Effective Use of Press & Public Relations


Distributing Your Film Online


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Effective Use of Press & Public Relations

I'm going to just touch on some effective use of pr impress gotta have it it's another opportunity to tell your story and get the word out there again. Do your homework if you're going to reach out to a really incredible blogger, someone said, oh my god, this movie is so amazing about women! You should reject all the mommy bloggers like home, my gosh, there's a ton of mommy bloggers, so find the ones that you actually care about what they write, and yet you read that what they write and you comment on their stuff you've got to give before you ask if they think that you care about what they're talking about, you have a connection, they're going to help you, they are happy to help you because you already shown that you are willing to help them and you care about their opinion and you care about what they do and how they spend their time, so because you know, you don't pay a blogger or you want to you there some you can, but mostly you wanted them to write about you, especially the ones w...

ith the big followings people you relate to justus you would offline online, do the heavy lifting for them, they love it when you kind of when they will say, oh, it wrote itself when you wrote it but you're going to give it to them and let them put their name on it they could do a little bit of editing and it makes it and it's awesome and and include visuals links images shortened suite and just you know show them that you care about what they write about would they be willing to share about you what you're doing it's highly highly effective um have a can do attitude I mean I think that's important to have every day all day long when you're doing this and don't be afraid to ask because the answer is no unless you ask just for sure visual design which I mentioned so um perfect example of pr and mostly just having a can do attitude and following my heart I created a movie game called film festival in a box it's for short films grouped by genre I wanted people to start watching short films there wasn't a big market for it I've fallen in love with short films or so many out there nobody sees them and I ended up wanting to get it out there somehow so I thought I want to screen the love version it was called the love box for short films about love and it was a total running time of like twenty seven minutes and I thought where can I like show this in a big way to get people to come and see it I wanted to have an event around it, so I thought I'm going, I want to do a screening. I'll do love and central park and it got too expensive with police and speakers and everything else. So I thought, where can I show it? To a bunch of people and I need a screen and I realised times square we'll do love in times square so I called up clear channel I rented the jumbotron for five thousand dollars it's ten thousand an hour I prorated it. I got a half hour I watched the love bach way. I wanted to screen it in times square and then everyone said, well, how's, anyone going to hear the movie? So there was some there was some a service that allowed you to listen to your phone. You just dial the number and you could see it on the screen and you got to watch the movie. Listen with your phone and then you got to vote for the best picture with your phone. So we had twenty two thousand people watch. I flew out of my mileage. I slept on my friend's blood mattress. We watched with twenty two thousand people listening we have pictures of it it's, so great. We all went to the w, and everybody bought their own beer. And it was like, I think it was about a six thousand dollars marketing campaign. And we got a new york times article out of it in a whole bunch of tweets and posts. And it launched the movie game. And it went into urban outfitters and on amazon. And it was really good. And so you don't like create a story around your story around your movie around. Why people should see it and then just launch it, get it out there, make it fun, make it engaging and make people feel special. Who were going to write about it. They people like to feel appreciated.

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Your film doesn’t have to appear in theaters to find its audience. Distributing an indie film online is an effective way to increase the visibility of your movie, get compensated for your efforts, and validate your work.

Maverick independent film entrepreneur Scilla Andreen was done with the one-sided deals brokered by the big guys. She wanted independent filmmakers and producers to have more options, so she built one: IndieFlix.com – a platform for DIY film distribution that Variety magazine calls, "The Netflix for Indie Films." In Distributing Your Film Online, Scilla will detail the distribution landscape and teach you how to find your audience online. You’ll learn:

  • How to distribute your film online
  • The benefits of online distribution
  • How to monetize filmmaking

Scilla will discuss the no-nonsense architecture of online film distribution and help you reduce and navigate the layers of distraction between making a film and having people actually see it. You’ll learn how the IndieFlix model works and how it, and other online distribution platforms like it, make money for independent filmmakers.

If you are ready to find an audience for your indie film, Scilla Andreen can show you how it’s done online.


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This course is only an introduction to online distribution for films. It doesn't go deeper in any aspect nor gives you concrete steps depending on your film project. So if you've never heard or thought about distribution is a good place to start in a few hours, but if you are looking for a deeper analysis or information to reinforce the online distribution of your film, it isn't there in my opinion.


Was this an instructional video, or a plug for a commercial enterprise. Light in detail, this series does offer a few gems for those searching for answers. It did put into perspective the odds of finding distribution in a marketplace crowded by competition where everyone is looking for ways to maximize a return on investment and offers alternatives to those wishing to tackle the job of online distribution themselves. Because "once a film is completed, the real work begins." it is important to know what these alternatives are. David W. King, Michigan Movie Media 2.0