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Lesson 1 from: Draw like an Interior Designer

Jorge Paricio

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1. Introduction

Lesson Info


Hello. This is drawer Like an interior designer. I am Jorge Pary CEO have been teaching, drawing and rendering for 16 years. Today your learned how to create a living room and a kitchen from scratch. We're going to be working in a variety off techniques, and you're going and how to create how to find your vanishing point in your drawings where your horizon line is will work on creating elevations. Floor plans. But we're going to start with the basics, so I'll guide you through the different tools that we use in the profession as well the different papers that we can utilize to be successful. I also want to mention that we have a package that you that is available to download, which is over here, starting with the basic explanation of the different elements that we have in a perspective. And then we have some great lines that we can use examples of elevations, examples, off perspective views and also some have way finished rendering, so you could have a sense on how to complete them. So...

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Creative LIve Why don't you re-do this class! Its a great subject.....get a new camera operator, who knows the concept of learning from watching.

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