What is Your Movie's Goal?


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What is Your Movie's Goal?

So the first thing we're going to do is talk about what your movie's goals this is really important to do, it's just like with anything, even when you set off on a journey like you want to go on a trip, where do you want to go planet out? Have a plan that is the most important thing beyond just writing a script and raising money, you have to come up with your movie's goal. So now that you will leave, we've kind of gone over the industry, and we've learned that we our own gatekeepers, we don't have to rely on other people to make something happen for us. We can make it happen. We can raise money with indy, gogo and kickstarter weaken, do social, you know, use our social networks to help, you know, amplify our message and to start a conversation and collaborate with people out online, we can build our audience, and we can also find evangelists who will help spread the word we can use final cut we can use companies like audio suck it who have already pre licensed music for us so that we c...

an, you know, we don't have to spend weeks and months licensing music we can use, tug and gather to take armed films out into the theaters, or weaken for wallet ourselves, and you can even merchandise your your content by signing up with like cafe press and putting a link on your site and suddenly you're selling t shirts and hats and and beer mugs with your logos and information on it so there's all kinds of wonderful things you can do, you can even completely navigate the film festival uh landscape on your own with without a box I don't know has anyone here heard of without a box it z really the best service where you sign up? You put your film in all of the information and then it's literally pushing buttons and I'll tell you which festivals you qualify for and how much it will cost to submit you've already got all the information out there and it will submit it for you so that will help it? Well, yes, I just had a question regarding for well, I haven't heard that term before for wall is when you can actually go down to a theater and you can ask them if you can show your movie there and you'll you'll you'll pay them some sort of a feat to maybe have like a slow night, like a monday night screening you could do like a five seven and nine you split the door with them and they keep all the concessions which is where they make all their money anyway, which is popcorn and soda and candy and you can you can buy time in the theater uh for a couple of weeks the only problem is is that it's expensive? You also have to put an ad in the paper there are things you have to do to promote it and if a big hollywood film comes in they will pull you say there's it's not guaranteed that you stay in so and then we'll talk about you know, with all of the streaming platforms like amazon video who netflix you can access them some you'll have to go through aggregators and some you can go direct and we'll talk about that so you could do all of this on your own you don't need other people to do it for you anymore in the old days you couldn't do any of this on your own so let's let's talk about just understanding your goals so that you can define your ask I'm a big believer and if you're clear on the ask you'll get what you need to do what you have to do. So is anyone working on a project here that you could like we can use as an example even got a film that they're kind of thinking about making? Yes so with a director he's done to feature length documentaries about the egyptian revolution, it's called egypt the story behind the revolution and second moves called stories from doctor here he's doing the follow up project right now about the role of the role of women in the middle east in post revolutionary arab countries. Ok, on dh how women's rights are affected by the revolution's, okay, so even like, even if you're not so is so. If you're whether you've got politics, you've got women, so you've got the whole gender piece you've got, you know, international borders, so there's you can break that movie down into you know, I guess if we were to think about the goal isn't just to raise awareness, is it to help unite people? Is it to help, um, address a conflict? Is it to what is the what is? What is your goal with the film? Do you want what do you want the audience to take away? What do you what do you personally want from the film? So the director is very passionate about the subject matter, and it was while filming the first two documentaries, he had the opportunity to meet a number of really amazing revolutionaries who had helped drive the revolution in egypt onda lot of them were women, and what he saw was that in the post revolutionary era, a lot of the the islamic leadership that came and took over the country's ended up pushing women out of leadership roles and putting them. Back into rules where they didn't have the opportunity to have a voice and these women were fighting against that and he wanted to give them a voice and he wanted to let the world know that this was happening and that these women were there so he wants to give women a voice he wants toe he wants to help them maybe not get pushed out as much or to just address women in leadership so that means he can address women in leadership all over the world because women love to support each other people love to support each other and unite and so that's a great message on dh there's a you know so many different ways you could share that message so that would be something that you know you would write down this is the goal reestablished women in leadership get that support going you could reach out to all kinds of organizations to do that we can break it down but but the other thing you want to think about is so there's those kinds of goals but then there is the goal the really simple ones like do you want to make money on it? Do you want just exposure? Is it a real for you to show what kind of a filmmaker you are? Is it that you're making a short film and you want to make this one into a feature film? Are you making this project to go raise money for a much bigger project is it something that you want to make money on? And you want to donate all of that money to an organization? That's what you also want to think about and really think about, like, write it down on course, you might want to say, yeah, I'd love exposure and money, but but break it down, even white, you could even break it down to the point. Like, how much money do you want to make? You want to make a thousand dollars? You know, sure, you could say I want to make ten million dollars, but be kind of realistic and say, if I'm going to make this movie for fifty thousand dollars or one hundred dollars or a million dollars, how much do I actually want to make on this it's good to start thinking in terms like really nuts and bolts? It's, it's, it's imperative. So the question is, you know, write it down what's the motivation to make your movie women in leadership if it's I was trying to think of another example but that's actually a great one and all the different you know, the effect that you can have in the world by making that movie, but then also talk about the financial goals of your film how much exposure do you wanna have? How long, what and when do you want to get it out there? Because you need to start planning it. So really define your movie's goal.

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Your film doesn’t have to appear in theaters to find its audience. Distributing an indie film online is an effective way to increase the visibility of your movie, get compensated for your efforts, and validate your work.

Maverick independent film entrepreneur Scilla Andreen was done with the one-sided deals brokered by the big guys. She wanted independent filmmakers and producers to have more options, so she built one: IndieFlix.com – a platform for DIY film distribution that Variety magazine calls, "The Netflix for Indie Films." In Distributing Your Film Online, Scilla will detail the distribution landscape and teach you how to find your audience online. You’ll learn:

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Scilla will discuss the no-nonsense architecture of online film distribution and help you reduce and navigate the layers of distraction between making a film and having people actually see it. You’ll learn how the IndieFlix model works and how it, and other online distribution platforms like it, make money for independent filmmakers.

If you are ready to find an audience for your indie film, Scilla Andreen can show you how it’s done online.


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This course is only an introduction to online distribution for films. It doesn't go deeper in any aspect nor gives you concrete steps depending on your film project. So if you've never heard or thought about distribution is a good place to start in a few hours, but if you are looking for a deeper analysis or information to reinforce the online distribution of your film, it isn't there in my opinion.


Was this an instructional video, or a plug for a commercial enterprise. Light in detail, this series does offer a few gems for those searching for answers. It did put into perspective the odds of finding distribution in a marketplace crowded by competition where everyone is looking for ways to maximize a return on investment and offers alternatives to those wishing to tackle the job of online distribution themselves. Because "once a film is completed, the real work begins." it is important to know what these alternatives are. David W. King, Michigan Movie Media 2.0