Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners

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Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners


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Day 1 Pre-Show

Hello internet good morning welcome to creative life on welcome to digital scrapbooking for beginners with michelle stelling this is emery milk of it and this is john kennedy o'connor otherwise known as j k oh we are so pleased to be your host for this wonderful three day course that we've been really looking forward to it very excited about over the last few weeks we're just going to take a few minutes now just to check that everything's working fine make sure you can see us and make sure that you can hear us so this is your chance to jump into the chat rooms and let us know that everything is working fine for you in just a few minutes actually jean marie is going to be in there saying hello to everybody and so give us a shout out let us know where you are in the world you're joining us from today we always have a global audience on creative life and we're really looking forward to hearing from all of you in fact michelle has a really global audience in her scrapbooking world I know s...

he has people in south africa and she has people in australia so we're hoping that some of them are gonna be the challenge today and we're looking forward to saying hi wei are both really excited about this way actually did a scrapbooking course luisi only sort of being converted we've drunk the kool yeah, well, you know, I got the basics of scrapbooking out of the way I know some of the terminology but I'm actually looking forward to the digital aspect I lived such a digital life and I want to see what's possible in that realm as well me too I've got so many things that have stuffed away over the years that you don't really know what to do with so I'm going to learn how to digitize them have to actually get them in the format that I can then use in the modern age it would be really great I love it well definitely say hello to us in the chat rooms but we have a fantastic studio audience joining us as well and we want to let you get to know them so let us hear your name and where you're joining us from maybe where we can find you online and what are you alice looking forward to learning today? Um I'm sticky white way had analysis that wasn't able to make it apologies, apologies so dickie yes please I'm from lincoln, california, which is about hundred miles from here and I'm very glad to be here today I do have a website it's vicky white photography that zen folio dot com and I'm looking forward to learning better workflow howto get through putting a scrapbook page together more quickly, more efficiently and getting some ideas for layout that that's what I really struggle with actual layouts or something I'm looking forward to his works I know michelle's going teaching us how to do backgrounds and how to do feathering all that stuff with the layoffs I think is really something that I need help with them make sure it all looks good at the end now would you like to be alice e I could be alice for the day very well I'm really pleased you're with us today and you will be vicky so thank you so much now we got trouble brewing I'm afraid because they got one of my favorite people from created live actually in the studio today. She's actually one of our editors and we're really excited to have stacy the station's welcome thank you j k oh, I'm super excited to be here it's crazy just being in the studio not in that dark booth it's awesome lights shine on me it's great! I'm super excited now a scrapbooking I am terrible at like I've got so many pictures everywhere and I've tried to do like the physical, actual scrapbooking, but it just never happened so so excited at least have it all in one place and to see if I can have some sort of a system and yeah, so I'm excited I'm ready, I'm gonna scrap book me being the studio audience actually, that's a really good idea. You any sounds? I know exactly what you mean. Because when you get into all the the glitter on the glue garvey and all the love that I have the idea but the reality is quite horrible. Oh, yeah? With the way I do it any way I think we should scrap together. We should actually wait with alice. She should be here in a minute. You're very, very welcome. Thank joining us on creative life and thank you to all of you for joining us as well. How the chapmans doing summary? Actually, we have a virus into a live wonderful chat room. We have a net that's joining us from balmy palm beach, florida. We also have northern indiana. We have hannah k from london, the uk. We've got brenda joining us from new hampshire. We have albuquerque. I mean, people just keep joining in it's. Been fantastic to have you. It will be and just keep charming into the conversation. I think michelle is from indiana. So you got your fan club in the house? Well, well done. Now, this is our front row from today. But course, if you want to be in our front row, john has got some information for that as well. I do actually being in the front row here it creative live is a fantastic experience if you want to learn more about how you can be on the front row, you can go to creative live dot com forward, slash front row and learn all about what it's like to be a student here. Fantastic well, we'd like to welcome you as a student any time to have a look at the courses that are available memory was saying we got some great courses coming up in january and we'd love to have you now I'm really excited to welcome michelle stelling too creative life michelle is a leading instructor for beginners intermediate and advanced dj scrappers she works for andi for photo element users michelle has taught over five thousand digital scrapbooking and graphic designers throughout various colleges in via the internet seventeen years now, in two thousand seven, she founded the national association of digital scrapbook er's she contributes to photographic elements techniques magazine use the training sites and she has a global audience of students who I'm hoping will be joining us today I'm so thrilled to welcome to creative life. Michelle stelling okay, very good, very good! While I'm so pleased to welcome you and say john murray and I we did a scrapbooking course a couple of weeks ago which I don't think you actually washed right I did I saw parts of it, and we had a really good time. So I know this is gonna be a wonderful course. We're looking forward to a good hand. You, that when you get out of your way and sound. Thank michelle, thanks for that intro.

Class Description

Tired of having a closet full of scrapbooking supplies? Ready to save your images in a more secure, permanent way? Join Michelle Stelling for an introduction to digital scrapbooking.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Photoshop Elements 12 to edit images and create simple templates, digi-kits, and retouch old photos. Michelle will cover feathering, clone stamping, adding text, and other tips and tricks for presenting your images. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot common image issues using red eye reduction, spot healing techniques and more. You’ll also learn about working with brushes and textures to create your own papers and backgrounds.

Whether you’re an at-home crafter or professional photographer, by the end of this course, you will have mastered a whole new way to preserve and share your images.