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Shoot To Sell Products

You have to show it to sell it. You've probably heard that but when it comes to sales, it's all about product and what we've been shooting. Like I've been shooting to sell specific products and that's really important. I've talked about planting the seed. I actually, if we can grab this table, I brought samples of some of the stuff I can actually show you guys. But one of the things I'm super excited about that we just did. So White House is our main lab. We did get these cute pricing menus from ProDPI that have reusable little inserts so we can change up our pricing. So I thought those were super sweet. So whether it's products, session investments, about the artist, so you can change that up really easy, really inexpensively without having to change up the menu. So kind of fun, it goes with that higher in brand, like a higher in pricing menu. But when I say show it to sell it, it means having product on hand. You guys know, it's easier to buy something at a store if you can touch it,...

if you can feel it, you know what it looks like, than just looking at an image of it. But there is one really great solution because I know it's not probably realistic to have every product. Maybe you don't have a studio, you're hauling stuff around to different clients. Are any of you guys familiar with the inspiration guides? These are fabulous. I use these all the time. I have been for over a year. I talked about these briefly earlier but they've got them for high school seniors, families, wedding, engagement and newborn and these are also from White House. But what's so great, what they've done all the work for you, they're super inexpensive. I think they're a dollar a piece and they are a beautiful magazine that comes also with this larger magazine you don't want your clients to have. That's going to be full of pricing, tips on how to sell the products to help you out. But these smaller guides are the guides every one of my clients gets. I want them to get that in hand as soon as possible because that's just getting them excited about using portraits to decorate their home and the different products we have to offer. And so we try to have as much of that in person but there are certain things that actually aren't in my product line that I'm not going to probably offer, but if someone sees it in here, that's great. Like oh, we can get it. It's a product we can get and you can make that decision. So love the inspiration guides, love the pricing menus and all this is going to segue in a few minutes to Jed because a lot of these things I'm showing you are great templates and things that you can use to actually put your own images in and he's put some of our images from this morning's sessions into. So, I love having images of images hanging of my prints in clients' homes. So this is an example of a, I think it's a 30 40 gallery wrap hanging in a client's kitchen. So taking that time to take those shots or asking your clients. Maybe you're hanging or delivering the images or asking them if you can come out and take those images. Some of the other products I was talking about, that one family print walking on the wood print. That's what this image is over here to the right. And all my framing, the wood boxes. I have samples of these that the audience obviously here can touch and feel and look at but I can show you guys here online. Love the wood box. So this is one of our solutions besides a traditional image box. You can do a box full of these beautiful matted prints. They hold 5x7 matted prints that then you can put in a frame or there's a cute little minimalistic wood easel it can go on, a little wood block. But really fun products because I sort of divide people up into two types of clients. Clients that want things on their walls and clients that maybe want things more album, box. So I want to make sure I have products for both. And some of the samples, like these are images, the one on the left is in my gallery, how I display a lot of my product, my frames. We do offer all of our prints 8x10 or smaller. Are one price and we do offer an option to upgrade to have them come ready and framed, which comes ready and framed from the lab so it's super easy. I can even direct ship it to them in beautiful packaging. But having all those options, for clients I want to be that one-stop shop. So I feel like that's part of this service that I offer to them is that they don't need to take my work somewhere else to get it framed or, they can if they want. But I love being able to hand deliver that to them or have finished products for them. So I love to at least have that to offer. And more images in clients' homes. These are super fun. You can actually get these also. There's all these press packs so you can get samples of their, White House's cards. But the press packs are great because we use these, again, they're unbranded. So I can take the actual samples to show the new foils, the new designs and I can show these to my clients and not worry about there being pricing or it saying White House on it. So these are really inexpensive ways to again, get samples in your hands to start selling these products. Because I know it can be overwhelming if you think, oh my gosh, I have to get my images on all these products and then you're losing out maybe on this Christmas season of selling the new things that are new and cool. Some of the packaging I love, I get all my images finished and packaged in new four box types. So that saves on all the branding and the packaging. And then I just get little stickers made that I will put on the boxes. So custom packaging, shows up ready to deliver to the client. Like I said, we've been a studio home-based, just Jed and I. Jed's framing on the floor, I'm shooting with my one light, one backdrop, to having nine employees, to doing all kinds of custom packaging. Well now we're down to a couple part-time employees, myself and as much as I can outsource and White House can be my one-stop shop, to show up done and look beautiful, then we're good. So the last thing is great little Christmas ornaments. Some of these are my kiddos', but metal, wood, engraved, super cute.

Class Description

Taking a great portrait of one person can be a challenge, but how do you capture an entire family looking their most authentic selves? Well-known family and children photographer Vicki Taufer will show you how to focus on the relationships and keep your clients relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

Vicki will show you:

  • What props and gear you should have on hand to bring out the best in your group posing
  • How to shoot with natural light as well as in the studio, and what lighting you’ll need to highlight all group sizes
  • How to make your clients feel comfortable before the shoot to get authentic images
  • The most efficient workflow to make your post-processing work for you

Whether it’s a group of children with pets or the extended family with grandparents and cousins, Vicki will give you the confidence to tackle any situation and provide your client with images that they’ll want to purchase and hang on their walls for years to come.


DOlores RUsso

All I have to say is - Vicki you are a saint. To handle four kids, dog and their parents too, not to mention a class of students watching...AND YOU'RE TAKING PHOTOS, GOOD ONES!! All I know is, I could not handle that as you have even though I was a teacher for 25 years (K-12, all of them) - and wonderful people like you are far and few between. May you stay healthy and happy and continue interacting with kids and parents - you really have a talent! (I had to turn the sound off on the vid because it was driving me crazy,, with kids, dog, etc etc!)


Fantastic posing class, loved watching Vicki in action. There are so many little things she said to the families she was photographing that really made all of the difference. Jed's product template creation and backend streamlining segment was great too!

Elizabeth Harrigan

I absolutely loved the course!!! The teacher was extremely engaging, so much so, I lost track of time... I learned more from this course than any other I have subscribed to. Both Vicki and her husband are positive and passionate in their delivery. They also have developed a level of expertise and a passion to share their knowledge honestly. It wasn't about ego, but rather, a genuine helpful attitude, which was so refreshing!