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Creating a Video From Start to Finish

Victor Ha

Creating a Video From Start to Finish

Victor Ha

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1 Class Introduction Duration:09:31
2 Putting Ideas Into Motion Duration:05:51
3 Client Profiles Duration:25:45
4 Choosing Your Subject Duration:23:06
5 Scouting Locations Duration:28:28
6 Researching the Client Duration:11:44
7 Choosing Equipment Duration:22:21
8 Waveforms and Scopes Duration:12:38
9 Shooting Strategy Duration:14:53
11 Prepping for the Interview Duration:08:28
12 Capturing Audio Duration:18:20
13 Capturing Room Tone Duration:05:00
14 Audio Q&A Duration:23:35
15 B-Roll: 3 to 1 ratio Duration:19:57
16 Planning for B-Roll Duration:09:38
17 5 Rules to Capturing B-roll Duration:08:51
18 Using B-Roll to Shape an Edit Duration:30:27
19 Introduction to Footage Review Duration:06:18
20 Asset Management Duration:10:40
21 Edit Setup Duration:29:28
22 Edit Audio in Adobe Audition Duration:21:56
23 Syncing Your Footage Duration:16:41
24 Conceptual Storyboarding Duration:19:23
25 Editing Choices Duration:10:33
26 Selecting a Soundtrack Duration:25:12
27 Building the Rough Cut Duration:31:13
28 Refining the Story Duration:30:16
29 Adding B-Roll Duration:09:07
30 Rough Cut to Final Cut Duration:18:50
36 Adding a Keyframe Duration:05:44

Class Description


  • Confidently make a movie from start to finish
  • Expand your photography skills to motion pictures
  • Tackle pre-production and post-production essentials
  • Capture video and audio expertly
  • Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition


Photography and videography have several things in common -- but what about factors like audio and telling a story using video editing? In this filmmaking class designed for photographers, learn how to use the DSLR or mirrorless camera that you already have to capture high-end videos. In this start-to-finish course, you'll master everything from planning to post-production. The goal of the class is to teach anyone how to create a video from start to finish.

Dive into video production from the planning and pre-production phase, where you'll learn how to choose an idea, scope out locations, research the client, and more. Jump into video gear -- and what's really necessary on a low-budget -- and learn the essential filmmaking tips for recording. Discover how to capture excellent audio and tackle those B-Roll shots.

But this filmmaking course doesn't just teach you how to use editing software -- you'll learn the editing process, start to finish, from storyboarding to exporting. Work in Adobe Premiere Pro to perfect your footage and Adobe Audition to fine-tune that audio. Tweak color in DaVinci Resolve. Add soundtracks, titles, and keyframes. Then, finalize and export your project.


  • Photographers eager to add motion pictures to their repertoire
  • Beginner filmmakers
  • Self-taught filmmakers ready for additional insight

SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve


Previously a photographer, Victor Ha is now a filmmaker. His experience working with both stills and motion pictures helps him guide other photographers through the same process, from photo to video. He's known for his straightforward, practical teaching style that's easy to follow along with.


Cheryl Winkles

You're awesome, I learnt a lot from you, this is like a must-have first course for anyone who wants to step into video or filmmaking world. Highly recommended and thank you a million Victor Ha.

a Creativelive Student

Fantastic course, Victor is one of the finest instructors I have encountered. Great stuff, I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to work in video