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Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

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Class Introduction

Parneet Pal

Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

Parneet Pal

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome to creative live this is designing a healthy lifestyle with party pal my name is chris jennings and I'm going to be your host now party is the chief science officer at wisdom labs and a trained physician and she's here today to help us develop some healthy tips using science so I no party has got a lot of information to get to so pardon me take it away great thank you so much chris I'd like to start by introducing all of you to tom now it's new year's eve and tom is feeling extremely inspired he just got back from a meditation retreat and he's determined to take control off the stress in his life the cia he's a young entrepreneur you know he's had many sleepless nights trying to build his business and his product so he says this is great I'm going to meditate for thirty minutes of the day and thirty minutes at night and he's even got a stack of books to help him with that meditation so let's check in with tom four weeks later it looks like his plan didn't quite go the way that ...

he was expecting so what happened was he did start off meditating thirty minutes in the morning and night but then you know his schedule got the better of him and before you knew it meditation was a distant memory does that sound familiar or ring a bell with any of you ok now let's meet angie angie has just gotten home from the hospital she's diabetic she suffered a heart attack on dh how doctor gave her these instructions when she was discharged he said angie you need to go home and lose ten pounds and you need to stop eating all junk food and you need to stop eating any sugar and I want you to work out for twenty minutes a day three times a week otherwise you will die so of course with those instructions you know angie's super scared and she wants to do what her doctor is telling her to do so she goes home and she says ok, you know what? I'm going to throw all the junk food out no sugar for me on ly salads every single day and then one day she lives with her daughter and her grandkids her grand kid was eating a little piece of chocolate and angie said well, you know it's just one bite right what's the harm in just one bite well it started with just one bite but then it pretty much went downhill after that and angie said you know what I'm just going to give up I mean what's the point I've tried so many times to change my lifestyle and eat healthy this is just not for me I have yet to come across any person who does not want to live a healthy lifestyle but it it seems like no matter how much we know and no matter how much we want and even if we try our best, it just doesn't seem to stick has that been your experience as well? So this question of how to make a healthy lifestyle steak has been sort of the centerpiece of my career as chris mentioned, I'm a physician by training and I've had the privilege of training at columbia and at harvard and those were all fantastic programs but I noticed something I noticed that we will be trained to treat people when they were really, really sick, but at the same time nobody was talking about prevention or what I needed to tell patients to help them lead a healthy life. And if you look at the statistics you notice something really interesting. I wanted to just quickly take a look around the studio here just take a second and have a look at all the people in this room. So three out of four of us in the studio and for those a few who are watching at home you know whether you're at work or whether you're at home three out of four of us will suffer from a chronic lifestyle related chronic disease in our lifetimes that means things like heart disease and cancer and diabetes and depression and anxiety in fact in the u s treating chronic disease takes up eighty percent of our health care costs and for those of you who are tuning in from across the world, I don't want you to think that this is justin issue in the u s or developed countries chronic disease is actually a global epidemic now and in fact seventy five percent of all diabetics live in low or middle income countries so this is a huge huge problem. But here's the good news eighty to ninety percent off all lifestyle related chronic disease is completely preventable when we pay attention to what we eat, how we move, how we sleep and how we manage our stress isn't that amazing? Eighty to ninety percent of thiss is completely preventable now this is all good news and so when I found out about the stats I said create let me apply that in my patient's lives and in my own and for me it's been a challenge to work out like exercise has been the bane of my existence and don't tell anyone but I have you masters and exercise and movement signs and so I know what I should be doing but I just couldn't bring myself to work out and many a gym membership has gone to waste so what I had to then realize and to study and get to know better wass behavior change you know why do we do the things that we do and why do we not do the things that we want to do I also realized along that journey, that design thinking with something that I could take a page or two from and, you know, we're on creative live and your old a bunch of designers here, so this will be something that's really familiar to a lot of you. And then finally, mindfulness has been really important both in my own life, for my personal well being, but also in helping me to design a healthy lifestyle. So I'm on a mission, I want to create a mindful and a compassionate society where health is the default, and what I'd love to do for you today in this class is to share everything that I've learned, the key lessons that I've learned in my journey, so that I can then empower you to do the same in your lives. So by the end of the class, what I'm hoping we can achieve is for you to have a really good sense of how behavior change works, and we're going to talk a little bit about the science related to this, as well as mindfulness and compassion. Most importantly, we're going to design our very own blueprint lifestyle, prue prints. So the studio audience I think you have in front of you, your work sheets, so we'll be using them throughout the class and for those a few who downloaded the bonus you'll have the same, and if you don't have it, don't. What do you just grab a piece of paper and then and follow along? So this is going to be a very interactive class. And really, my goal is that by the end, you will be very confident. And you feel calm and excited about going out and taking the first few steps towards a healthier lifestyle. How does that sound? Good?

Class Description

Eat better, move more and stress less, with a little help from science.

You know you want to make changes to your lifestyle and live healthier. So what's stopping you?

In Designing a Healthy Lifestyle with Wisdom Labs, you're in for some good news: you don't need to work harder to live better, it is more a matter of design. 

In this class you'll learn:

  • A surprising and impactful reason why lifestyle choices are so important for your health 
  • Which strategies work best (as proven by science) when designing habits 
  • How mindfulness can boost your chances of success 
  • What to do when you fall off the wagon (again!)
Rather than getting overwhelmed by all the changes you would like to make, come to class with a lifestyle goal in mind. By the end of Designing a Healthy Lifestyle with Wisdom Labs, you'll have a clear road-map on taking the first, next step and building on it till you get to the lifestyle you desire. 

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Guidelines for Healthy Choices

Bonus Material

Blueprint - Design My Lifestyle

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What a great class!! Parneet shares some great insights and tools that break down why we procrastinate or don't act on our goals. The science behind it is pretty fascinating. My favorite part was that it was short! Don't get me wrong, I'm a big creative live fan and customer. but sometimes the long classes become overwhelming and hard to follow. Absolutely recommend this 100% I'm exited to start applying her concepts and see what happens!

Nena Metelo

I enjoy the way Parneet explains, so calmy and eloquently, small triggers that help big life-changes. She helps us find and integrate in everyday habits the really small and easy steps we need to help us achieve grand goals.


Parneet is an intelligent, warm, and engaging person. It is amazing how much I got out of such a short course/lecture. She explains everything very clearly, and I know that her strategies are going to help me live a more fulfilling life. Thanks, Parneet!