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DIY Centerpieces for Every Occasion


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7 Pre-Show

Hello, internet. Welcome to creative live. Thank you for joining us. This is d a I y centerpieces for every occasion with kelly walker. I'm excited to be here and we have three lovely studio audience members who are also excited to be here and we'll get to know them in just a minute. So this is our pre show. We're going to take just a few minutes, make sure everything is running smoothly for we get started. If you're new to creative live welcome. This is the maker and craft channel and we're excited for this workshop, so I'm excited to be here because I do have some experience in floral design. When I was younger, I did work it out flower store and I went to floral design school and I just feel like this is a skill that you have for your entire life. So as everything from buying flowers at the store and being able to arrange them to helping your friends with their arrangements to starting a business with flowers is just it's just an incredible business to be in. You're surrounded by fl...

owers every day. How could you not love that? So happy to be here, it smells very good in here. All right, well why don't we meet our in studio audience so I'm going to start with you pan and if you just let the people at home know your name and why you're also excited to be here and we'll start the conversation with that well my name is pam davis and I'm excited to be here I worked for schedule valley college and uh I work for the foundation in the president's office and we do a lot of events and I just I thought it would be really great to learn how to make a flower arrangement so I can just contribute a little bit more to events have cool well, welcome glad you're here thank you all right hi and deb um my friend asked me if I wanted to come and I do whatever she always wants me to do way have a great time and anyway I think it would be fun to learn how to do flowers I do things for our church and stuff like that so and I'd love to have him in my home all the time some all right well who doesn't love to have them in their home and this is why it's cool we're going to learn how to make several different arrangements today and these could be from your garden or from the store or this is just for us for our own pleasure so how about you? Hi, I'm lynetta masaka and I'm an inspirational photographer. I have a blogger called inspired by anetta dot com and my main subjective actually flowers. I absolutely enjoy flowers and every single wear form. I grow roses in my backyard and I take pictures of them all day every day my blog's filled with flowers my main focus on the flower geek so close that so do you know all the latin names for flowers? Okay, now that might be taking it well. That's. Great. Well, welcome, all of you, ladies. We're happy to have you here. So I'm just wondering, you know, for me personally, I feel it's like I said earlier. It's, nice to have the skill because you can use it. You'll be surprised under how many circumstances that having this skill you can use the school. I just feel like I think situations come up all the time where there's flowers involved and people don't know what to do with them or as much as anything from going the farmer's market and then trying to put them in a vase something as simple as that. Having just a little bit of knowledge is just really helpful with that. So, ladies, I guess I'm just wondering, you know what? What do you think that you will be using the class for or do you think it'll just mostly before you're in your home or do you think that you'll be I know I guess you said you're working for an organization show you'll be helping with that you mostly doing that I was thinking yeah for different events or even meetings that we have just to add that special touch of a flower arrangement or think tio like different people bring in from their gardens flowers and la times we'll just put him on my desk because this kind of central and I thought that be really great if I could just kind of arrange this really nice well one other question so kelly our instructor she has been working with flowers our whole life and she hasn't she's always had gardens that she can go and pick flowers from and seattle is an incredible place for that my mom's a garden it's just amazing the flowers that we can grow here in seattle I know that's not true for everyone around the world but it is pretty spectacular here so how many of us have gardens where you could go out in your yard and pick flowers on a regular basis and then have arrangements it's a very different thing from having fresh cut flowers to having something that's just even a little bit of ranged in your house do any of you have gardens yeah, it'll be picking stuff right out of her house and taking them in that's. All right, so I guess I'm wondering what else you ladies are expecting to get out of the class, or just is this just for fun? Mostly, yeah, yeah, for me, it's, mainly for my photography purposes, as I do like to focus on flowers and logs. Um, so I take pictures of them, and whenever there's a flower in front of me usually have a camera right next to me, so I can't help, but teo grabbed my camera to take pictures of it. Sometimes I'll rearrange it, and I have a garden. Also, sometimes I like to even add my carrot tops, consumer arrangements, so just to add something different, it's, a lot of green, a lot of killers that are organic, too, so that's cool.

Class Description

Fresh flowers add color, whimsy and a dash of sophistication to every event. Learn how you can dress up your parties with DIY centerpieces.

In this fun half-day course you'll amp up your hosting chops and learn floral design tricks you can put to use at your next dinner party (or baby shower or bachelorette luncheon or murder mystery night).

Kelli Walker will help you express your style through flowers using common and creative containers. You'll learn how to assemble modern, rustic and vintage-inspired arrangements.

If you want to spruce up your supermarket bunch or add some inspiration to your floral design portfolio, this class is for you.