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Family Group Posing

Lesson 12 of 33

Demo: Using Furniture

Vicki Taufer

Family Group Posing

Vicki Taufer

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12. Demo: Using Furniture


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Lesson Info

Demo: Using Furniture

I'll just kind of walk you through since I will do a lot of mimicking with them, if we assume the clients are like over that way looking at me I would just say okay this could be a fun pose, something like this. I might have mom and I'll try to do all this stuff but mom maybe leaning against dad here, we could have the little one up in the air here, we can have other kids piled up here I totally envision all of the kiddos standing on the couch or sitting on the couch, we might move the couch. For sure we'll do that pose, we'll move the couch forward and have the parents in the back, that is one thing I haven't mentioned yet is in the posing I try to do two different looks with the parents, they're obviously going to be the ones that are probably more critical of themselves and how they look. So putting them in the back obviously the kids are hiding them more if there's something that they want hidden or putting them in the front is super cute and interactive, I just like giving them th...

ose options so it's not just like oh we nailed it we got this cool shot, I'm sure you guys have had this and you're in the sales room it's your favorite shot you've shot all year and then mom or dad are like oh but I don't like whatever something you would never notice but they're critical of themselves, so I think giving different poses and options with that hopefully will eliminate some of those hesitations they could have. But does this move pretty easily if I want to turn this? Okay so, oh yeah, is this alright we're not scratching the concrete floor. And so I'm in my camera room by myself, this is what I do all day long this feels super normal, a lot of times dad or some of the other kiddos will help move stuff. But one of the things with this pose when I have it turned this way, the shot that I'm going to have mom do, she's going to be here, so it's a couch and it's comfortable this is not really the most comfortable pose so I'm aware of that for mom, but the thing you got to watch, this does not work, the feet have to be hidden. I don't want bunny ears when I'm shooting at the family. So the feet have to be coming out so it is a little bit of an awkward pose but if you can get her comfortable enough and build the family around her, so I don't make them hold this pose a real long time, but something like this would be great. And then dad keeping with this also is depth of field so you can't really have, especially if I'm shooting with window light and not in this huge field, like someone can't be sitting back here and mom's head here I talk about gluing your ears together, make sure you're on the same planet, put your cheeks together things that will hopefully bring that in the right depth of field so I can shoot this and have everybody in focus. But I've seen dad can be here, dad could be holding the baby I'm going to make this work with mom to have (mumbles) and then the two others could be behind dad here either like on knees or maybe one of the little ones here. So I think once we have that it'll be easier to show you some of that posing and then I do want to go back to trying some of the feet and hand posing as well as shooting on the rug. So and then I will give you a heads up so I already did talk to mom and so we've got four kiddos with mom and dad and because we're going to do the breakdowns, like there might be something that if the littlest one needs a little break I'll keep shooting with the kids and dad because I want to showing you all these different poses. So yeah. Just so you know I think we're bringing in the dog as well because it's keeping the youngest daughter calm. Okay so, one whole segment we're talking about pets, so I'm a very pet friendly studio that's totally fine with me, is the dog coming to be in the photos or is the dog coming in to be in the room? Do we know? In the room. Oh just in the room, okay, yeah. And we may add the dog it would be very normal for me to in a session do what we've been doing and what we'll do right now which is like, I don't have a plan that ever sticks, it's like okay you guys need to go over here now let's just photograph. That's why I like to photograph the individuals if there is something going on that with somebody it's not working you can always get the individual shots, you can get different groupings of the kiddos and with dad and mom. So we'll roll with it and we'll see how it goes. So yeah I think, yeah let's do it.

Class Description

Taking a great portrait of one person can be a challenge, but how do you capture an entire family looking their most authentic selves? Well-known family and children photographer Vicki Taufer will show you how to focus on the relationships and keep your clients relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

Vicki will show you:

  • What props and gear you should have on hand to bring out the best in your group posing
  • How to shoot with natural light as well as in the studio, and what lighting you’ll need to highlight all group sizes
  • How to make your clients feel comfortable before the shoot to get authentic images
  • The most efficient workflow to make your post-processing work for you

Whether it’s a group of children with pets or the extended family with grandparents and cousins, Vicki will give you the confidence to tackle any situation and provide your client with images that they’ll want to purchase and hang on their walls for years to come.


DOlores RUsso

All I have to say is - Vicki you are a saint. To handle four kids, dog and their parents too, not to mention a class of students watching...AND YOU'RE TAKING PHOTOS, GOOD ONES!! All I know is, I could not handle that as you have even though I was a teacher for 25 years (K-12, all of them) - and wonderful people like you are far and few between. May you stay healthy and happy and continue interacting with kids and parents - you really have a talent! (I had to turn the sound off on the vid because it was driving me crazy,, with kids, dog, etc etc!)

Marla GIbson

It was true to life and yes, a bit chaotic. But I enjoyed it, it shows the work that often does go into a session with all the multitasking. I got some great ideas for poses, and learned some new way to interact with younger children. Thank you for a honest session and not a perfect planned one.


Fantastic posing class, loved watching Vicki in action. There are so many little things she said to the families she was photographing that really made all of the difference. Jed's product template creation and backend streamlining segment was great too!