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Getting Started in Concert Photography

Lesson 4 of 8

Live Shoot: Pinkwing Song 1

Chris and Todd Owyoung

Getting Started in Concert Photography

Chris and Todd Owyoung

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4. Live Shoot: Pinkwing Song 1


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Live Shoot: Pinkwing Song 1

we're actually going to be doing Ah, live shoot with a live band in studio. I'd like everyone to give a huge creative live welcome to our friends. Pink Wing. Let's move on to the state set up. Um, we're going to be basically like shooting a song and you'll if you're here in studio, you'll see us like image by image because we'll be tethered aan den after one song will stop and actually talk. Go through the images so you can get a sense of what we're going for. The process. You'll be able to ask questions and do that a couple of times, just so you can get a real sense for what it's like to shoot a concert, especially in a small venue on. And there will be some imagining You'll have to do because we're in a photo studio and not an actual small venue. But that's the That's the general gist of what this next section is gonna be like. So one thing that's important again, with exposure being so critical and having limited time. One thing we always do if the band is warming up or just taking ...

the stage is to try to test shots to turn to determine the exposure against the manual mode. You know, if we're entering a small club like this, you know an estimate would be, say, freeze motion. We're going to be 1 5/100 of a second. Have to wait And let's say it's I twice over 20. 500 or so, maybe 3 32 100 way. What do you think it will be? Right? Or you'll be wrong in 11 Quick second. Let's here, let me just take a test shot. Yes, I like it. Rob, the band is just warming up. Way, Way looking. Oh, I'm pretty close. Pretty close. So I met, uh, doing 1 to 15 seconds and f 28 and, uh, eso actually get turned around on the other side to what do you at? Do you How'd you turn out? Bumped of 30. 200. You risk taker again? An example of like where the image quality on the cameras is so good these days. Like crank it all the way up. Get that, make the picture you want to make. And don't let the technologies stand in your way because the technology is good. Yeah. I mean, our philosophy is that if the worst someone can say is there a picture is grainy, but you nail the moment you nail the composition, Everything else, you know, I'll take a grainy photo. All right, So, yeah, hit it. Let's hit it. And solutions. Oh, all right.

Class Description

Concert photography can be one of the hardest fields in photography. As a photographer you have no control over the lighting, environment, or direction of your subject. Learning how to lower the variables so you can capture an amazing moment of a performer or band will drastically improve your chances at growing an amazing portfolio. Todd and Chris Owyoung have photographed some of the biggest names in the music industry. In this class they’ll cover: 

  • How to build your portfolio and get photo passes to concerts 
  • What gear to bring to a performance 
  • Step by step walk through of a live performance and how to deal with the variables within  
In this class the sibling photographic duo will share their expertise of capturing commercial precision and the exhilaration of being in the front row. 


Tony Goza

Where do I start? I had photographed a couple of small concerts in the past of a friends band, but normally have stayed within Wildlife and Sports photography. I had an interest in doing something bigger. So I watched this course, and was amazed with their instruction. A lot of great information that some may not think of, or use in practice. I have now (since watching their course) am not only a contributing photographer for a local paper, but have shot my first big concert with Styx. I am now going to be shooting the Reba concert tonight. Chris, Todd, thanks so much for clear and concise direction of how to approach, and the steps needed to get these opportunities. Can not thank you enough!


Excellent class! Holy moly, check out their websites! Lots of good advice, especially for the novice.