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Easy Exercises to Improve Your Vision

Lesson 22 of 26

Eye Isometric Exercises

Eric Cobb

Easy Exercises to Improve Your Vision

Eric Cobb

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22. Eye Isometric Exercises

Lesson Info

Eye Isometric Exercises

So what I want to do to preface to go into the final segment today we're actually beginning to build our own program I want to do a quick review of the charts and the exercises we've done so far all right so once you guys uh first of all let's let's do some eye movement so go ahead and get out to the edges of your chair and if you guys want to stand up actually you can because we're going to go back to our eye isometrics okay all right so you can use your coffee stir or pin um your finger now whatever. So whenever we do any of the eye movement stuff you want to make sure that you've got a good stance so uh feet basically straight ahead directly injury hips someone's grabbed you by the hair and they're pulling you up nice and tall now how many positions did we do isometrics in do you remember hey right up down right left and then the corners now the way that we did this is we took the the steak we had it out in front of us we kept our heads still we moved up and we held and you remember...

for how long five five seconds ultimately we'd like to work up to thirty about thirty okay so we'll do five seconds in each position so go ahead and start with a pin or she will tell me is my posture good yeah I'm gonna come around actually check you guys okay thanks all right so go ahead and start off just directly to whatever hand you have it in just go directly out to the side so I think you're all right in and so out to the right and remember we don't want the heads to turn oh man really okay no heads turned and they're ok good that's awesome very well done okay yeah now can you go any further about there beautiful well done how long ten how are we doing today just doing five six five all right so you've done out to the side now I want you to go up on the diagonal because that's really well done well they're good awesome and then as soon as you're done with that up diagonal go straight up just in front of your nose and then since that's after that five seconds you're gonna go on a down diagonal to your right another way no teo down down well done now what and then directly down you haven't done that in five four three two one pretty simple then you can switch hands and you should have three left to do you should have up middle in down okay on that that offset side okay? Yep head stray sorry that's good now notices you're doing this are you starting to break some of the rules that you were just working on are you starting to get tight have you quit breathing and it's so slow down and sit with it for a minute wreck your all right that's better keep breathing relax your arms relax your hands well done okay and shake that off okay, so that was I isometrics do you remember what we did after the isometrics we tested we did so well we re testing for sure the next exercise though was just a full circle. Okay you doing okay? Yeah, that make you dizzy at all uh just this my right side is dropping a little bit all right, so I mean have you sit okay? We'll take it we'll make it a little easier on you and I want this circle be really small all right? We're not gonna do a whole lot of movement you guys they did a little bit with me yesterday we're gonna do again focus on the stick. We're going to full circles in the whole idea here with his arm extended arm extended nice and slow and, uh keep breathing. All right head still keep fixing your head here for a second till this down just there's kind of a neutral position. All right, so I need to work on that. Yeah, focusing on your target good. We did about three both in a clockwise and counterclockwise matter good another question while they're circling wyoming cat um, can age related macular degeneration be worked on with these exercises? Improved so well, getting some real specific question. Yeah, that that that's. Okay, that's what? This is a really this is a big concern. I'm gonna wait. I'll answer this. I'll let you guys finish that. Ok? Well, here, it's in my family. So yeah, also so macular degeneration, uh, is a big deal. It is a kind of a leading cause of blindness. Uh, with progressive age at this point, I can't I can't show any definitive research that says, hey, vision exercises are going to be useful in preventing that condition because we're still trying to figure out kind of what causes it right now, if you ask me, because it actually does run in my family. I've had genetic testing done, and my odds of it are higher than the typical population that's when the reasons that vision exercises are so important to me because I'm going to try and do everything that I can, even if I can't prove it right now to try to buy us my eyes to staying healthy, that would be the base level answer I would give right now, so if you're already in that process, are these going to make some kind of dramatic difference I think it would really very much depend on where you were on and I certainly would not trust the used to be the only thing that I would be addressing you want to talk to your physician look att supplementation some other other options great ok you did two exercises go ahead and re test for me multi size font or this guy or whatever exercise exit sign here clear exit sign and clear uh yeah it's a it's a little blurry but a little blurry after making the eyes work a little harder okay would you put your glasses on though and see how you do did you write a five with your glasses on right? No they're dirty it's really blurry I don't know what any change for you ten got a little clearer ten got clear yeah yeah yeah so once again with you guys what we're finding is very typical you know, with the day of training you guys have both almost doubled your improvement from where you started that would be very normal um but now you're actually starting to butt up against the now starting to get smaller improvement that's gonna be also very normal so now we start the work part had to do with glasses on it's a little better it's still a little blurry but but that after giving it a moment to kind of yeah you're interesting because obviously real severe vision loss on that one side and so your process today is basically just making sure that we're getting some some work out of that eye which is happening it's happening happening could feel it right so I'm pretty happy with that all right? So after we did our isometrics what was the next and I circles what was the next thing that we did swirls spiral tornadoes yes so we did horizontal and vertical spirals okay, something have you guys go ahead and do that for me so you can either stand or sit and you're doing a good job remember to take your glasses off you guys remember why we took the glasses so horizontal and then and then vertical yeah. So out like this and then from the bottom to the top take the glasses off because eventually I want to work without correct could you show me about one more time? Yeah. So I start off doing kind of a standard circle on dh move away from myself making it smaller and bigger. Okay got it starts small close yet far away okay, you can do it both recognize the right of the matter and then on the bottom I usually start small and I get bigger and bigger as I come up okay keep its almost like two cones keeping this still yeah keeping the head still all right so you're going to be nice and small takeaway slower you know, way slower and actually look at the stick she she was doing she was doing something which is really, really common I do this all the time with people and one of the most watched my eyes for a second just stop because you may be helping your partner with this or someone and what they will often do can I borrow this stick here for second you okay? We're gonna do this I circle or into a spiral so go ahead and start the circle and watch the stick and they go like this because they know where I can see it that's not what I meant. I actually want you to focus on that and move your eyes with it so just be watching for that. All right? Go ahead and do a couple more of those spirals for me we want your eyes that's much better good job but make it make it easier on yourself go even slower like yeah there's no rush there's no hurry you guys could slow down to all right so we need to do a spiral going moving out and the one up I'm sure there's another question is we're working our way through that sos from evan uh should we be blinking faster during these exercises is blinking cheating or is a good too bling for focus before the exercise is absolutely do it before the exercise okay cheating okay that's actually part of the re lax ation visual reset drills that we've been doing okay and sometimes as I said that blinking because it adds a little blur to the picture can make the brain try to pay a little bit more attention and that's that speed blinking right blinking and rapid blinking okay all right good guys are almost done and do you want to at some point we have a couple questions about double vision is that something you'd like to talk about aiken aiken listen to him and yeah one wass I have double vision in my left eye and blurred vision in my right eye what is good practice to improve the double vision that's pretty specific that's really specific what I would like to do if they ask that kind of question that percussion particular whoever ask that I prefer that you actually email the office that's country kid okay country get email our office because that I mean that's an issue that obviously has we looked at by eyecare professional and we need more information to be ableto even offer up anything wonderful ethical alright guys good all right last test here and then went to a couple of visual recess before we go into our break because I want to make sure that your eyes were relaxed because when we come back you're gonna be really working hard all right, all right, so go ahead and re test for me yeah, I think I'm getting a little more clarity more clarity around ten now ten awesome like I can't go to nine yet but on thinking thinking thinking somewhere around eighteen okay and what about when the exit sign it's it's almost an e and there's a crisscross in there somewhere so it's it uh it's coming along making progress all right, so go ahead set your stuff down we're newsome palming you guys remember how to do the foaming all right, so you didn't do this with us yesterday but we talked a little bit about it you guys you take thirty seconds you to close your eyes now when you close your eyes I normally cover one eye and then cover the second I my fingers in our kind of criss crossed as long as that's comfortable for you in a sit and you should only be seen black but a lot of people will see flashes of light and fireworks and unicorns is closed eyes close unicorns but studio so you sit, you breathe and in that process you're telling your brain hey brain, we shouldn't be seeing anything try to make this visual image as black as possible this important that you guys practice in and again for that deliberate practice mindset palming just covering your eyes up without actually working on creating that black images less effective in my experience so we're trying to actually even in our resets we're trying to do it in the right way good make sure that you're doing your breathing into the nose out through the mouth kind of a nice, comfortable, relaxed breathing process that's better so quick question from photo girl photo girl is a common that after you do the palm ing or other relax ation techniques that your eyes are sort of blurry for a minute kind of like when you first wake up in the morning yes okay. Yeah that's actually quite common now some people after palming particularly get more clarity but it also depends on the size of your hands and whether you're pressing on your eyes like any pressure at all on the on the eyeball itself usually will be blurry for sixty seconds or so. So typically nothing to worry about. Okay? All right, guys, you can relax. Let your eyes readjust. How many of you were you able to get it? Get it a little bit darker in there. Not so much fish. Okay, mind seemed pretty black and then there's a little bit of life a little lighter brown on the left side but all in all pretty good, okay, awesome. All right, so, uh that's this this segment did you guys learn some stuff with regards to the just the idea of how to practice better. Okay, so remember, when it comes to improving our visual system, we can't ignore the rest of the body on the reason that I'm bringing this up is I've seen this a lot envision training that we get so focused in on seeing making those two circles come together. We're seeing that we actually cause compensations and the rest of the body. So I want to make sure that your breathing stays appropriate, that your attention is down, that your posture is good, so that you're having a total body foundation for better vision, not better vision through compensation in the rest of your structure on that's really what this segment was about. In addition, in the idea of really approaching your vision training intentionally now can I practice? Can I do all that deliberate practice stuff in thirty seconds? Practice for the explicit goal of getting much better? Stay in the moment, get some feedback you, khun deliberately practice in thirty seconds, but you have to really spend some time thinking about what those things mean.

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If you find yourself squinting at your computer monitor, frequently updating your glasses prescription, or suffering from headaches, this course will help you improve your vision by retraining your brain to better communicate with your eyes.

Dr. Eric Cobb, creator of the Vision Gym, will explain how many vision issues are caused by miscommunication between your eyes and your brain. You’ll learn customizable strategies and exercises that target and improve your specific vision issues. From self-massage to isometric exercises to simple eye chart assessments, you’ll gain an eyesight improvement toolbox that you can implement anywhere and at any time.

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fantastic course. very fascinating connection between vision, body, mind and brain that really applies to everything in our lives. with accurate and comprehensive explanations and practical advice. thank you for such a broad perspective on what our body and mind is capable of doing. i 100% recommend this course to anyone who is seeking not only performance and improvement, but also general (and specific) awareness of what we as human beings actually able to do and achieve . THANK YOU. :-)

Beatrice Perkins

This course is remarkable. I bought it with the hopes of improving my vision to get rid of my readers and eye fatigue and it has done more than that! I started this in September 2019 with 20/40 vision, and now, about six months later I am at 20/20! My goal is now 20/10. I do the Brock string daily, as well as keep the convergence/divergence charts at my office and start/end my day with them. The routines are simple enough for me to do 5 mins at a time, and the results are outstanding. I'll ALWAYS exercise my eyes from this point forward in life. So grateful for this course!


I'm on week 5 of the program and the results are nothing short of amazing and life changing. Few courses deliver above the 80/20 Paretto paradigm but this in fact exceeds it. Out of the fog into clarity once again. Great alone for those exploring the fascinating world of neural plasticity. Thanks again to Dr. Cobb.