the first thing that it does is whenever I get an inquiry it comes straight in to shoot you and I get an email saying that I have an inquiry, it stores all of those enquiries in my chute q database so that I can go back to them so that I could remember to follow up with them so that it's all there in one place when the client is ready to book, they actually signed their contracts through shoot, you shoot houston's automatic invoice emails to them so I don't have to remember to send an invoice to every single client when something is due and when they forget to pay something, say they have overtime on the wedding day and I send them an invoice for that and, you know, a couple weeks go by and they're on their honeymoon and they forget it will automatically email them again to remind them to pay me so again, that's just one of the things that it can do for me that helps me be more efficient if I'm not having to constantly b e mailing those things out to people. The other thing that it does is it helps me stay on top of my work flow because every single time that a client books me, I assign a work flow to their wedding whether they are a wedding that their final product is just files for the moment or whether their final product I know right away is an album or parent albums I attach a work flow to it so that after the wedding the day of the wedding it says, you know, shoot michelle ford's wedding the day after the wedding, it says download michelle ford's cards back them up on my brooklyn computer, back them up on my philadelphia computer, then two days later call the wedding, send the images to my post production team, then four weeks later get the images back from my post production team so I'm the type of person that when when I'm laying awake at night and I'm having a really hard time going to sleep it's because there's a ticker tape of stuff going through my head of I need to remember to do this and I need to remember to do this I need to remember to do this and it's made that voice just a little bit quieter in my head because when I wake up I mean it's not gone like let's be clear it's still pretty loud in there, but when I wake up in the morning and I haven't, my coffee hasn't really kicked in yet and I can't really remember what although I need to get done today the first thing I do when I sit down to my computer desk in the morning as I pull up my tasks bar when I say ok, let me start at the top what needs to be done okay today's the day that naomi's wedding is coming back from sidecar so I need to get in I need to download it and work on that, you know, and then david has had his album designed for a couple of weeks and I haven't heard back from him so I need to reach back out to him and see if he's had a a chance to look at it and oh, that wedding that I shot a month ago I need to reach back out to the vendors and see if there's anything that I could get for them so that's all built into my work flow and you know let's say you don't use a studio management software for something like that what I used to do when I was in florida before he needed something like that was at a huge white board on the wall and we said it was like a cross hatched whiteboard that we kind of rigged up ourselves and every time I would shoot a wedding it would have the client's name and the date and then each step of the workflow kind of lined out next to it and so it would say you know it dallas is wedding have I shot it? Yes have I downloaded it? Yes so maybe you don't need some huge robust software maybe you just need something visual on the wall that you can see or maybe you need a desktop calendar that you keep referring back to but either way having a workflow that's consistent about what you do after every single wedding or after every single shoot or even something as simple as I've got mine set so that after I respond to an inquiry five days later it reminds me to check back in with that inquiry hey guys, did you get the information that I sent you? Please let me know if you have any questions and then another five days after that it reminds me to just move the enquiry somewhere else have I heard back from them? Yes. What do I need to do to follow up? Have I not heard back from him at all and they've sort of dropped off the face of the planet. Great then I categorize them as never responded and we're done so it just helps me stay on top of everything. It wasn't until I got busy enough to need something like this that I moved into something like this and if you are going to set up a software, be it whatever to run your studio understand that's going to take time I basically took an entire week off one summer teo import all of my data hand tight in every I know everyone's looking at me like, oh my god it was like the worst week ever but it was I'm now going to upload your paper contract I am now going to put in your information all of the weddings that I shot before whose albums were still outstanding I imported them in I've got all my information in front of me I could get at it right now on any computer if something were to happen to me and my best friend or my husband needed to access my client information, they have my loggins if I were to, you know god forbid drop dead tomorrow everybody would know it exactly what stage I'm at in post production with every single wedding that I have so it's helpful I'm a visual very unusual person I'd like to have it all right in front of me. Um yeah, so please never ever, ever go out of business shoot you or else I will be completely lost I make sure that I am very careful to back these things up because I'm totally completely paranoid, right? So every time I book a wedding I do export there pdf contract and just save it on my hard drive and I do have I do a double back up my calendar because I'm again today is going to really reveal that I'm incredibly paranoid. I have a I have a google calendar for everything that I do and even though when you book something and shoot you, it will show up is like a wedding on that date I also go into my google calendar and entering into that date as a wedding because god forbid, you know, maybe they're doing a update they have a server outage and it's not sinking to my calendar or maybe my gmail calendar goes down and I need ah backup I want to have it in two places just in case I need to access that information also because I do share my google calendar with people in my life that you know we all kind of merged our schedules together and it helps to know when the weddings are so yeah you're all nodding were wake were moved this is good this is all good this is awesome! I'm liking this now quickbooks I want to talk to a little bit about quick books and you know I hope you don't mind I did not post a screen capture of my quickbooks paige I love you and I will answer any question that you have at all seriously in the chat room ask me anything that you want about business you can ask me personal questions about my finances I don't mind it all but I'm not going to show you my bank account if that's ok? Because I like my identity and I'd like to keep it my own. However I do use quickbooks for all of my accounting and I'd like to mention a couple of things about it first of all, I use quickbooks because it's what my accountant uses and it's what all of the accountants that I've ever worked with have used and xu q does have the ability to take your payments and process your payment and show you how much money you're making and look at the reports of your profitability. But it's not exactly something that's easy for an accountant to log in and kind of understand and it's not really robust enough for me to start putting in like my credit card statements and stuff like that and to shoot you. So I do double inter my invoices. Some people may say that that's actually an inefficient step, but for me, it's a very efficient step because it justin grains that info in my head one more time, so after I book a client and their information is automatically in my shoot you, I'll go over to quickbooks and I'll create a new client and I'll type in their information and all put in their invoice, and I'll put in their payment. Yes, I have to go in and manually put in the payments for quickbooks, but for me, it's a check and balance of myself just to make sure that everything is matching up where it needs to match up. I can look at my numbers and quickbooks, I can look at my numbers in shoot q and I can look at my bank account and make sure they're all even with where they need to be once a month, I go in and download all of my bank statements and credit card statements and reconcile everything just to make sure my balancers are perfect and several times a year I export all of my quickbooks out to my accountant so he could make sure that I'm paying the right amount of money in brutal, painful new york state taxes that's awesome if you live in a state that doesn't have state income taxes don't ever leave there because your first tax or after that will be terrible will make you very sad, but quickbooks is really universal pretty much any accountant that you'll work with that's what they're going to want from you and I highly recommend if you do want to get started with this program, it is incredibly complicated and a little bit convoluted and not entirely intuitive, so I actually hired someone to set up my quickbooks for me. You know I am a photography studio, this is the sort of work I do these air the invoices I'm sending these air the receivables that I'm getting help me set up my accounts help me set up how I accepted invoice let me set up how I take a client payment and then deposited into my account so that two years down the road my accountant doesn't look at me and say, oh my god, your records or a total mess or god forbid as it happens you know what if I go through an audit I want all of the information incredibly clear in front of me so that everyone can see that I am completely above board with everything that I d'oh how are we feeling are we feeling am I completely hurting your faces first thing in the morning? Yes ma'am at the mac it actually isn't like I e used to actually run virtual pc on my mac so that I could use the pc version of cookbooks but that's like six extra steps to do something that you shouldn't have to dio and then I tried the mack version which is awful like awful so I actually use the online version and that means it's also kind of good that if my accountant ever needs to get the information and I'm not somewhere that I can export a pdf and send it to him he could actually just log in if he needed teo and I do I like the web version it's it's maybe not his robust as the pc version but I'm also not running the type of company that needs every single bell and whistle that quickbooks offers I can't believe we're talking about taxes at nine thirty in the morning this's depressing his internet have anything that I can help them with before we move onwards well they want to know where you got your amazing dress which is not related a wonderful dress, nicole major urban outfitters I did in the juniors department, which was very exciting victory a its a little uncomfortable, so don't get too excited way. Do a related question by please gecko, do you get a business license for every town and county that you you shouldn't she's been she's being told by or he was being told by municipalities that they need a business license if they come into the city? Even if and even if the clients and I are coming from somewhere else, I can't tell you that's, that's the thing and that's that's kind of the problem. I can give you business advice, but I can't talk to you about sales, taxes or taxes where you are or your own kind of city or country or state or whatever, what your your city or township needs from you. I mean, if you're being what I did when I was in florida, if you're being told a bunch of different things by a bunch of different people, which I wass because florida does not know what it's doing, you know hi, florida, they don't am I wrong? Okay, I actually went to the chamber of commerce to get help. Because it was I was trying to go to all of the different offices and figure out do I need a license from you? Do I need a license from you was like this is way too complicated so I actually made an appointment and went in and sat down with the chamber of commerce and said help me figure out how to start a business here and then when I moved to new york I actually the accountant that I chose to work with I partly work with him because he could help me set up the way I needed to be set up because I'm a little complicated so live part time in new jersey and part time in new york and I work in pennsylvania and new york dc connecticut but my business is based in new york, so I wanted to make sure that I had all of the right licences and just everything correct and that's another good resource like if you're not sure ask someone unrelated to those offices you know ask your accountant ask you know someone at your bank you know, ask around but I wish I could help you but I don't live there okay that's great help just with the reminder to ask a professional I think asking the chamber of commerce was really interesting you haven't heard that before and basically the worst thing you could do is ask the internet because, you know, if I got on facebook and I was like, do I need a business license to work in new york? I'm asking a bunch of people who have no idea and maybe someone will know, and maybe someone will be able to help me. But what's a photographer and kentucky going be able to tell me about my business license in new york unless they used to I run a business in new york. So and even in new york there's a million different ways to be set up, which is extra frustrating. So aren't we so lucky to be our own bosses? Fantastic. Yes, sam. So how did you find an account that was, like, good to work with that? You knew how? Work with photographer friars and tough like I'm having a super hard time right now is just us doing our own taxes, which it's not great don't do that. But yes. So we're trying to find someone who's going to be really, really so. How do you go about referrals? Okay, when I was in florida, the very first accountant I worked with was also a bookkeeper. So she she's the one who came in and help me. Figure out how to set up my books, how to set up my quickbooks howto send and receive kind of invoices and be profitable in all of that and she came to me as a referral for my next door neighbor who owned a web design business so I figured it was a very similar thing it was one person working at home, you know? I got a bunch of when I moved to new york I got a bunch of good referrals for new york accountants they were very, very, very expensive and they didn't necessarily they didn't get my business, so I ended up actually my husband's accountant in new jersey works with me as well he has a lot of clients that work in new york and I was able to get a referral that way again, you know, in any sort of better, you know, chamber of commerce sort of, you know, local business things might be good places to look for referrals, but I would start off by asking other photographers or videographers or wedding professionals who they work with. Yeah, I mean, you're not asking for a trade secret, you know, you're asking for a referral for an accountant I don't think they would keep that from you one would hope, christy, can I ask, how did you decide in your business when to work with a professional and get their advice and get their help and really spend the money invest in having a professional do it and when did you decide you know this is actually but I can handle myself I know it's a big topic for a lot of peep yeah there's wind did I and when should I and those are two completely different answers I did about two years into being in business when I realized I was really a business when I realized that this was a little bit more than a hobby but by the time I started seeking out a professional help we were cleaning up two years of mistakes, right? So if honestly I feel like if you if you even think that this is going to be a business for you that you want to be viable even before you get started there's nothing wrong with making an appointment with a lawyer making an appointment with an accountant going in and talking to them about these were the things that I want to do if I were to want to get set up correctly, how should I do that? Because the amount of money that you'll spin to get set up correctly is minimal to the amount of money that you'll pay in massive fines and fees if you screw it up down the road yeah and time to end time and stress terrible stress so joy great okay so I want to talk a little bit about a program that I've heard of called evernote does anybody who's ever note kathy really loves everyone apparently because she flung her hand in the air I'm so city uses for received so I can't wait to hear this oh my god it's genius for okay I'm way too excited about things like this because for me when I was starting putting my business together even trying to make my business more profitable and and just even more efficient over the year these are the things that I want to hear like what little program did you hear about you know like for example how many of your mac users I'm not talking to you anymore how many of you use a programme called one password dude ok eso one password it's just a simple little thing and it's I picked it up actually from jen and john how many times like when you go to your bank and you want to look at your balance and you have to type in your username and you have to type in your password and I know that that doesn't sound like that big of a deal but when I'm logging in to that I'm walking in is in folio and I'm logging into album exposure and then logging into all of these different things in and out throughout the day one password remembers your password to each of these things so when you go to, like, you know, chase bank dot com, you click the one password icon and automatically fills the info in log you in. And it also in the desktop actual desktop version can remember your cereal names. Are your serial numbers to your soft there when you bought your software, your customer code for your software? So if something goes down and you need to reinstall light room and they want to know your activation code and you're like, oh my god, I bought that, like, five years ago. I don't know it's in your one password database, and then it will sink across all of your computers and it's just that if I could go to my bank and in the literally five seconds that it can take for me to type in my info in law again, if I could just click a button in log in that's five more seconds and then if I get five more seconds back somewhere else and thirty seconds back somewhere else, maybe I can stop working thirty minutes earlier today and go take a walk. You know what I mean? Every single piece of my life that I could get back, I'm gonna get back, but I digress ever note I was spending an enormous amount of time printing out in saving receipts, making sure that I saved every receipt every time I went out to eat every receipt every time I paid for something for a client with my debit card you know all of that whatever note does is twofold. I can either forward in the information by email or I can actually do it on my mobile app on my phone so we're out to eat last night it's a bunch of photographers out to eat. I want to be able to keep that receipt for my amex kind of expense report instead of taking the receipt, taking it home, scanning it or putting it in a box and take a picture of it with my phone and imported directly into ever noting it keeps it if I violins from being a jj instead of printing that receipt out and putting it in a box, I forward that into my evernote account and it's all there and it's all searchable. So even if you scan a receipt, even if you have like a scanner at home and you scan it, it turns it into a searchable document. So if you're ever audited or your accountant ever says, you know, how many times did you take a client teo shiro sushi in seattle? You could go to your ever note and search shiro and it will pull up your two receipts or how much money you guys did I spend it pro dp I last year pro dp I will pull up every single thing and I've set up rules in my mail so that whenever I get an invoice from pro dp I it automatically then forwards it into evernote whenever I get a receipt from being eight that automatically forwards it into ever note so that all of my receipts air one place digitally and I can look at it on any computer I can look at it with the desktop version I could look at it on my phone so it's another way to keep all of that stuff all together so you can use it also for personal projects you know if you're planning something if you're working on something but I also just use it for my receipts but I think it's a wonderful a really easy way to do it and there are a million different things like this this is just the one I chose to use yes dallas you still keep your paper seats because I heard that if you get audited you still need to have them my accountant said no okay they said that the digital receipt is good enough also because it's not doing not doing cash transactions I could also then go back and pull my bank statement or I could pull my amex which are very I used my amex a lot for everything because it will get even more detail when you pull that and I've actually known someone who got audited and they did take the amex statements as good michelle you'll probably cover this may be what do you use for mileage mileage I don't because I mainly only drive for business because I live in new york if I'm gonna get my car and I'm going to go somewhere it's going to be to go toe work so my business bought my car and again this is something that I had cleared with my accountant can susan stripling photography by a vehicle for me to use yes it can so I bought my car and therefore the mileage is covered I don't yeah I am sure somewhere out there apple has an app for that it probably won't work on your pc though you know you're going to regret telling me oh I mean there has to be some sort of like mileage app out there someone firms if anybody on the internet knows of a good mileage tracking out please let michelle note now the awesome or let us know so we can tell the rest of the internet which would be great and how are we feeling about our receipts naomi so okay so after it don't ever know because I used me receive yeah okay so what do you do after this like what? What about the numbers? How does it get plugged in so I know what you mean the number because example meet receives like canada yeah it recognizes yet the dollar amount and that accident and then I can just put it out to my accountant so like what exactly? I'm not actually using everyone for anything like that it's just to keep the receipts because I'm downloading my amex transactions and my bank like my debit card transactions into quickbooks so they're already there ever notice just to keep a copy of the receipt if we ever need to refer to it later got it and again there there are a million different ways to go about this it's just the way I seem to find is most efficient yeah okay yeah it's cool his name you use pics if I that come here like actual keeping track of yourself it has a mileage module picks a fiver yeah, brilliant however it is I don't think it's mobile yet but I just that's awesome thank you and we have a couple other please what people are using for mileage so michelle k photo is worth using pen and paper in her glove box that is old school I like it and log so that's all home j alma's using his garment for mileage oh that's smart, very smart and then we've got moments and times using biz mileage quicken home and business has a mileage tracker says brian k and we have east wing photo a touch of elegance, photography also recommending trip cubby it's an athlete. So if you don't want to come in here and teach this business class, you'll have I mean, really that's, excellent advice. I mean, buying the car for my business was a very, very, very specific decision that really only works for me because of where I live and how I get around on dh again. If you if you want to do something like that, please consult. You're professionals in your state before you make a decision like that is brilliant. Thank you, internet. So to talk a little bit about email signatures, how many of these email signatures to respond to people? All right, all the girls, none of the guys nicely done. So as you can see, you know, for those of you in the studio audience and those of you at home when creative life brings this up on your screen, I have a bunch of different email signatures. If you kind of take a look down the column to the left there's one that just says business, all that is is my, you know, dash susan and then my website and then my phone number it's just to a pin to the very end of every single email that I sent if I want it then I have a follow up which I use when I email a client about their wedding and then I'm following up later to make sure that they got my information and it says, you know, hey, axe and I just make sure I put their name where the xs yes, I have sent it out with hey x like way we've all made these mistakes but for me it's a lot easier to click their email address and click a drop down signature than to type out the same thing every time or to copy and paste a temple it every time the ones that I use the most local weddings, local ish weddings and destination weddings and when we talk about pricing will talk about why each of these are different later but my email response is very, very, very detailed and a brief note about stealing I'm sharing with you everything that I use I'm showing you everything that I send my clients and I would really appreciate it if you showed me a little respect and didn't copy these word for word if you steal the internet will figure you out you're not going to get away with it, so if you copy my email I guaranty you at some point in time it will find its way back to me and we won't be friends and so just please don't do that if you don't mind but what I want to do in the initial email when you send something out to clients is to give them a lot of info I want to give them links to galleries, I want to give them the link to my frequently asked questions I want to give them ah, link toe look at what my albums actually look like in physical form. I want them to get my price list, but I don't want to have to type that link into every single e mail that I send, so I've made template emails that have all of this info in them, and again, we'll talk about why I have all of this when we hit the marketing section later, but this is this is what they get, and then there are other ones down there when they're images are online what's the email that I send them that tells them how to download if I'm referring cliff or heather or jen or danny weiss or todd last lor jeff mosher any of the people that I refer when I'm booked for a wedding, I have a template email that has all of their contact information in it because I don't want to refresh, you know, refer my friend jeff mosher in new york and have them then have to go google him. Because then they're probably not going to want to say hey guys, you know, I really think that you should check out my buddy jeff here's his website it's geoffrey mosher photography dot com you know here's his cell phone number yeah here's here's this email address here is how to get in touch with him and then I have a few you know, nice words about each of the people that I refer their specific to them I only refer one person if I'm going to send a referral it's just to one person and again we'll talk about referrals and a little bit but the other you know, email signatures, you can see what they are if it's someone inquires with an engagement session on ly there's one with they enquire and they don't tell me where their wedding is and there is one that actually used to say w t f where when they would inquire and I didn't know what in the world they wanted that was just like info please and I'm like you got to tell me what you need info what do you need info on so I can help you but it's just those efficient ways to get back in touch with people over and over and over again and I write them and then I saved them and then I have them on my laptop I have to work stations, one at my home in brooklyn and one at my home in new jersey, and they all have the exact same email signatures on them. Michelle, I'm just wondering. So this isn't gmail as opposed to shoot q, because doesn't I don't even want to shoot you. I was noticing that was having some problems with when I emailed through shoot you that was ending up in people spam filters and it's much, much, much better than it used to be. I just went with this system and as we've mentioned yesterday, I'm old and I don't like change. I don't want to go back to training in the other way. Yeah, so yeah, and when it comes to emailing when it comes to accounting, I don't have anyone who works for me. My assistant that I have is only my assistant for weddings every single other thing that happens in my business except we're off post processing is done by me when you call you get me when you email you get me, you don't get an assistant, you don't get a studio manager it's it's all things that I do myself.

Class Description

Join award-winning wedding photographer Susan Stripling for a 3-day journey through the world of artistic, compelling, and financially successful creative wedding photography.

Throughout this course, you’ll explore lighting, posing, capturing detail, and much more. Susan will simplify the potentially daunting process of selecting the right equipment for every wedding’s needs. You’ll learn about transforming poorly-lit or visually uninteresting wedding settings into picturesque images.

Susan will also guide you through the workflow she uses, and explain the composition principles that result in dynamic images. You’ll explore concrete, on-the-fly troubleshooting strategies for unexpected wedding events.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools you need to think on your feet while photographing every phase of a wedding, with jaw-dropping results.



Outstanding, one of the best courses on Creative Live. Wow! The delivery is sharp, on point, and focused. I've learned tons. There are so many gems I've watched this video many times and have now purchased more videos from Susan Stripling. Outstanding presenter. My photography has already improved greatly by implementing some of the techniques shown.

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The content of the course was perfectly taught at a "real" level. Susan's work clearly, speaks for itself, but her willingness to be so generous with her knowledge is fantastic. She has become an instant favorite of mine and her style is truly special and unique. The course was reasonably priced and I am beyond thrilled that I have taken the time to learn from one of the best in the industry. INCREDIBLE course in every way!!


I Loved this course. I would definitely take another course by Susan Stripling. Her images are beautiful. She has the posing, timing, lighting, mood, etc. all down perfectly and makes amazing, beautiful pictures. She is an excellent communicator as a teacher too.