Lesson 8 - What Employers Look for in Resumes with JP Stallard


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Lesson 8 - What Employers Look for in Resumes with JP Stallard

Without further ado I'd like tio say a little intro bio of j p he comes from england where he trained in industrial design he's used the same ideals to develop digital experiences for over a decade he's the co founder of solve s o l v a digital experience company prior to co founding solve he was samsung's first international our sorry first interaction designer in london and j p has even being a judge for the extra awards and many others please welcome mr j p stella thank you my friends please take a seat thank you everyone wow and accent that rivals mind lovett from the motherland um thank you so much for coming j ps I'm sure his eyes got on his plate but we're so grateful for him we'll kick off with the first question in your experience how important is it to craft a well thought out introduction email and resume ah hugely it's a huge plus the hardest thing to do and I just call the wrap up what you did and it was phenomenal which means I have to say much so seo no it's hugely impor...

tant because when I want something for seven years and I would have seen thousands upon thousands of cbs and resume and cover letters on dh the hardest thing to do is look at them all because you get you won't get in the morning there's forty waiting for you on you have your coffee and then you have forty miles and you got to get on with work so going to try and get through that as quickly as you can on dh he's unwanted two seconds off ok is there any pictures? Ok how long it's taken to load ok right next and the next and next so a ll that effort work and strife you put into producing something has tohave a mark in two to five seconds at least yeah no that's that's amazing I love how he said that and actually quantified a specific amount from the forty that's. Amazing yeah that's the reality of it and thank you for sharing that there's a second question I have is what are your thoughts on nontraditional resumes? Uh well they have to be done amazingly well or not at all there's a reason the resume and see the exist it's a quick format method of been up to produce who you are in front of somebody if you go outside of that it has to be done incredibly well because it's going to do this he's got to do the same thing actually part of my course when I was in newcastle wass to design a nontraditional resume so we had to think as industrial designers of how to produce something which will get people like idea or fit your all these amazing cos I wish I could work for to notice me what I came up with was a long string off paper which was then spray mounted onto car which was then drilled through and then watch parts taken from a nicaea watch clock thing on then put it all together and then packaged up you see how long it's taking me to describe this there I've already broken the first rule yeah so it doesn't work I mean unless you doing amazingly well there was one example wass um somebody had a wood lined box delivered to the studio were at some second inside of it was a banana on it and you decide about this box it was like beautifully presented on this red velvet and there was a banana just sitting there and you picked it up but on the inside of bananas said now I have your attention andi had done a traditional resume underneath that yeah I love that I mean I can show you a bit of that too like I think there's a difference between a regime a and just getting someone's attention to you know you can think out of the box in that way I've done it uh copyright a partner and I we've sent out we sent out fortune cookies in chinese takeaway boxes and we sent them to go directors and when they opened it up it had fortune cookies in them they all said the same thing but when I opened it up it said uh if you hire us, you will live a very long and happy life check us out here's our portfolios and you can do things like I mean it's so there's nothing stopping you from doing that but again there's the hole uh factor over k do they have time? Well, I think it's rubbish you know you know is there's a whole bunch of stuff but sending an email he's quite direct but telling yourself that I think as well it's your time that you're considering as well is that you have tio what's the role of this thing case to get somewhere to do something how much of my time is worth in targeting this individual and if I'm doing ten than I could do that if I'm doing fifteen, twenty thirty of these things and I'm spending x amount of money on these things um I going deeper into a hole than I am trying to bounce out of it it's like I'm finding a job but I'm getting into bankruptcy yeah so yeah that's great the third question our views what do you specifically look for? You know resume that makes you want to contact the person for an interview? I think you covered off a lot of stuff which is beautiful but it's about there's an authenticity theirs there's a genuine nature to the email it's also crafting the way which is personal to the studio or the company it's if there is a blanket which has been sent from barry to barry on there's just all this generic information the middle of it if they don't know who I am wide she'll give a hoot about who they are and also that it covers that there's there's a connection there between what they feel they could offer to that studio awesome on the next question I have we're going to utilize j p as a person that is actually a co founder of a company who hires people so as the co founder of solve when you employ people the first piece of contact is usually by email has there being any standout e mails that you can share perhaps something exceptional or something really bad that to avoid so well um excusing all the ones that I produced and I was graduating right um I haven't really seen a standout human I think there's a there's an inherent problem with the e mails that it's not I design a friendly forum on def because it's mixed in with work life subscriptions bills on then you're trying to say hey, I really want your attention and some of the stuff you talked about earlier was great before eight o'clock in the morning fantastic that's when you can have five to ten seconds to look at something rather and one to five seconds something um I've mohr experienced the negative side in the positive cites the negative size has always been if you set up in context, it's an email coming from yourself to accompany so there's very little need for the word I or the letter I in order this if it starts out with I would like to speak to you about something which I have done and I would like to get a job with your company because it's great, I can do this well, I will just condense that down be more considerate of your time off the person's time on dh remove the I and the the most feedback have given on those e mails is well, those the most I responded to most it's I'm looking at a forest of eyes and then that is staring back at me. So if I'm feeling mobley facetious that they I will then count up the eyes with, you know, finding replace and then go by the way you've done this and then I've got a copy and pacing, which I guess that's in backed and say, look, you know what? You could do a lot better and I think you're very good person, however you're no, you know, unique snowflake on dh there's no I in there so just trying a bacteria try and bring it back to reality and then given you know a nice friendly nudge up yet and I think yeah I think you hit the nail on the head with tone yeah yeah you know that's a practical way to improve on tone um where do you place the eyes are you starting with the sentences with eyes so you know where you throwing them around so that's amazing that's good the last question I have for you and unfortunately time's running so fast together you know my fellow commonwealth so the last question I have for you is if you were in front of your youngest self right now minus the bead and everything what would be one practical tip that you would tell the younger j p stallard teo overcoming a common obstacle with regards to getting the design job you want so this is therapy right way look really nothing else going finally we've done a lot of work on this s o if I was looking back at my younger self one of the things I would do I would be less overly sure of myself on dh mohr listening to other people's comments especially people who have you know you have been in the industry or have something to give me in terms of advice I uh there's a miss this apparently is a thing online about me saying how I used that if we can swear on this but how replace it with how I how I stopped being a duck on and became a good person also call there's a lot of stuff in there which is really useful for getting out of your own way just like being saying no t yeses and yester knowns like if you normally say yes there's something can you say no if you normally say no to something so yes on that enriches oneself but also enriches the perception of yourself in other people and that's great and then just more importantly don't overthink here assay young designer we always overthink everything yeah and you never get anywhere no it was like yeah just get things done I wouldn't be here today with you now if I was overthinking this amazing that's amazing yeah look that's some that's incredibly valuable for all of us I think you know I think that the essence of what j p was saying and reaffirming especially was feedback you get feedback get people and get him to tell you apart and stand strong and realize that it's going to be any better for you you're going to be stronger because of it you're going to see another angle that you've never seen yeah and do it before you're ready as well I think that was I was always from the perfect something and then show it and then I'm emotionally connected this one thing brother in his five ten ideas what do you think? Yeah okay theo yeah definitely show your work early then and show your concepts way before yes, that investing too much of your time and effort, and especially for this shock around your resumes, to your friends on dh two family. And if they can't read it and said, I know what you do, then you know there's a problem. Yeah, amazing. Thank you so much, joe. Peter tio. Before we send gop off, I just want to redirect you to visit a solve dot tv to check out what j p and his crew are doing. They're follow are sold design at soldiers on on twitter and if you want to check out the man himself on instagram and twitter at john stallard, uh, for twitter and instagram, thank you, j. D, for joining us today.

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