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Home Studio Starter Kit

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How to Shoot in Tight Spaces: Groups

Tony Corbell

Home Studio Starter Kit

Tony Corbell

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9. How to Shoot in Tight Spaces: Groups

Lesson Info

How to Shoot in Tight Spaces: Groups

Let's have some more people come in we need the family so family come on in some of your family people I got one family person coming down I need two more on and then one more family person come on down you don't issues you don't need shoes watch your step be careful way have a producer right now it's a little nervous because you're coming down steps I'm sure all right so now I'm just going to give him a little bit of space to come on in so do this for me john let's drop that stand down a little bit lower and just tip it up toward yeah can you um can you close up that stand a little bit to minimize our space back here just a little bit you guys will find that there's all sorts of little tricks and things you can do to minimize space like that I just was able to close up it's hard to see back here what we're doing but I was able to close up the the legs were spread pretty far in all the light stands by by loosening the very, very bottom connection and raising it up I can squeeze those l...

egs in and save yourself you know a handful of inches anyway then it gives me the ability to move it back a little bit further so uh okay so now I'm gonna pull this guy back out just a little bit take him up to about my ceiling height and same thing that we were talking about in the basic lighting segment where basically if I've got all three of you yeah come up just a little bit oh can you move can everybody move that way half a step I'll go back with this you went to step one good john that corner is going to be in just a little bit so let's do this one second what if I do this like this I've got the room to do this it's my it's my c stands holding the portable walls up that's in my way so trust me I can get this I can make this work I just want that to bounce yeah toward them just a little bit just like that john that's right that's right so now I come around for a horizontal shot or as the new world likes to say landscape landscape versus portrait on my world it was always horizontal and vertical but I guess we lost that didn't we? Okay so let's take a picture here this is great I'm gonna come oh sorry I've got to stay in here sorry sorry miss kinda I'm still in here now I'm zooming out just a little bit so right now my zoom is at fifty so right there's a fifty millimeter zoom and you're going to see a little bit of that stand back there that's holding my ceiling sorry maybe not maybe I can kill it oh you guys look good pam turn your head toward the light just a little bit more that's it mean to me just a little bit little bit that's it oh my god smiles everyone smiles all that was a beautiful thing right there that was a mighty beautiful thing everybody take a breath we got it on the first pop take a look at this and tell me what's wrong with that and why couldn't we do a family of three sisters in this one you know I got good like body all the way across thinks it looks pretty good it might be just a tiny bit contrast uh but you know we're in a pretty small space so we're getting pretty close to our uh are stopping point are we not okay family thank you you too can go sit mackenzie I'm good with you for right now so you can go relax john thank you and let me turn around just talk for a moment here we kill those yeah and uh and if ken has got any final wrap up that we do before we go to our lunch break our tow our break at the end of this segment on the starter kit I think let me just see if I can wrap up a couple of thoughts that I have uh that I wanted to make sure we talk about there's going to be props that you're going to want your home studio there's going to be things like, uh, small sofas, love seats, chairs, there's going to be coffee tables and there's gonna be small round tables, there's going to be flowers in vases and voss is depending on your income. I love that part. Yeah, their vases if they're cheap, their bosses, if they're not, and all that's going to be personal to suit your style and technique of photography and everybody's going to be a little bit different, some of you are going to very traditional classic portrait stuff some we're going to see fashion, some were going to shoot nudes, some were going to shoot boudoir, I don't know what you're gonna do, some were going to shoot jewelry. What I do know is don't feel automatically like you can't do this in a small space, you can do it in a small space, you know you can, you can make this work and you can make it work, not just work, you could make it work really well and I think that's the point.

Class Description

A well-equipped home studio can be a great place to work, but you need the right gear on hand to get pro-level results. Learn how to outfit your space in Home Studio Starter Kit with Tony Corbell.

Tony will teach you the concepts, tools, and techniques necessary to take beautiful photos in your home. 

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and utilize household items to affordably stock your home studio
  • Draw success from confined spaces and common household limitations 
  • Use basic modifiers like reflectors and soft-boxes to shape light

Tony will offer insights on tackling even the most challenging home studio scenarios; like lack of natural light, low ceilings, and small skinny rooms. You’ll learn how to set up your home photography studio, even if you don’t have a lot of money or experience.

Home Studio Starter Kit with Tony Corbell is chock-full of invaluable advice for anyone who wants to set up a photography studio in their home.

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Heiko Kanzler

This was my very first course at all, and it was a great one from the beginning. I never thought I could gain so much fun from my limited small space at home. Thanks, Tony! (And thanks to folks of Creative Live)


I've been lucky enough to see Tony present in person and enjoy his CL courses. Love his courses!

Gregg Hasenjaeger

I like Tony's courses. He is very informative, speaks clearly and shares his thoughts openly. I like his style and interaction with people which does make a difference in this profession.