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Creative Wedding Photography

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Photo Contest Winners

Susan Stripling

Creative Wedding Photography

Susan Stripling

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31. Photo Contest Winners

Lesson Info

Photo Contest Winners

We have some special announcement to make about are really, really great dramatic wedding moments photo contest so I would let you announce those winners thank you and then we'll jump into marketing. Okay, great. Yes, ma'am. All right, absolutely. And before we really jump into the photo contest about which I'm bizarrely excited the marketing section I literally only have five bullet points to talk to you about. I want to hear what you need to know about marketing. I'm going to tell you what I do, but this part, like the last part, is very strongly fueled by your questions and your questions internet so if you're still awake and if you're still with us and if you're not frantically off filling in budget sheets and crying over money uh, please let me help you figure out how to make that money that I have now made you weep over, so that would be pretty sweet, but I wanted to show you the winners of this photo contest that we had and I was basically completely blown away pardon me there y...

ou by the images that I saw there were three that just really rose above and beyond the other ones the first one is an image by benjamin young right now I kind of hate benjamin young like, if we're being perfectly honest, this image is it is flawless perfection. I mean, there is nothing wrong with this picture. If I were going to put everything together technically and then throw an emotional punch on top of it this would be the perfect image to show you the linds selection is insane it's perfect. Your eyes go straight to the subject the arm's going all the way around bringing all the way back around and lead you first to this woman's face on the right and then up and in right to the bride's face everything about it is perfection. Please don't enter it in any photo contest. Actually, if you could just burn it, I would think I would have it with me. No, thank you, benjamin. I don't like you. This is absolutely insane. I'd like you should be incredibly proud and you should also feel very good about yourself that your clients were comfortable enough around youto have a moment like this in front of you. So bravo, brian rodriguez hate you too. Well done. I mean, this is this is flawless again it's an example of the perfect composition waiting for that absolute perfect moment to click the shutter and then toning it in a really beautiful way that enhances the image without detracting from the image. It's absolutely lovely about your clients love it and caesar this is I mean, come on this is perfect. First of all, you're in front of a window with this year's pulled in dark curtains, so, you know, I'm gonna like it. But you know what? Above and beyond the right, linds, the right lighting in the right situation. You've waited for the second that the moment really is just nailed at the peak of perfection. It is beautiful, it is honest. It is lovely it's three people that I am very impressed by, and very much dislike because they made these pictures and I didn't. It is beautiful, beautiful work. The three of you should be very, very pleased and very proud of yourselves. And I know your client's treasure. These images so very well done, don't enter them in competition. Thank you. I mean, these air, it really is it's extraordinary. It is humbling to see the work of the other photographers in our community. It's, pretty freaking extraordinary.

Class Description

Join award-winning wedding photographer Susan Stripling for a 3-day journey through the world of artistic, compelling, and financially successful creative wedding photography.

Throughout this course, you’ll explore lighting, posing, capturing detail, and much more. Susan will simplify the potentially daunting process of selecting the right equipment for every wedding’s needs. You’ll learn about transforming poorly-lit or visually uninteresting wedding settings into picturesque images.

Susan will also guide you through the workflow she uses, and explain the composition principles that result in dynamic images. You’ll explore concrete, on-the-fly troubleshooting strategies for unexpected wedding events.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools you need to think on your feet while photographing every phase of a wedding, with jaw-dropping results.

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Outstanding, one of the best courses on Creative Live. Wow! The delivery is sharp, on point, and focused. I've learned tons. There are so many gems I've watched this video many times and have now purchased more videos from Susan Stripling. Outstanding presenter. My photography has already improved greatly by implementing some of the techniques shown.

a Creativelive Student

The content of the course was perfectly taught at a "real" level. Susan's work clearly, speaks for itself, but her willingness to be so generous with her knowledge is fantastic. She has become an instant favorite of mine and her style is truly special and unique. The course was reasonably priced and I am beyond thrilled that I have taken the time to learn from one of the best in the industry. INCREDIBLE course in every way!!


I Loved this course. I would definitely take another course by Susan Stripling. Her images are beautiful. She has the posing, timing, lighting, mood, etc. all down perfectly and makes amazing, beautiful pictures. She is an excellent communicator as a teacher too.