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Vision Reset

Lesson 9 from: Easy Exercises to Improve Your Vision

Eric Cobb

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9. Vision Reset

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Vision Reset

So we're going to do now, now that we have our base level assessments were going to take a few minutes to take you through a couple of drills to relax your eyes, all right? Because really, what we're doing now is we're setting the stage to begin the actual work er that will do in the last segment today because with me so far alright, remember all the stuff that we just did could be a drill, but these are just your test and what usually happens, and I just asked, what was your favorite one like, of all the stuff that we did, which one was most interesting to you most of thing was the stars on the left, right center? Okay, I'm I'm fine myself really curious to see how I do with awesome yeah, favor I think that the star one, but also I'm intrigued with the with the circle merge, converge, diversion, birdseye I wantto work on that something great, the clapping, stomping one because I got music in my background thes as those three d pictures have always been really cool, so okay, so you've ...

been given the kind of a menu of assessments, and at some point you need to do them all. Because you do want to make sure that hey, I'm reading better I'm doing better on the multi size font because we want to make sure that that the improvements are carrying over into your daily work, but I'm also going to encourage you to do all of them and find the ones that are interesting to you because those are the ones they're going to drive you're going to motivate you and go, those were the ones I want to improve. Okay, so we have a basic set of assessments now what I want to do now is take you through just a couple of different things to help you relax your eyes. Uh, I teach these what I call vision, vision reset drills or visual reset drills because you can get fatigued. Um and so and here's here's kind of the point how many heavy guys have ever heard of other vision training systems like the bass method? Quackenbush method there's a whole bunch of different vision training programs have been around literally for over one hundred years. Well, one of the things that a lot of talk about is I relaxation. I believe that relax. Ation is a critical component to doing really good vision training, but hard work is also a component you cannot overly well, in most cases, you can't just relax your eyes into better vision meaning we have to do some stuff that pushes us. So as I said, I'd like to go back and forth through some hard work, do some relaxation, do some hard work to some relaxation, just like you were in the gym do a heavyset who stretch it out, do a little bit of mobility work so you can consider this the mobility works section for the eyes. All right, so the first thing that we'll start off with it's just a little bit of what we call high massage. Now we're not actually gonna be massaging our eye were to massage a little bit around it, so go and put your glasses off for me and we're to start off two fingertips wanna put him just below the eye? All right, so there's a bony ridge just underneath your eye um, and if you feel around in there it's usually a tiny bit sore, maybe a little tenderness and a couple spots. So right underneath your eye, you just keep them closed just gonna press in there and do some small circles. Maybe two, five, ten really like circles, like, like, massaging the skin right over the bone, correct good and then go in the opposite direction, it feels more tender, going the opposite direction. Yeah, you're very often find that okay, good now we're gonna take just a single fingertip and were to come right to the end than your border of our I you don't want to actually be in the eye itself but on the nose okay on the nose so just inside uh just inside the eyes with both fingers orgy idea of both fingers just use because I'm impatient I'm trying to get both of them done at the same time so once again you're gonna just like massage right in there should feel relatively pleasant switch your fingers tips to the outside of the I sort of on the bone on the bone yet we're all all of these were actually staying on bone were trying to stay off the stay off the eyeball itself you're I don't poke your own I am very important okay and then last year you do this you take three fingers I close my eyes and I put my finger tips on the bony ridge at the top of my eye and once again I'm just looking for any areas that feel a little bit tight a little bit tense just a little bit of light rotation around those okay, good and relax all right, now I feel okay I feel a little weird okay uh do you feel like you can see better? I feel quite sleepy sleepy? Yeah, okay hasn't registered how well I can see quite okay but the next one that we're gonna do is what is called direct eye pressure. Now if you wear contacts you gotta be really careful with this. You gotta be careful anyway, but basically all that we're going to do if we're going to close the eyes and then see this word says very you're very lightly going to touch your eyes kind of right on the surface and take just a few deep breaths now you said that you were getting sleepy this is there's actually a it's relatively well known now most people have never heard of it but there is a reflex it's called the oculus cardiac reflex ocular means I cardiac means heart and what happens is little direct eye pressure can actually have a strong calming effect on the body it's a really interesting experience okay that's being used in certain places to help people having panic, panic attacks and all kind of stuff so really, really simple you take the fingers he put him on the eyes themselves very lightly take two to four breasts you relax and if the pressure is comfortable you can address a tiny bit more. Use two fingers there so I used to used to it depends on the size of your fingers in the sides of your eyes just wanna be comfortable so to afford nice deep breaths in and out that was good for you um, one of the things that I'm always watching for when I have people do this stuff is I'm looking for facial tension and facial muscle tension. If you're filming yourself at home, you actually might want to take a picture or film yourself, do these exercises and recheck a lot of people, you'll see fewer wrinkles and more relaxation in the facial muscles after doing this, which is usually a pretty good sign. Okay, so so far, we've done a little bit I massage we've got a little bit of pressure. Those are two first to resets. Now we have this one, which is just rapid blinking, all right? And this one seems weird because we blink reflexively for the most part, but what we're gonna do is consciously blink fast for about ten seconds. All right, so when you're ready, start blinking and a lot of people fatigue. It's weird to blink this fast intentionally can too one you're right over there are going to use your whole body to make yourself blink alright how how your your eyes feel okay, find a little strange, tired little tired. Alright, so, so far we have massage, little direct pressure, rapid blinking and now this one is a very famous basic visual reset called palming lots of different ways to teach this on dh kind of the relative benefits of it are varied but I find this one extremely useful for myself so I decided I would teach you here all right now what's interesting about this one is we're going to try and block out all available light okay, so this was done glasses off but you can watch me for a second if you can't see all right the way that we do this is we're going to start off with our eyes closed once their eyes are closed we're then going to take our hands they want to cover up our eyes this little crisscross fashion and we literally want to get rid of all available light all right? So I'm gonna ask you question if there's no available light what should you see? Nothing nothing you should see total darkness most people though what are they going to see? You know, you see little flashes of light in the middle yeah there's going to be there is light there when there shouldn't be like there and so the goal for us is that we're going to actually close our eyes going to do the poem ing I'm gonna breathe we're gonna relax you want to tell our brain make this black all right in other words there's no stimulus coming in let's not pretend that there is so you're trying to make it as dark as possible with your hands and then you just sit uh usually I've been about thirty forty seconds I don't think a question while they're sitting there dark fantastic thank you all right so kay graham wanted to know when you're doing these exercises do you condone squinting um in the beginning I try to avoid squinting I'd like to I prefer to actually have people move the charge of their own body so that they that that's not the perp that's not their strategy for trying to accomplish the visual task now some people say hey you squinting use whatever later on after I've worked with people I may let them play around with that but in the beginning I would like for them to try and do it without you all right guys how you doing to get about five more seconds ok and relax now how many of you actually had total blackness you're going to get completely black much better but not ok but it was getting better did you sat there saying this him okay, so it is very interesting like I said, whenever we take away all light stimulus we shouldn't be seeing lights we shouldn't be seeing you know, a lot of a lot of colors or anything else so this for me is a very relaxing and kind of calming exercise and reminding the brain we want to trust the signals that are actually coming in so would you guys go back and re test your multi size chart just after having done that one about a question yeah long they're testing testing great a one two three colorblindness shouldn't have any effect on these exercises or vice versa corrector or can it in kind of more extreme examples it might but for the most part no it shouldn't really have any bearing on anything that were doing because we're looking at mechanics and focusing so if color blindness uh well say don't worry about it light red green yeah the red the only thing really that we've talked about so far is this in the red green chart but they'll still work um you know what? Great thank you all right so you guys are doing well one of the things that I'm watching for and I don't know if you guys at home can see but over the course of the day and as we started doing these drills I again I'm watching for facial tension and I'm watching how you guys are using your eyes and all three of you are improving um it's interesting to see les facial tension and the way that you're focusing the way that you're where you're holding things it's all starting to look a little bit better so that's good so how did you do? I can read a bit of three now with my glasses on okay um still like no half of five with it off half a five with it off yeah it's been a pretty good class for you so far but you know it's I honestly don't know if like I'm doing it an inch more haven't been paying super close attention it's I'm just doing it kind of comfortably like yes sir and that's all I ask you to do so the fact that I think you're probably close enough that we're getting some pretty impressive improvements with you yeah fifteen is I was having trouble before now it's clear awesome. Okay, you know what the glasses at at the three without at about twenty for good. All right, so that's all good progress so we covered a bunch of stuff in this segment we covered a bunch of different assessments so we have a smell in shark right? That's the standard twenty feet test each eye the multi size font what you guys have been working on all day? I just used that one because it's really convenient and it gives me a pretty good idea of something that matters to me, which is how well can I read? We did hand eye coordination we talked about the foot I we did the brock string um we did our convergence divergence and we did near far those air a lot a lot of different assessments every one of those could be an exercise in and of themselves

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fantastic course. very fascinating connection between vision, body, mind and brain that really applies to everything in our lives. with accurate and comprehensive explanations and practical advice. thank you for such a broad perspective on what our body and mind is capable of doing. i 100% recommend this course to anyone who is seeking not only performance and improvement, but also general (and specific) awareness of what we as human beings actually able to do and achieve . THANK YOU. :-)


This class gave me hope. It turns out we're not doomed to a stronger and stronger prescription every year. For the first time I feel empowered, knowing that I actually CAN do something about my eyesight. And it's because there's not just the eye lens and shape of the eye, but also muscles that can be strengthened and a brain that can be trained. I'm already seeing better and will continue the exercises. Loved the course. Very charismatic instructor. Lighthearted atmosphere. So helpful to see participants with different types of vision challenges doing the exercises on camera and being coached by the instructor. Incredible value here — don't hesitate to sign up for this!

Beatrice Perkins

This course is remarkable. I bought it with the hopes of improving my vision to get rid of my readers and eye fatigue and it has done more than that! I started this in September 2019 with 20/40 vision, and now, about six months later I am at 20/20! My goal is now 20/10. I do the Brock string daily, as well as keep the convergence/divergence charts at my office and start/end my day with them. The routines are simple enough for me to do 5 mins at a time, and the results are outstanding. I'll ALWAYS exercise my eyes from this point forward in life. So grateful for this course!

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