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Getting Started in Concert Photography

Lesson 7 of 8

Image Review: Pinkwing Song 2

Chris and Todd Owyoung

Getting Started in Concert Photography

Chris and Todd Owyoung

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Lesson Info

7. Image Review: Pinkwing Song 2

Lesson Info

Image Review: Pinkwing Song 2

So I noticed when you were shooting that you only shoot horizontal. Do you ever go? Do you ever shoot vertical? That's good question. I think when we first started shooting, we shot vertically except 75% of the time. But now shooting horizontal is due to a few reasons. For one we're shooting for an editorial client, it say's for Web Gallery. Oftentimes, galleries will be built in a specific way so that horizontal image will display fully, whereas a vertical image will only be will be determined by the height of the horizontal image. And so horizontal images simply have more impact in that regard. So I think that's one influence for us. The other is that if there needs for a vertical image means to be crop to that given the resolution of any modern camera. Now, uh, do anything to add to that Chris. No, I mean, if your God like 20 megapixel. This is like the bare minimum on entry level cameras these days. That's more than enough. If you absolutely needed to make a vertical like a 12 mega...

pixel vertical out of what was a horizontal shot, Um, and I think that's pretty much. The only thing it is also like your eye changes over time. Um, I was shooting. I guess I was shooting verticals of Rob when he was rocking out. Well, there's if someone, if if a basis does that to you, then like if they if someone gives that to you, you shoot it, that's it goes without saying. But I was shooting vertical again. Here's another example of where I'm hoping that he's gonna rock back because I'm listening to the music. Music is cyclical. It's not completely random. I'm hoping that he's gonna, like, fall into, like, his groove to get that head stock out of the way. And now I've got a shot of both of them. Like if he did it four beats before you might do it again, Uh, which is, like, a good thing. So you're listening. And if you actually know the music, if you're starting out with bands you actually like to shoot, especially in your local area, you're gonna just know who's gonna do what At what time you gonna really like internalizing music? So here's a shot where trying to get robbed, rocking out. But I've shot a horizontal I don't like that. There's a lot of tilt going on. You can actually see that, Uh, the off angle on the curtain back there, which which can be good sometimes if you were going for that sense of imbalance, like, literally imbalance in the image. But I'm not going for that in this case, because on I'm also cutting off the mic stand. So I think I go vertical at some point back there. Let's Okay, that's nice one. You're gonna want that one later. Um, where are the verticals? Past it. I pass it. Yeah. Can't tell on his left. Oh, there it is. Okay, so here the verticals, allowing me to keep the mike stand straight up and down. I'm not cutting anything off a swell. And yet I'm so getting in like the entire guitar. He's away from the mic. There's a nice little hair light. So they're practical reasons as well as just like they don't fit in. Web is as well. I think you have to consider the application whether it's going in for a gallery or it's been used on social media. I mean, obviously appreciated prints and was a full page. You know image placement, then we would certainly shoot in that format. But I think we've been finding that the horizontal format is the most generally was flexible. It's going to be shared online. It's gonna use by clients, but it all depends on the final need.

Class Description

Concert photography can be one of the hardest fields in photography. As a photographer you have no control over the lighting, environment, or direction of your subject. Learning how to lower the variables so you can capture an amazing moment of a performer or band will drastically improve your chances at growing an amazing portfolio. Todd and Chris Owyoung have photographed some of the biggest names in the music industry. In this class they’ll cover: 

  • How to build your portfolio and get photo passes to concerts 
  • What gear to bring to a performance 
  • Step by step walk through of a live performance and how to deal with the variables within  
In this class the sibling photographic duo will share their expertise of capturing commercial precision and the exhilaration of being in the front row. 

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Tony Goza

Where do I start? I had photographed a couple of small concerts in the past of a friends band, but normally have stayed within Wildlife and Sports photography. I had an interest in doing something bigger. So I watched this course, and was amazed with their instruction. A lot of great information that some may not think of, or use in practice. I have now (since watching their course) am not only a contributing photographer for a local paper, but have shot my first big concert with Styx. I am now going to be shooting the Reba concert tonight. Chris, Todd, thanks so much for clear and concise direction of how to approach, and the steps needed to get these opportunities. Can not thank you enough!


Excellent class! Holy moly, check out their websites! Lots of good advice, especially for the novice.