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Class Introduction

A lot of people saying well pdf is a pdf. What can you do with it? Well, you can do a lot with it. The one thing we're gonna do a lot with is always advertise your pdf's. The one thing that's in common now, you have to have the full version of Acrobat. So, if you have Acrobat Reader, it doesn't work the same. It just allows you to look, print, make some comments, that's it. So we're using the full version of Acrobat so we can get the most out of what you wanna do. Now, this version of Acrobat is the most current version but the older version of Acrobat: Acrobat 11, Acrobat 10, they do a lot of the same things. The tools are in different places but there's still can go through and you can edit and create pdf's. So, we gonna jump right in on how we can go in and use Acrobat to go beyond what it is that we normally think of Acrobat being. So, one of the things we can get in here and we can added a pdf and what can you do to editing a pdf? So many things. Whether it's text, whether it's im...

ages, whether it's all line drawings, we're gonna show you all of it. And what happens when somebody send you a pdf that there is no editable content. It's just a scan of an image. How would you get content out of it? And the answer is easily. Watch this. So, I'm gonna start off with a pdf document. We're gonna get this off the web and I'm selling my car. So, I've got the form here. And I got some pictures of the car that I'm selling here. And in my Acrobat panel, I have my tools here on the right hand side. If you don't see these tools, you can go up to your upper tab here. And you can click on your tab that says tools. And here is all the items that you can have in your panel over here and if you want to add more, you can click on the shortcut and you can add a shortcut to your panel and once you do that, that pops up right over here and they're broken at the different sections here. We're gonna go through a lot of these sections today. I'm gonna go back over to my pdf that I'm working on and the main thing we wanna do is edit this pdf. But what can you do with editing a pdf? I'll click on the edit and when we do this, I'm gonna click on the edit here, we're on edit mode, we can add text, add images, create links for items, remove links, crop the pages, put in headers and footers, watermarks and do a whole bunch of other things here. We're not gonna get super crazy in depth with all the things that you can do. We're gonna do this as a, you know what, I haven't used this before, I need to know a little bit more 'cause we can get into this deep and crazy. But, you know, we've got so much time, so we're gonna give you all this hundreds of highlights here.

Class Description

Many people think a PDF is JUST a PDF. You look at it, print it, sometimes fill out a form, email it and done. Nothing else. This tutorial will show you otherwise. You can edit a PDF, add text, add images, copy items, add more pages to a PDF, crop pages, export the entire PDF into a Word document or a PPT presentation, take a web page and convert it into a PDF with active link... and that is just a few of the things that will be covered. Get ready to unleash the power of a PDF in this effective video on how to take your PDFs way beyond what you ever thought possible.

Software Used: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC