How to Expand Beyond Wedding Photography


How to Expand Beyond Wedding Photography


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How to Expand Beyond Wedding Photography

Cash is great to see you guys great to be back to creative life. I absolutely love being here as you know, this is the hub of education and scream because I'm a shot a guy, and so our studio is literally three blocks away, and this is our family. So, it's, great to see you again. The studio audience. Thank you for giving us your time to learn a little something about taking your wedding business beyond just wedding photography. I'm gonna prove to you that with the skills that you have already as wedding shooters, you can go out and expand your business in a way a way that could provide for you a lot more profit, a lot more opportunity. And you know what? Lead to a better quality of life. So this is a big moment for me to be able to do this program and then at the end of this apartment, but it's going to kind of fun? This is how to kind of the room that we're in. So we're going to not only share with you improved to you that you could do this in your own studio, but also should give you...

the tools to do it yourself if you're interested in one particular area that we've been growing significantly is the area of head shots, okay? Really fun really simple and oh my gosh for the effort that we put into these profit that comes back from them in the time could be a ten minute photo shoot which will give you today can lead to hundreds of dollars of profit so very exciting stuff so little about us for jay garner studios here's how you reach me or would like tio communicate we have this facebook page that's really fun with cheryl ideas and our new visions the jim garner creative community look it up friendly their friend us there what's a really kind of an active funds site but I'm my twitters that jim garner so expanding beyond wedding for harvey so much to talk about this program really is about showing you that you have the ability and the skills to do what I'm about to share with you today I'm gonna show you a bunch of images ah couple slide shows okay but I'm not going to show you my best portfolio work I'm going to show you the type of work that makes this money I am going to play for you a wedding segan idea the type of weddings that we shoot our art focused they deliver images in in in beautiful album ok we also dealing with a very large art pieces on the wall the art philosophy moving from a picture taking philosophy from shooting to a disc and giving individual images into the art a world where we're being hired for the art that we produced has provided us a very healthy place in our business, okay? We no longer shoot sixty plus weddings a year as we did ten years ago, we now shoot a handful a dozen to two dozen weddings per year that each and every one of these clients or hire us for the art that we produce. Okay, this is the place where I want the whole industry and I've done a whole program on this and I'll share the slide and a three year day creative live on this exact subject and I'm telling you it's provided for us the time and the balance in our business to go on do other commercial things such as I'm going to demonstrate today okay, so let's get started now, okay, so a little bit a lot of story were a husband wife team katarina and I were married fifteen years ago, but five years before that I became a commercial shooter and we worked together. I worked on my commercial work, I did dot com type of commercial work product sometimes fifteen hours a day to get things online, okay? And then shortly we're married I had such a great experience with our wedding for talking, I thought, you know, I want to do that too, and that started this this crazy ride so my first actual wedding was twenty years ago, but I really dove in with my wife at the helm fifteen years ago cost this year. So the story is we got within in three years when we came in and expensive, not knowing what we're doing, not really looking around, not having re sources such as creative live to help educate us on how to go about starting a business. We went about it during the film era care. This is fifteen years ago by shooting the weddings and delivering images on not on a disk but actually in a folder. So it's a shoot two disc lhasa fee we were started it somewhere around seven hundred fifty dollars, gave ourselves little raises. We were time and by the rule how many roles we would shoot. Okay, so think one hundred twenty five dollars per hour and twenty five dollars, parole film. So we really I had a different way of viewing weddings because I was a commercial shooter and that word got out that were inexpensive and doing something different. So within three years we had sixty weddings. It was insane, to say the least. It was very difficult time for us, and I remember it was our third year in and katarina, seven months pregnant. We had twelve weddings in the months of august, and we literally we're broken down by the by the place that we put ourselves and that led to a change needing to happen, and that change was instead of shooting these weddings the way we were, which is very similar to how majority photographer shoot today. In fact, from my observation, about ninety percent of photographers shoot two disc right now, okay, we were inspired to do something different, and so we committed for each every client they're going to receive art art in the form of an album and enlargements that changed our world. A different clientele came to us. It provided a healthy business place for us, and now we're years into this ten years now that we have been living for each every client, these art books, okay, and have found a beautiful, healthy place that enabled us to reopen up the world of commercial photography. So I'm hoping that could be the case for each and every one of you. You and I will share how you get to that place because there are definitely steps. I'm a guy that loves to share steps. How do you get from a to b? And how long is it going to take a clearly defined steps say, I'm going to give you ten steps on becoming a commercial or expanding your commercial world, okay? But I want you to understand there are ten steps to move your business to that our focus philosophy to that we're going to talk about a second so let's talk about retail because this is a natural place that I learned would come to me as a wedding sheer retail photography by definition I was able to teach the retail photography class in seattle central this last year and really defined the definition it's primarily delivering images to women for the most part moms etcetera they're the people who hire us and we create art for them we must if you want to be profitable so it's retail for target commercial we work with our directors and business owners things like that too different things that were going we're going examine in this hour we have together on behalf you have together but let's talk about that retail photography maternity newborn gosh I didn't realize I'd be shooting maternity you born but if you're shooting a wedding your retail definition retails you're working with that mother that family through the entire course of their life hopefully if you are good at keeping those relationships going family photography high school seniors she knows the child's getting older and older boudoir boy that doesn't necessarily fit with the child but it perhaps with other areas milestone event photography like birthdays and and the parents are turning fifty things like that I've been doing lately which is really enjoyable but it started here for me, this is my these are my daughters feet, and she just went into middle school this last week it's so much fun to see these here's gabriella and we have two little girls this is this her eyes or what inspired me here? I love the retail world because it's about energy between the subjects I've learned and again, I'm showing you pictures that aren't my portfolio. I'm showing you pictures that make money and our creative profit for us it's energy between the subject in the retail world that we're after so here's a good example of of theirs lacking perfection in this image, right expression over perfection is what I prefer when I'm shooting retail work, child, absolutely laughing and the parents in the backgrounds of bit of storytelling there, but look at the highlights or blown out in places, things like that it's a different form of the tire fee, okay, I've also learned about the candid nature is very marketable in the retail world, candid style photography, but it's really the interaction between people that were after in the world of retail isn't I certainly learned that through my wedding work, so interaction and energy, okay? And most importantly, I've learned and I sell expression, I am out to create moments that show up in the face it's not always happy joyful type of images but also could be the crying type those are the moments that we need to remember that and there's a retail shooter so important so we've defined retail here here's some senior work by the way so much fun it's like shooting fashion you know but with no limits and and it's it's fairly easy it's really easy to just play an experiment so this is us now this is our team that garner studios we are five now and we have a studio space that we share with other photographers it's been really working out for us we made this decision in three years ago to become part of this synergy style studio studio where there is someone who runs the space and then the photographers rent from her so her it's her business that we are residing in okay and it is working out so well because I'm using this space to promote my commercial work this is a twenty year food studio that our friend emily took on improved and made special for all of us. Okay um but the top of the food chain when it comes to retail photography I believe his wedding photography I believe it is the ultimate challenging assignment when she guys agree shooting a wedding is difficult we are forced to create moments to create for me stories on the most stressful difficult, you know, time and like conditions possible the shooting our that were given his middle of the day. It is bright and, like super sunny during the summer months here in seattle and it's crystal clear. And that light is really harsh, you know, in the fall and winter and we're getting in the fall right now, the rain comes and we have to deliver no matter what we have to deliver were also forced to be good at so many different aspects of so many different areas genres of photography we are architectural shooters, are we we are food shooters, we have to photograph portions, of course, were fashioned shooters because you have to make it fashionable and we need to be on don't wait, it just goes on and on guys, product shooters galore mean all those details those are some of the most important parts of a wedding that the bride wants to remember, right? So it's the ultimate challenge. So I want to share if you just before we get into really moving into ten steps and moving in teo becoming mohr pronounced commercial shooter why I share with you a quick wedding the older one is a classic wedding is an award winning wedding for us, but I chose it because it just illustrates all that we have accomplished in a very short hour period of time this is eight our destination wedding till end of it I do double volume books for each of our clients down I aim to not only provide for my client fifty double page spread books but I now do double that's a double double spread so when I go to destination wedding we had one last week and we have one next week, okay? I'm going there and I provide free services for anything beyond the wedding day itself. That would be the rehearsal dinner a free engagement shoot prior I'm doing this this next week I'm doing obviously the wedding day and the next day photo shoot all my gift except what they they hired me for is that wedding right? All of those images need to be placed in what the item they hired us for not be the album. Okay, so we go hey it's not going to fit in a fifty page book that you've purchased let's buy for you another album double volume book ok and then all just filled to the brim of all the stores so the tunnel and you're going to see the rehearsal their crews that they had their next day photo shoot in the room I just want to lay that out so you understand and by the way, this formula that we have implemented to do this has become of the most profitable part of the decisions that we made in the last six seven years now all of this is laid out in my previous creative live program if you want to start shooting art for your clients and see the beautiful balance that'll bring to your studio in profit and and oh my gosh so much so many benefits then you refer you back to that and I'll play a slide so you can find that creative life program but let's watch this in the meantime and then move into commercial techniques wait so I just want to share the before we move on I just feel really really strongly about sharing with you the very important lesson that I learned and that is when you shoot for art you become a conceptual shooter and you'll be learned for your pre thinking of each image that goes into this book I hope everyone in the audience knows it's a yes it's a lovely book is an award winning book and everything but there there's some time leading up to that that made made me able to do that work and that was committing myself to pre thinking every shot I take for a wedding and the reason is because it will be shown in an album and I want you to also recognize it if possible that each and every image in that book were simple images there just placed together so I was able to control each experience the viewer was having with each page and how they ran into the next it's, kind of like riding a beautiful piece of classical music or start slow it builds you crescendo that dropped you off at the end. This is what we call art focused business model, and I, I'd love to get into it. I've talked about this for years, but now I really want to move forward. I just hope everyone out there recognizes that if they move into this place and commit entirely to delivering art and being partner with a fantastic album company for me. It's crafty studio in a lab, a photo lab that builds helps to be partner to make this art than your entire world would change. Your entire world would change. You'll no longer be competing with ninety percent of photographers out there delivering, not very much to their clients. A disk of images, perhaps some prints. Oh, and if you pay a little extra getting album now, how about everybody gets now, though no matter what that's when the magic happens, so we all start doing this audience members, we all started with the whole bar, the hole in it, his wrist because more people want it because it's seen more. So more on that if you want more on that, take a look at my last previous creative live program so today we are going to find the necessary steps to break into the world of commercial star fee okay? So challenge question to you is are you currently feeling healthy? Are you currently there? We found your place you found yourself perhaps in a place where a caution I'm shooting sixty weddings like katarina my wife and I were, but we found we weren't really profitable and was breaking us. We weren't getting ahead and we thought to ourselves the only way we get ahead is by shooting where weddings that weren't profitable have some of you in that place I know many of you might be, but perhaps many of you just aren't shooting enough enough what it's hard to book weddings, that's importance of different diversified having other income streams. So so I ask you, you content in your business? Are you making a living with your wedding photography business? Are you able to pay your bills? Okay, these are some of these air scary questions saving for a rainy day oh boy, this is a chronic problem with the tire first guys we don't save for a rainy day, you know what? We don't leave money for retirement unfortunately, so I am really feel strongly about this topic we got of shake things up and become profitable it's not just about being artist which is a gift and a huge blessing they going to do what we love but this is a business and we have to think about our future in a children's future to a balanced healthy lifestyle does your does your business help you do is a healthy thing for you okay or do you maybe your problem is you need more work do you wish you had less work and more income so many hard questions here are you proud of your image style how your market perceives you to enjoy your day there work routine do you feel focused and inspired or you spending your wheels are you wondering is this it ok I've been there I've been I've asked these questions of myself over the years ok do you see your future I need you to and are you in a place where you can realistically take on mohr or expand this is a challenge to diversify guys we have to and you've heard this people talk about this before right? We've all heard this like you know focus on one thing yeah but be sure you're going down the right path with that one thing because if you're going down the right path with that one area and for me for years and years it was letting photographer and I kind of put my commercial work on the back burner I got out of balance with it ok? But when I became balanced and things were healthy in our business that opened up the world that I'm going to show you today which is fun really fun here's important part I really we don't want you to be jack of all trades asked this jack are you jack of all trades or master of none? I don't want you to be master of none so that's why we got it we got it must create must create a sound plan that's what I do to help people create sound plans I love doing this I'm just going to share my experience, our experience in developing different areas it worked for us and I guarantee you if the foundation is strong it will work for you as well. So here's what we do before we create a plan, we ask clearly where we want to be in ten years. Okay, where do you wanna be in ten years? Do you want to be a wedding photographer shooting one hundred weddings here? Maybe that's your plan for me? I want to shoot a dozen destination weddings to up to two dozen maximum and then I want to have if a headshot business that doesn't have my name even attached to it, okay? And then I want to be able to do other things that that allow for us to travel and show our children places around the world. They're lovely and continue my craft and enjoy using my camera but the type of enjoyment that I had when I first pick up the camera not as a business professional shooting for everybody else that's my goal in ten years and so what you do is you engineer backwards how do you do that? We will be in ten years where I need to be in five years we'll to reach that ten year goal what I need to be in two years to get to the five year plan it's very simple, but how many of us to do that? I didn't I didn't until I set out oh my learned how I wanted to be on our producing studio and I set my goals that I want to be a destination art shooting studio that delivered albums to each and every client I won't be sought after for my albums and we have been now doing it for ten years and it's a remarkable transformation for us. I don't think I'd be a photographer today and I don't think I would have survived the american two thousand nine recession had we not diversified into commercial work again and sought out to shoot these books for people who weren't affected by the recession okay, very important so you must expand to have long term success but first you got to be in a good place. We've established that there is a healthy retail business it's time to diversify time to expand the foundation is this it's the creative live program? If you guys need that, I'm hoping majority of you in a good place in your business, but if you don't, I did this story telling the wedding photography from images to art it will teach you how to be a conceptual shooter on the day of your wedding will teach you all the benefits which are so many and take the rest the hour to really go through even list them off. You will have a different clientele pursue you. I don't care if your first day of shooting weddings or you've been doing it for twenty years every everyone needs to consider this everybody how to how to make your work like tenfold more productive in creating profit for you. We shoot one court of the wedding's now, but I have four times the profit from them right? Because people value the art and this is a huge one, not on lee. Does shooting for story create this amazing opportunity? Tio increase your profit margin, but it also decreases your workflow people think that those that that make albums and art pieces for their clients, they work way more and I guess the current the truth is the current shoot two disc workflow is tremendously computer trying everyone spent so much time re touching images and then hope oh, maybe my client order an album and then they throw those albums those retouch hundred images or so put them in the album your workflow will decrease because you're conceptually shooting for the book you could lay them out and retouch all the images in the book so I know I no longer retouched three hundred image I retouched one hundred spreads seventy five spreads that seventy five retouch units the workflow savings is tremendous so I'm getting on a side note here if you want more that's where you find it the steps I do ten steps every time I talk I want people to clearly understand here they are briefly you gotta evaluate where are you? You are in your business you embrace the art focus philosophy ok find your creative inspiration identify your unique style because if you're not unique there's one hundred people you're competing with okay define your goals structure of your business you understand how retail photography works it's emotion base it's it's brain based right? You have to be able to touch people on emotional level in order to sell them something that's why the picture taking floss if he doesn't do that for you can't take people on that ride can you with individual images so I understand the brain ok that's how you sell selling is by reaching people emotional level commit to product partnerships understand pricing we show you how to price everything but you need partners for me. My album company graphics studio in my lab a photo lab practice and play you gotta refine your craft. Okay? You gotta refine, refine, refine with that ten year goal always thinking had workflow I teach you how old decrease to half a pretty that are we had we literally lost six months of of retouched time by moving to the artful by delivering albums and artwork. Okay, client communication very important how you do that you need the documents, you need the you need the I understand that your design studio so you have to communicate more and you have to have a sound contract sound business plan sound so so many things that are important with this but never forget that refinery event and you will drive if you're interested in and our tutorials on anything related to this, you'll find our transformation toolbox, which is textures this guy's backgrounds the actual steps themselves. All this is on go voter dot com at the same original creative life special there's actions all of our documents over contracts and two sets of retouched tutorials so there you go right there let's move in to being commercial shooters now because I wanna prove to you that being a balanced wedding photographer you can also be a commercial shooter ok let's talk about the areas that you could expand your business in the commercial world so we shoot what buildings right we have to do I do hdr interior shots for my weddings so I could shoot for realistic architecture food architectural firms we we've worked for the past we could do it if I say yes to everything food I photograph food all the time okay for both commercial and wedding one thing has taught me food shooting at weddings top me to take the risk and shoot a restaurant's menu or something and that's helped me shoot my food a wedding it's this wonderful symbiotic relationship that you can have so catalog work fashion work these rural areas that can expand in product lifestyle editorial and of course head shots and so this kind of a spattering on what's made us a successful studio over the year see everything there little architecture product people uh clothing random objects you know stuff like this commercial shot of perfume food you know, this is on a the box that this knife so this is for costco you see the photos on the side of the box showing you what's in it? Gosh, I learned all these techniques from shooting weddings released got better at them from shooting runnings boys sure nice because it's not stressful when you're shooting commercial work you don't have that pressure the time pressure do you? So this is a recent website a job that we had and that's kind of find it um be able to understand use my understanding lighting that to make the simple storytelling images hey, you know what anyone could do this stuff if you could shoot a wedding you could do this, can't you? Especially there's no pressure time here's that product line by the way that they were showing on but this is a product shot we did in the studio so their last series of images is are related to this product this product wally um is uh tells you if your house is leaking somewhere and send you a text so these air nodes that you put under your kind of fun you put him under your sink and in your basement your water here and you can relax because it'll texture if water comes out ok, this is some catalog work basic stuff relief, straightforward it's lighting on a table in the media you cut them out and they put him in the catalog it's kind of a dealer catalog. We've done this for this company for years now and then they'd shoot the on body work which is so fun and easy because it's in the studio we can control the lighting and is personality based there this company really wants expression and playfulness which is right in line with my style play for this and fun and boy shooting models so much easier than photographing brides isn't it when she agreed I almost get frustrated like this is too easy give me a little bit of a challenge like okay slow down you guys ever get that when you're photographing model you like stop making it so easy but anyways that's just the fun stuff that we get to do well here's something that just relates to my retail work this is they wanted to do the elevators at the local shopping mall and you know my family photography relates to my commercial work in this way they wanted children represented with an instrument what level you are on the on the floor so is accordion does that make sense and I just shot this in my phone now a while back see his cello he is banjo right kind of fun so it's just photographing family work but I've conceptually had to keep in mind all the area so it's just like retail but it's conceptually big east so you have you have an area that image has to fit in and there's elevator door so we didn't have that area available you know I mean it's different but it's totally doable if you're you know understand lighting what you must to be a healthy business and wedding qatar fear retail photography you have to understand lying so you could do this with the amount of time you get actually photographing kids for this was very very difficult to be honest because they had to be right in one spot and have the right expression but um and he was this is the wedding you just saw and yes that there's details and product here and over the right there's an architectural shot it's actually I wouldn't consider this commercial architecture shot because the diverging lions but that was supposed to be part of the the spread right here that's supposed to be a fish I shot supposed to look like that but you know ask the question is have you ever photographed a bride with a car a lot of us out they always want that they used to want it and I actually my last wedding I shot they wanted it some shots with the car you know here's the commercial shot with the car for a portion of dealership oh my gosh details this is for a company called glassy baby in town again these are very simple shots but they are the ones that make us profitable you don't have to have extraordinary portfolio you don't have to go out and yeah you need to work on your portfolio but ultimately those aren't going to be the types of image that you're going to take if you want a consistent stream of work so don't worry I'm telling you every everyone do this and look at these images turned into a billboard there's three billboards that we shot I'll ask you guys what do you enjoy it's really fun you get to like create a ten year plan I want to be doing more of this in five years and ten years on the super successful at it so why don't you just do it on one day what do you enjoy? You get to choose to you like the personal component of it do you thrive on the stress? A lot of us do that's why we chose wedding attire for you um I like the stress um details man that's my favorite part it keeps me busy my mind thinking oh there's the light through this beautiful arrangement I love I love the details and saw I love product photography so bridal portrait ce you know I'm I'm the type of person I know that a lot of the wedding shooters in the audience today they love that interaction with the bride in a group even though it's so stressful and oh my gosh, we're running so behind oh my gosh, how can we run behind so much? So the personal interaction between peoples what excites me the most okay, I like that I want to be photographing people mohr than places or things okay so I also thrive on making something out of nothing I like to have a miserable rainy day look absolutely beautiful through the camera cameras I that is a fun challenge um josh you know that's a that's a character and personality trait that really be helpful in the commercial world so rooms and venues yes there's the exciting part when you move forward with the commercial world world okay you get to deal with not the chaotic often emotionally charged client hell you know like the on the wedding day we've got family dynamics in play we have a stressed out moments we also have the most joyful it is a roller coaster ride I think we can all agree well when working in the commercial world guys get art directors they need to get this done and they needed by the state and here's what they're looking for and there's no emotion involved which is a nice during my week day you know it's nice to have that contrast it rounds me off we got to get this done and we have this time to do good okay? Our structures are that way business owners are the same way okay? You get two still spread the love and really show them personal your personal skills and make them feel special make him feel like you're the only person that works for you that that works with that you work with um but it's real easy I got to get this done and it's got me now at this time no problem we're gonna take care of you and you know what you've got the opportunity to under promise and over deliver all the time in the commercial world okay so we also deal the office manager's we also do with reps we do with agencies and there by the book okay et cetera it is nice I have to say so as I said the retail clientele there emotion based so this hand holding okay the commercial clientele there's so much less back office time so let me share a few in fact because we shoot you know upwards of a few dozen families every year and we used to do a lot more but realized that it was literally seventy five percent of our back office time was scheduling the outdoor shoots o or any day pushing for today oh we've got a child that is sick things like that oh yeah you know I'm really hoping for this to happen and we're not sure you know all the time he's not gonna work out back off his time was huge. Okay backoffice time for commercial is barely existed you have your photo shop post production time and you have to shoot and you deliver and there's professional back and forth okay nothing wrong with the you know, the back office time related to family work we actually thrived on that, we love it, but I will tell you that there's a lot of good potential for profit and less energy spent per unit of money that you received back he's very dry way of saying it, but I'm telling you, it's, it's a lot easier at times, especially during this busy season. Right now, we're in our busiest season, fall is coming, people are thinking about holiday cards, and all of our commercial clients are calling us because they want tio campaigns for the holidays, right? It is busy, and we need those those clients just come in, shoot, we bang it out and we're done, and then we get back to our retail work. So consider this high volume income in short amount of time. I'm going to share with you today, head shots. Oh, my gosh, it is awesome! I had no idea we expected we did our ten year out where we want to be, where our two years into it, and we're reaching goals so much fashion. I thought last week alone, we did fifteen head shots, ok? And they are! I'm going to show you my pricing in a minute, you'll see how profitable this is for a business, and I'm a show you one look of the five looks that we dio right, because we only have ninety minutes. I'm gonna give you one look and you're going to see it's going to take ten minutes to do this. Ten minutes. Very fun. So, with regard to head shots, it's high volume I could shoot six, seven, eight, ten, even an hour. If I have a whole group there. And that's what we are go or five year goal is to shoot office. Entire office is not just one individual in the office. The entire office, like the entire attorney from the tire real estate firm, the entire, you know, brokers all the brokers in the office. Because we know we could get it done in one hour. All the whole office, so very exciting. This is why I want to share this aspect of our business to y'all. Because it's, I think we all can do this together. So lower volume of photos to three, others to deliver versus thousands. So I deliver in this headshot business to up. We tell them to get to. But we overdeliver three under promise over whether we give him third to choose from. So we'll have three images to retouch it's, great guys, the back in the retouching is very important how we make people think feel feel afterwards how they see their images will provide to them thirty two pit pick from they choose to and we throw in a third that we really like got it so great network capabilities with regard to a head shop business last week we photographed the president of a firm he just found us through adwords scougall edwards and now we're going to shoot potentially we're in negotiation right now they're one hundred ploys employees it's just growing faster than I could possibly imagine I do this while maintaining my retail business easily I'm gonna leave creative live I'm negotiate a head shot because it can take me ten minutes and they were gonna process images from a commercial shoot last week but maintain consistent revenue through the diversified work so it's nonseasonal super important I get to work with interesting personalities that never be able to work with just mohr personalities you've gotten out some really interesting people in last year and you know what? We've taken care of them and show them the level of customer service where they trust us and we could call upon them if if if we need something we've gone beyond their expectations and we could say, hey, I've got a favor do you know anybody and so so field we're looking for someone for a potion things like that these air, the network opportunities that come with a business like this so so much fun profit ratchets ratcheting is something that's very difficult to do in the wedding business because you're changing things in your business adjusting the prices etcetera and that could affect people booking you in this business you reach your goal and you could say oh our head shots are now ten percent higher because we're shooting so many that's called profit ratcheting or you could say we're ratcheting right now by saying we will give you additional image maybe want a fourth or fifth for only fifty dollars additional per head shot and we will encourage this tow happen by inviting them to bring multiple outfits so you see we're scratching up our potential for each head shot ok so why is creativity expand your knowledge all right my work in my commercial world my headshot business it directly helps me shoot my weddings and other retail um portraiture et cetera so it really really benefits a huge and it just improve my quality retail workers they just establish it's also very fun fun, fun, fun we're not in this just be to be artists run where we got to keep that joy in our life don't wait you gotta have fun so this is the call to action I've established the good positive things right you know I am asking you and telling you that you could be successful at this I'm gonna prove it by visually showing you in a minute okay so because you've got it, you've got the interpersonal skills, not you. You've got it already. So let me show you what we did. Let's. Break it down. We the stabbers. Certainly business way decided, you know, people more people economist changes more people calling us for headshots even though we weren't marking herself with headshot business. Okay, we decided to not have it have anything to do with our wedding business? Jay garner studios. Okay, we do not want to have those two inter relate. So he found a name. They called a flash folios and we established five looks. We had some that we've experimented. This is one of them. The classic looks about to show you in the demonstrative portion of this program is a classic look that we've been doing for a while. So we had it quite a few of that category. And then I added four more categories we have. So this is called the business professional look. And then we have we have the modern light. Look. Ok, we have one that's called personality. Okay, personality is people like this is a personality shot. Okay, this is describing rock stardom. Okay or thiss guys, nick is just he's a great guy bartender and totally fund a photograph he needed the personality type of lighting scenario then we have actor model little more fashion a little more for headshots for actor models because we need to have that category and then finally we created one category called custom ok, we did this all in one day we had a test shoot we said all of our friends come this is one of them nick you gotta get down here we need you for personality section we set up the studio with three different lighting scenarios and we shot all day long and had a blast we then had our five categories see a brand new company was formed we got a template that website from big folio and we shot away new website five categories when you go to us it says it says premier headshots northwest flash folios it looks like that's all we do and I'll show you on lee in the about section d c garner studios is involved this is really need this means that I don't have to take the pictures even though I love doing and I do all the pictures um I love it but eventually in my five year and ten year plan we'll have a five or more categories that air tight like this lighting scenario it's they'll be clear how to set it up clear how to shoot it and it is running on its own so very, very exciting let me show you just a few I think this slide shows too few images this is she's actor model okay that's one shoot this is the business professional sometimes you get lawyer types like this okay and this is a classic lighting scenario this is called the modern light look great for the skin I use kino flows and shoot it wide open meaning in f one two on lee sharp on the eyes and the lighting it just blows all over to the background kina flows you could see the I catch in the cold here that's the modern like look then this is nicole with the personality look notice a lot more expression one more body language and you pick kind of a color that fits her personality that represents her she's an interior designer okay and this is the same shoot okay, this is actually from a video we did on how to do these shots we created a video now share with you because it would be useful how to do all these lighting scenarios and how you photo retouch the clients at the end everything you need to know I'll share with you guys and your welcome tio download those videos so modern light beautiful skin it's this is a great look for you know this is business professional actually look, you'll notice the halo look but we're using today this I light one westcott that reflects back up it just fills all those you know any let's say you had seasoned citizens that you were working with it'll fill back in all those wrinkles will go away or at least be below now out of sorts and it's just a really nice thing is all of these looks that we're going that we do are designed for post production and beautiful retouching so because of life's a good here's another um uh business professional look here's kind of this is a book author kind of vintage look right is a vintage look for actor model custom here's a custom we did this firm recently there are high level video for the like microsoft the microsoft commercials with fun so they did this each one of the employees got a background that was wallpaper and they've got to show their personality what they're about on those on their sites is the employee names right there's a need for this stuff with all the web work doesn't say this keith he runs the workhouse studios I know that's not a stuffed animal that's her dog corbin super fun. So all of this and this is another author and business owner these shots are very straight for once you get the lighting like we only have five lining scenarios that's all you need to know and majority of them choose the business professional look there's cara caras our studio manager hilarious that your cat shot um there's a custom look this is sara sara's one of our studio production people and she we did a test on the modern light this is the test for check out her I cash you see there's there's four lights around her eyes I cash it's just really cool that's for cleanup flow which are banks of of lighting bulbs then there is just a clean white look there's another one from that same look so one of those have the light on the background the other did it so that's the demonstrators to looks it's real simple so this is the modern light look is katarina my wife and this is the personality shot first personality shot I took and there's her buddy during a kind of fun personality look on a different background since his modern light that's personality all these majority of them were shot on a test you day which led to this website it was so easy to put together and boom how we market from now on we should share with you had a market there's nick but all these shots like that we filled in came from this client his album goldfarb jewelers are photographed them for years they come come to me for their their their head shots and um I used to shoot their jewelry for them and then they asked hey can you do a big group shot we want to send out thank you cards with all of us on it with the sign and so we started doing this these air for their web site describing each one and we literally this twenty of them become to the studio fifteen fifteen of them that come to the studio we have these out super quickly it's really, really fun experience the whole office they bring there there there champagne and their snacks and we make it this fun party where they get their head shots and group shots done they do to group shots and everyone gets the individual head shot so here's the damages we ended up with right from our past shooting and our experimental day where we developed the looks here's the new website called flash folios dot com with the premier headshots northwest as the tagline it looked like a nothing but a head shot company and look you the drop downs so this is right now we're on the personality looks this is how you held and how they look well customized for you so we got contemporary professional modern light personality, environmental vintage and actor model so environmental r I didn't mention that because I'm doing studio examples today environmental shots or shots of employees in their workplace or out in the park or something outdoors okay? And we've swapped that now for custom we have you'll see it's different on what's that we've adapted so you guys are now going for right you want to try one starts his headshot business? I hope some of you in the eye just want to, because it's really rewarding, so you're not going for it. We've established that you're still here. Still in the room. Still pay attention. You guys are still watching at home. So let's give you quickly the steps to launch a commercial business. Kay very quickly doesn't want to give you example of how to shoot here's. How you do it. Step one. Identify what you love in the retail world. What you have to shoot details venue bob porches. How does this transfer to commercial world? Think about it. So a market for this type of photography? Be sure to research before committing a ten year plan. Can you do it alone? Or does it require help? I recommend you do something that requires help because you want to hire somebody and build a team and start growing together. Visualize where you want to be. The only way you'll get there. Stop grinding work every day and visualize where you want your future to be. Step two, set your goals. Creative plan reached the school. You could do it. Ok, write a business plan. Every thing needs a visit. Every step you take and creating a business requires a plan, so write it down and stick it up on the wall so you could see where you are in each steps that's that's what I did I help people build business plans I think insulting type a portion of what I do and that's why I love getting here and creative live and give you guys all the opportunity to do it that's my last program was literally are two year creative our two year consulting plan to get people from a picture taking philosophy into art focus delivery and have all the rewards related to it we laid out in a ten step process that you're supposed to undergo in two year period where each step has a time for him associate it okay that's what this is so great a business plan create your pricing pricings based upon your market there's a whole section in that last program how did you pricing? We should have more time today but you must identify a competition okay I know my competition in the headshot business our wedding photographers that have a link on their web wedding photographer the website though I do head shots to ok that's not I don't compete with that I'm a company that doesn't on ly headshots who were going to choose somebody it does head shots a little bit on the side which I'm actually doing or a company that looks like they are hyper focused on doing amazing head shots so remove your name from your commercial business commercial art directors all the people are talking about that you will be working with business owners they don't want to see your retail stuff they need tio how you need to have a completely separate your old super link to your web site is it's et cetera so that you are not diminished by doing retail work and just be somebody who's got the foot slightly in the door you don't want to be that guy or that girl appear to be focused and then hire the people eventually to help you do all all of this that's that's my goal is to have a team and we've reached that goal is so wonderful tio surround ourselves with amazing people so identified competition how much financial investment is necessary for us it wasn't much to get this going we had that one day that we paid for all the food and everything to get the portfolio put together but lighting equipment I had for my wedding business so who's your support team one three five year ten year plan guys and what are the foreseeable roadblocks to plan for super important to think about this stuff said three to find your style you saw mine we have five looks and that's the style god love what you choose and I love I love how straightforward our looks are how can I make this unique to compete we made it unique by just doing five looks and beat is hyper focus can I take it to the higher level in time? Yes, we experiment regularly is their inspiration available to help me? Yes. There's people that do head shots and I know that there's another creative live headshot program which is very exciting really great shooter. Okay, gotta watch his stuff too. I'm giving you brief on the commercial world I'm getting everyone had shot look, study head shots there's a lot of great shooters out there so have the inspiration. How did that person make it work do that I'm laid out my ten steps do those ten steps because they actually will work for you every shoot, every decision should separate you from the rest. I'll tell you that's a very important lesson but play experiment and refined regularly. So this is our studio. This is katarina and my wife were refining into new look, we're going to create your look. This is kind of a dramatic sort of lighting. The soft box were against the wall in the soft boxes facing out with just a slice of light hitting the face to get this look that's that's me he has noticed this is kara who runs the office and they decided to kind of make it kind of a fashionable version of it not lighting so keep playing. We're always playing it's so fun, so branding and identity we love this part graphic designer getting logo creating unique identity different from retail we've told you how important this is and trust me don't don't have commercial business on your retail side unless it provides a something to benefit your booking for your wedding work or your other work. You know it shows fashion well, yes, you little fashion tio that that would help a mom want to work with you to photograph their children, perhaps, but again take those same images and put them on a separate site so cohesive look of your communication documents. Communication is so important when you grow your studio um you have to have a cohesive look for this. The communication ok doesn't mean you need content for them yet just I'll explain in a second here's our studio logo. This is our creative firms. So this does mohr than just garner studios that's, our retail business, this our creative firm we do, uh, commercial work with this logo and this is flash folios. This is our head shot business. So we have three unique identities now. So it's fun you make your cards here's an exercise and how to this is how you come to an identity he's, a friend of mine's identity that we just gave opinions on. But this is how it works, you know, he started logo on it, morphs into something, but look, the flash folios bio it's got a logo in the corner. It's fun. So you get to do these fun things. So step five, get the business essentials. Insurance. This is the boring stuff I know, but you gotta have this contract. Oh, my gosh, have sound contracts, sound contracts. And you can have all of ours in the it in our three day content. We had the product that is called the transformation toolbox. All of our documents and all of our contracts are part of that awesome product. But that's on go vote a dot com business license, separate guys, business bank account. Gotta have it how you manage the financials. Okay, invoices. You've gotta consider all this. You know, we did change or your email address, and we have unique euro. So these are all the business essentials. Ok, again, all that stuff is part of the transformation toolbox. If you need that video tutorials, ahs well, but let's, get in to step six. Invest in equipment. I love this coming year head a lot of us, aren't we? Yeah, I see nods in the audience here of course yeah money in the quarter in your head and gears fun and you know if you know you're going to be successful in doing something ten years I say go so for you know don't you know mortgage your children the just you know, if you know you're going to do it and you're on the road you're following the steps the right way and you're building growing and things were happening yeah moving in equipment into the gear and I assure you today that you don't need my wonderful pro photo of system to do these headshots you could do it with standard off camera flash and I'll show you how and I brought the tools to do that today so you don't have to reinvent the wheel guys you can utilize what you already have a proven now identify what you could save for down the road I'm going to get the westcott I light after I have shot ten head shots believe me, you'll be able to afford it high end products come down the road don't worry you could do this particular business idea with just stuff you have for shooting weddings build your portfolio concept your favorite looks lighting scenarios okay that's what we did have a portfolio day like I didn't invite your friends they love it they get a head shot out of it okay, use your portfolio today the test lighting scenarios we developed two of them during that day the modern light look and a custom look that we came up with no personality we develop that day which is so fun it all came out of one created a so determine what you like to offer your professional clients and clearly it's simple showed on your website on ly that what you want offer and trust me in the commercial world they just want to choose they just wanted shoes and I'll show you this I would like business professional ninety percent of our calls right now coming like that like a busy professional and here's the time available can you fit me in any time and we can't come in our studio for ten minutes any time it's so easy because I'm working on my album worker designing other things like just drop down click click thank you so much will deliver you a online gallery of thirty images in one hour they freak out okay, but it's, what you have purchased your roles created us establish branding use images from your portfolio it is you're starting place obviously plug in pricing and google adwords is how we started and we're still using it a spent three hundred forty dollars a month on google adwords and my goodness are we getting a return? I'll show you so continue to build and fine tune over time and here's the site you saw this you saw this ok, but look this is my pricing now we're gonna we're already ready to tweak this we're going to do a starting at and then go from there and then say group group available as well but check it out individual two hundred seventy five dollars so one had shot ten minutes of shooting thirty image unretouched gallery and two images retouched two hundred seventy five dollars so much profit okay and it goes up from there so we encourage up to twenty people thirty people doesn't matter price obviously scales weigh down okay one couple of our looks environmental and some custom looks have a premium added to it we had more time to go over this but look, we show the team it looks very professional on lee jay garner steve is on ly located way down here in the about section people often only read about but if they do tend cook on it they'll see a professional environment and also we are show our studio that you come to as a click on in that section so you see the studio that you were going to, you see the professional look remember I don't pay a lot for that eight thousand square foot studio studio I'm only only a a member of a contributor to it but I scheduled my time to use it when it works it works really well that looks like they're coming into my studio alone and you know we don't need to clarify or anything this is allow him to think what they think because we we set that up to look ultra professional I strongly recommend you guys pull your resource is get with your friends of the same genre photography or different and build this concepts energy style studio only a program on that alone one of these days okay, so look here here we are if you put a headshot seattle we come in as an ad word three hundred forty dollars a month as a second on there and if you click on these guys you may find a wedding photographer with a section of their businesses headshots and so we're getting a lot of calls okay again and we just last week we did sixteen seventeen head shots it's crazy here's a contact form they just make it simple make it we've talked about the type of clients it's a business business name, email phone number how did you hear about us? We want to know it's mostly adwords now and it started to become more referrals again where you're in half into this location okay where you want it your location or at our studio and then style and they picked one of the five options boom that easy two step nine marketing marketing marketing I love this part is fun of use your region or town as a starting place clearly we called it northwest because we want to be able to do studios down of all the northwest states eventually and also has it it says were bigger than we actually are we're not to mislead but we want to grow that's our ten year planning was involved with that premiere headshots northwest so we want to grow out of it grassroots brochures or both word of mouth we gotta have it but here's what we're doing to get to the shooting here real quick this's our brochure okay you see it on the screen it is so simple how we are doing the grass works portion of our business here's the inside and I'll show you this on this slide okay? Just like one of the forest six eight clean looks all different looks all lovely images and then book your appointment so we'll photograph one firm in an office building member our target is firms not individual people so much intelligent people get us into the firms that we've noticed so we'll go up you know and do somebody's head shots will do it in their conference room the whole team twenty of them whatever and then we'll say hey, we're working on the following neighbor of yours and walk around with this we just did all their head shots hey, I notice your website you guys could use some work were in the building this month here, take this and you know what call us we'll make a custom proposal for you that is so strong okay targeting with a simple brush your member of their difference different than retail this stuff works okay, make sure you tell people this is a very quick and easy process. It would be easier on everybody will do your whole office in an hour. We love that. So step ten guys refine read that and drive it's just the same because reality is the work is never done you just have to keep moving forward. At least you have a foundation for your positive energy and hard work benefiting you ultimately in the ten year plan so make it consists ever to refine tweak and improved aircraft always strive to grow personally, creatively and professionally never done learning thank you creative life for allowing a suspension to help each and everyone of us get to the next place that we need to be in our businesses and world so we are ready almost guys to be successful speaking our model do you have a model? Okay, no your goals understand the history, your field understand the history, the market finding inspire others I always like to end on this note learn your equipment to forget it become a busy professional know how to say no ok like looked like a professional good study the comp petition right master understanding of light okay make it art from a picture or story know the art of communication be willing to do it at all times ok master the balance of marketing don't let it overwhelm you don't let facebook twitter all those things get in the way ok find pricing find the right place to be overwhelmed with your ability to take care of people under promise overdeliver know the value of reinvention backward engineer your future and know how to inspire your own creativity so important to keep the passion right so take a choice would you want to do you have to pass all right quick the grind it's start finding balance in your business and then work in really profitable and rewarding areas of your business commercial related that will help you diversify into areas though bring balance to your life in a beautiful future so let's show you the how easy this is I can't wait so lighting diagrams here's three this is the first this is what we're about to show you a camera beauty dish reflector and backlight on a storm great background okay this one quickly since I don't have time to do three diagrams I want to show you my top sellers this is modern light to kino flows and reflector works great and a backlight on the background and this is personality this has a lot of lights in it it has to room lights on the back it is a light on the background making the halo has a beauty just in front and a ring flash on a pro photo reebok on my camera I don't have time to show you all these but I do. I did create a video with every one of those three lighting scenarios and everything you need to know to do them comprehensively as well as deliver them in photo shop to your client in a beautiful manner okay says all their gear review suggestion on alternative gear to get you started it has opposing techniques it's got the the rial okay, how you make your client have the smile and most of you have that talent but we show you and I'm gonna show you right now and then of course the retouching tutorials each of those headshots were retouched and this is actually one of the shots that we did so I can't wait to bring in a model and show you what we got going on here. Now easy. This is the spring and and yeah, how you doing? There's anna hi, how are you guys? This is anna, our model today we're going to treat her like just another client she's absolutely beautiful of course on s o b very easy to photograph her we're going to use the same techniques that you can use that you will need to use that you'll use for each and every client no matter if they're plus size clients or clients that might have ah a few years behind them it's exactly the same. Ok, so let's come on in here we're gonna put you right at this mark you guys are always communicate by standing or going to the place I'd like my client all right I'll ask her to be moving her feet in different directions and I have a choice I could make her turn I could say turn this way and she'll twister body but I could also walk around here say would you face your feet towards me? Super efficient art of communication is so important when helping clients get through the process is easy manner ok I always start with kind of jokingly oh my gosh is going to be so easy you look lovely alright increasing my intonations or playing with my voice how's the effect on the client doesn't it oh see happens every time okay, so this is the west cut I light you don't need this tool okay? You could use I'm going to show you alternative to us you can use so the lighting scenario is three things we've got a pro photo system right now this is a beauty dish okay, I want to twist this so the camera can see the type of light that we're working with. Okay? It is just a circular light. I have a diffusion on it it's not not have doesn't have a hot spot because of this reflector inside it bounces back and it makes a beautiful where we could fall off so the light will come around and create work with her beautiful features of her face in a way that doesn't flatten and too much. Okay, I don't show you what this looks like one light at a time. I want to show you by twisting towards the camera what this looks like just by itself. Okay, one should do this. Anna, come right here. Way got camera on you. So without now we have lights in the room. Obviously, the studio lights are on, but you could still get a great idea because you're gonna look for the warmth coming in with this light. Ok, look at the beautiful fall off so you have shadows under the chin were able to incorporate the rembrandt style of lighting which which is comes across the face creeson I catch on one side of the eye and that creates a beautiful triangular shadow on the opposite sides it's dimensionality that we're looking for we want all of our images, I don't care what you were talking about commercial wedding retail it doesn't matter we want dimensionality in the images so we want those showers and highlights so that the images pop off the page does that make sense that's what this particular light does for you ok, so then we're going to bounce back up light now anna would be a perfect person to photograph it just a single light right? I would photograph her using all that dimensionality it's it's lights creeping across the face so we will bring out negative features to if somebody has rough skin perhaps some aging spots et cetera that directional light will emphasize him won't it so that's why our look has this lower level reflector ok if you don't want to go out and buy the island right away, I think many of you will because you're going to start in a head shop business and this is used in three of our looks this is a circular reflector it works just as well, honestly and not only that you could get away with using your on camera flash and I'll show you how wait take this off real quick way put the clicker right there so this is how we did it before we head lighting so I'm using the translucent umbrella for this particular look and I'm not going to bounce light back that's too large of a lights or seek compare it to the beauty dish which is a one and a half foot what might be two feet wide ok, I'm not going emulate that with an umbrella this would be just too flat and uncontrollable instead I'm going to shoot through it okay I'm gonna mount my flash and so the light is strong here and then there's just gentle fall off it's pretty much the same look there's so many tools out there for light modification but this I know many of you have umbrellas I know many of you have flashes you could get away do this guys you could totally do this so for my back light my back light is a grid okay? I want a circular halo you guys to see you know what this looks looks like? Just want tight halo if I didn't have a grid on that bill which is something like this grid focuses the beam and you get ten degrees, twenty degrees, thirty degrees whatever if I didn't have agreed on that that would have to be but it's a completely different place and is less controllable. So this is my buddy gary fong this's his light modifier ok, you could put this on a flash mounted and the same thing is a pro photo grid created same love so you can go in to any office, set it up and have this look with the equipment that is required that you need to have for wedding day itself, which is a reflector the camera a good lands and of course flashes this is simple purchase this is very inexpensive purchase for you not to mention the umbrella, by the way. So and why don't we get you in place here? And I'm gonna break down the lights one at a time so we're gonna put you right your market's gonna be right here good and you're going to turn your feet towards me this direction whenever I do these shoots, I make sure I have a clear understanding that people have sides, don't they often their part is one side and it comes down a frames your face in different ways ok, so we're always going to photographed facing feet that way facing feed the opposite way never straight on with porch it's ever ok, some models are fashion people get away with it in a beautiful post but not this time. This is business professional head shot so you gotta go corner in so that every shot it comes across the shoulder either side so I always start one side I switched to the next and within ten fifteen shots we have a rhythm I use my voice and just silly things that I'll say you know, related to maybe their profession or whatever to get the expression okay, you guys will find you guys will learn your ways of making people laugh quickly to make the chutes or smile quickly and again often it's a game face I called to get you know what? Give me game fists which is straight on no, no smile at all some people want to be portrayed in that manner so it's important we know what they do and how they would like to be portrayed in that true so let's break this down so you can see how the lights were done. I'm going to turn off my key light right now, which is my beauty dish and to use reflectors by the way guys basically light comes in and it bounces off something right angle of incidence equals angle of reflection notice, you know it's important to know where to put the light. This angle here is telling me that I need the light right about that directions amounts back up in her face perfectly and again that look that bottom reflector isn't necessary for anna who's perfect skin and it's lovely we just don't need it but this is a consistent look for each and every client isn't it all right? So the bottom reflection is super important so my background, my foreground light is going to be believe he said it f ate last night so my background light is slightly less in this case sometimes it's maura stop for two sometimes this lesson to stop or to let me show you how I've set it up by turning off foreground light you could see the halo in the background this is how we set up the lighting by the way first look at least like individually on see how we like it and I'm loving that hey though coming up on screen we're able to dial in each light separately so first I started the background I'm taking a look at the image it looked a little bit under I'm gonna go up one click or two clicks on my pro photos might twelve hundred acute pse and valid and once you have the background set up you go to the foreground or vice versa I knew from my testing this is f eight on the foreground and so the background would be the actual second thing I would do and we're almost there there we go just take a little okay so she is silhouetted because the foreground light is not on the key light right take a look coming up and there it is there we go so let's turn it up two clicks I'm gonna go up to and I'm gonna raise my back so that the back lights right on her shoulder on let's take a quick look you know how you doing good here you go perfect there's my halo watch that come up and now it's foreground time turn on the foreground like an intern on the back so you could see the effect of each element of this lighting scenario let's take let's even take the reflector out so you guys can see the influence of each item here we go here it is and now all three elements combined and this is the reflector background sorry list the reflector and anarchy light with no background here we go do this he had started glowing click between those two so back one image mike, can you see that's before and now after it before and after care that's what the reflector does notice I'm a little hot so I'm going to stop it down on my camera or can lower the power of mikey let someone go down two clicks on my key light and we're almost ready let's check the foreground here. Perfect now let's, turn on the back so obviously this is all done in the studio before the client arrives. We're going take this equipment and literally an hour after this program would be doing this exact thing with this exact same look in the studio with a client so I want to point something important out here let's first take a shot ready is it all there? It is so straightforward guy isn't that nice? Very pretty. Look, and now I'm gonna raise this up because I'm going to stand up. Now, remember, I want to for each and every client have a standard. Look now, some for plus sized people. What do you want to do? You want you want to get above them because it gets their neck up. Okay, I always stand on a box and let's shoot a few shots and would call good. Light it up in a beautiful hand on him for one gorges and you could cross arms for me. Could you do it? How about like this? Yes, it is large is okay. And I turned your feet towards me. Hand on hip works for you standing up. Beautiful tio make good. Perfect. Could give me game face for just one option. No smile. Uh, there you go. Good. And we got it. Guys. That's all we need isn't that great that's all we need for twenty or thirty shots rotating side's doing things with arms that are different and we have plenty of photos to then go back and photo retouch. So if you want more on that, you'll find that on our tutorial on how we finish the images, but as you could see it's very straightforward, very easy.

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