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High-Speed Photography: Capturing Motion

Lesson 8 of 15

Shoot: Breaking Sh*t

Clay Patrick McBride

High-Speed Photography: Capturing Motion

Clay Patrick McBride

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Lesson Info

8. Shoot: Breaking Sh*t

Lesson Info

Shoot: Breaking Sh*t

I have a four millisecond delay on this. Are you happy with that? Let's do three. Oh you want to do three do you? Okay we're setting it to three for Jason. Alright. Alright. Alright. I'm set. Lights. Lights please. TV, TV, TV, TV. No, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah. We need to turn the TV off. Let me just check my stuff. Wait. So we're gonna reset. Reset. Take these off. Okay. You're good to go. Wait for the shutter. (glass crashes) Oh. Yeah. (laughs) Yes alright. Pretty good break. Yep, good, got it the moment it was. Yes. Lights on. Resetting, high five. Yeah felt good. You can pick the next person in line. T-Bone. T-Bone. Uh huh. Aw that's good. Right on. We're resetting those guys. Chose your chachkies wisely. Just take a look over here. You can't touch them. You can't pick them up. You can't fondle them. Right you just gotta look and feel. Right do you want a little light? No, no, nope. Just look. Chose wisely. They're deceiving. Alright tryna make it like a grab bag. Le...

t's make haste. Yep you're going up? Beautiful. Yep just sweeping everything into that corner. Cool. Right up in front this way too. Like bring it all to this front corner. Yeah. Great. Alright. Yeah just crop it too so we, crop them so there's not so much white space in that. Sure. Yep okay. Alright I'm resetting here. If I could get an apple box over here for my-- there we go. Great, thank, great. Just so I'm comfortable. Yep. Joyous the apple box. How you feeling T-Bone? I'm great. Yep okay. Let me check my gizmo. Uh huh. What do you want your millisecond delay? That was three we just did the last one at. Five. Five, okay. Crazy man. Alright. Alright wait, wait Clay. Test. Test. Five millisecond delay. We're set. We're staged. We're good. I lost my, my microphone is roaming around my back there. So if anybody, after this break we'll do it. Goggles on everyone. Goggles on Clay. Goggles on, goggles on. Alright T-Bone. Just testing. Ready with the lights. TV off please. I'm set. (object crashes) Oh no break. No break. No break. Alright. Oh wait. That's kind of cool though. (laughs) Let's bring the exposure down and crop. You might get another chance. We'll get another chance. Come down. Yeah, yep. Alright. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just give your goggles to somebody else. Can we get that broom in here? Great I think I got my, this is almost good. Chris could take care of this for me. Just let's not do it to the world right here. Gotcha. You goin? Douglas. Probably don't want the Roman Greco bust right? Choose wisely. Make haste. Nope you can't fondle them. That's part of the weirdness of it right. Just try to set rules so it feels like a game show. So I can't throw it down there? I'm pretty good. I don't know. If you throw it I feel like it'll miss the mark. I think we're just just dropping it. Alright. Alright you can drop it on it's head if you feel better about that. You know you don't have to drop it straight down. If you feel better about that. Can we just see what you-- I was thinking the base might be heavier-- That's your call really. How do you feel about your milliseconds? We're set to five milliseconds. I'd like to leave it there. You'd like to leave it there. No let's go to six. You want to go to six, alright. I'm going to six. Alright. I'm working. You good Chris? I'm ready. Okay. Right on. Silence. TV off, lights off. Ready. (glass shatters) Oh yeah. That was great. Alright you can come down. Damn. Yeah alright. Uh huh. Choose your subject wisely. Sad clown. Who's gonna go now? Oh. Yeah that's looking great. Can we crop them? Like nice and just a little bit tight. I want the crop to be, let me see the crop so I don't see all that other business. Hit H you know so. It actually crops it. (mumbles) the rubber ducky. All just screaming for the rubber ducky. Alright. Which one's that? Yeah I don't see rubber ducky, do you? No rubber ducky. Right on. Who's up? Beautiful. Choose wisely. What are you looking for? Oh big clown. Damn. Big clown. Let's see that. Show it to the people. Moment of silence for the sad clown. This one's very thick. How do you want your milliseconds? We're at six right now. Let's do seven. Okay we're gonna go to seven. Nobody's gone to 10 or... Alright we're at seven. I'm on. I'm set. Alright. Sweet. Ready Chris? I'm ready Clay. Okay lights please. Ready. Go. (glass crashes) What? It did break but-- Curious. Ah it broke away from camera. It did split in half. Split in half in front of camera. So interesting choice to drop it. Cancellation prize is in the bag. Thank you for joining us. Next contestant on breaking stuff with Clay Patrick McBride. Let's do this. Alright high fives. Welcome to the show. Choose your subject wisely. Oh what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Ah small shoe. That's the one you touched. It's gonna be kind of similar. Yep wet shoe. Uh huh. Great alright lets get up there. Goggles on. I can't hear very well so-- Yeah look to me and I'll give you a-- Perfect. Okay. We all cool in the process? We all communicating on the process? Clear on the process? Yep. Alright how are we on time? So we be just ripping through as our crew right? Alright. Milliseconds, where you feelin it? We're at seven right now. You've had it at two milliseconds. Let's do 10 milliseconds. 10. 10. Crazy radical man. Alright that's 10 millionths of a second. Clay can you just give us a little bit of what's gonna be the difference between like what adjustment that's actually making? Yeah it's just ten milliseconds after it hears the sound right? Thank you. Right. Thank you. So and that might be the, and it all depends on how thick that thing is. How it's gonna fall. Probably the trajectory and the distance it's falling. Like all these sort of weird-- I'm not a physics person. But there's a lot of physics happening right now. Okay. Sound is running. Just checking this. Making sure we're good. Alright set. Lights. Ready. (object clatters) No break. No break. Alright. Let's try that one more time. Go one more time. We're gonna give him a second chance. Oh Chris. Oh you changed the rules on everybody. Alright we gotta give everybody a second chance. Let's go, let's go. Lights off. Sound set. Wait one second. I'm good. (object clatters) Op that went. Oh yeah alright. Good work, good work. Alright. Broom coming in. Not sure if we talked about this earlier. But our floor here is relatively soft. We have a very soft floor. So what did you do to solve that? I put a piece of plywood down there. But ideally it would be, cement floor would be ideal for this. You know something like a really hard floor would be ideal for this. Who's coming up? Oh you got samurai warrior. Is that what you got there? Paul Revere. Oh Paul Revere okay. Samurai warrior. Samurai warrior, Paul Revere yeah. Alright. I'm set, lights. Open. (glass breaks) Oh yeah that felt good. Hm. Just a little break. I think our timing's off. Our timing's off? We're at 10 milliseconds. Seems to be bouncing out of frame. I think it hit the plumb bob on the way down. Yep. Yep. I think that's what happened. It was coming down, hit the plumb bob, made a sound, fired it. Who's next? Come on up. Alright. Oh small tea kettle. Alright. I'm surprise no one went for little dog or little cat. Uh huh, alright. You good? You clear on the spot? Alright. Drop higher, drop higher. It's gonna break better. Yep cool. Alright. I'm set. Lights. Go. (object clatters) Op another bouncing one. I was afraid of this. I called it. Just saying. I was like I'm worried about the floor. Let's put a board in here. The board's a little soft. This floor needs to be stone right? It's just really effecting us. Alright T-Bone come on up. Oh you're going for the clown bell. Clown bell. Put it at six milliseconds. Mhm six milliseconds. Okay. Alright. Wait I'm sorry. I'm not getting my milliseconds where we want them. Yep we're good. Alright set, lights. Go. (object clatters) Ah not breaking. Alright cool. Chris you want to-- I'm tryna find a good thick one. Yeah I think the kitty and the dog are gonna break great. Those are my favorites. What about two at once? Yeah two at once? You wanna go two at once? We can try. I don't think they're gonna hit at the same moment but. Okay. Right on. So it takes some experimenting. I regret, I feel like I need to apologize to our live audience and my crew here that the floor here was a huge factor here. A cement floor would have worked a lot better. And yeah I don't know. You want to just try to throw a couple more of these down? How are we, if we've got another ten minutes should I just try to spike a couple down Chris? Can we just sweep it out real quick? Yep. And get me that dog from over there in that corner. Yeah, yeah. Thanks. What's that? And that little, can I get the schmoo right there? That schmooey pink bear? Yeah. That one, kick him over here. Yep. Yeah these birds don't break. I'm not a fan of the birds. Alright Chris I'm gonna, I'm gonna throw these down Chris. And I'm gonna trust that this... I wonder if anywhere in the studio if there's a thin vase. Like it would be a nice vase that we'd have to reimburse them for but. Alright. Alright. I'm just gonna try to smash these. That one's not going anywhere. Alright. Can you reset me Chris? Yeah. Actually I got it. Lights. (glass shatters) Yes. Oh yeah. Okay right on. Look at that. That's one sixteenth thousandth of a second that we're looking at there. Like how it's frozen. How the shards are coming off of it. Just how it's operating. How the camera's allowing us to see some impossible moment. This fraction of time. Like I can't understand one sixteenth thousandth of second. I don't even know what that, you know what is that. It's already gone. So beautiful. And again I just want to underline that you really want to chose the right units for this. You know these are the Pro Photo D4s. Really good flash duration. They're using the freeze mode. And we're nailing it you know. So. Trial and error is a big part of this. I also think like another method might be to put them down and hit them over the head with a hammer. You know what I mean? You know that might really give us predict-- like that's going to break every, every time right. Mkay. That'd just be really satisfying. (laughs) I would really like to do that right now. All that stuff. Just break it all with a hammer.

Class Description

The ability to freeze a moment of time can show power, emotion and detail. Learn how to utilize high speed flash duration to create powerful images in a fraction of a second. Through a variety of examples, Clay Patrick McBride will have you experimenting with your photography in a new way. He’ll explain:

  • High Speed Syncing techniques
  • T1 and T2 Flash Duration
  • How to capture the tiniest of details like water droplets or dust
  • Different trigger techniques depending on your unique setup



I enjoyed Clay's workshop, he is very methodical, and had clear simple explanations for the various shoots. I am excited to experiment with different lighting because he made it seem easy. As he mentioned "start small and make it bigger, bigger, bigger. Thanks!

joanne duncan

I agree with Alison, i think this could have been so much better. Too much tampering around on set, i like the small talk and the model talks, love his presence, very charismic, the only thing that kept me watching although i did fast forward some bits. just too slow and not much info.


Watched it live, I thought it had lots of great info. Hoping to buy it soon.