Segment 1-9 Wrap Up


Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements


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Segment 1-9 Wrap Up

So that's pretty much it wrapped up tomorrow we're going to be covering a lot more so yeah actually I guess we should talk about that tomorrow we will talk about tomorrow yes so I mean we were halfway through the content now we've got a lot coming up in the next few segments so in a nutshell what are we looking at in the next few segments? I know we'll be talking about about layout and some production and printing anything you want to tease the viewers with coming up with a two page spread so we're going to be, you know, doing the twenty four by twelve so it's a full two page spread we're also going to be doing we're going to dive into more intermediate and advanced stuff a lot of masking so you're going to learn and no masking by the end of tomorrow we're also going to talk about blending modes and overlays and karen's going to come back for segment three as well and finish up what she was working on the textures, the brushes and all that kind of stuff so and we're going to reveal the...

water we're going pull it out the water to make sure the ah print is looking good tomorrow he thought into here actually this has been an incredible several segments here with you michelle and I just wanted to end it with a big round of applause for you

Class Description

This course is part of the Digital Scrapbooking Essentials Bundle.

Preserving and organizing your digital photos can be a powerfully creative endeavor — if you know the right tips and tricks. Join digital scrapbooking expert Michelle Stelling for an in-depth exploration of how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 as a dynamic scrapbooking tool.

Michelle will guide you through everything you need to know about working with type and typography, including mixing fonts and colors, nesting text, and integrating graphics into titles. You’ll also learn about creating digi-kits, using patterns, brushes, paper textures, blending modes, and other embellishments. Michelle will also share the hacks, short cuts, and troubleshooting skills that will help you use Photoshop Elements to its fullest potential.

Whether you’re an at-home crafter or professional photographer, this course will give you a whole new toolkit for editing, enhancing, and sharing your digital images.