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How to Bring Your Brand to Life


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Class Introduction

I think my whole career has been leading up to this moment because I've always been a brand designer of sorts, I've always been a graphic designer and been hired to design logos and branding for companies. And over the years of doing this I've realized that a brand is so much more than just a logo, and that's exactly what I do today. I am a designer who makes experiences for companies, and experience is really what a brand is about. Everything that you make is part of your brand's experience, whether that's in-person, whether that's online, whether that's on social media or the product or service that you're selling, everything about your brand is an experience for your community, alright? So a brand isn't just a logo, so this class really isn't about creating logo design or making any kind of design, this class is about so much more than that. It's about how to grab your personality and make that into something beautiful for your community and to make that a wonderful, trusting experi...

ence for them. Alright, so this is me, I design experiences for what I call happy companies, and this class is a lot about how you can also become a happy company yourself. Alright, so as you can see this is just to show my work, to show you that my personally really comes out into my work, and companies hire me to make their brand more personable as well, because I have my own brand. I think whenever we talk about personal brand it's really important that you show off your personality, what makes you unique in your own work, and then maybe companies will hire you as well to bring your personality into their personality and really let that shine in a harmonious way. Alright, so this class is not about me at all. I'm so excited to not talk about myself because this class is about your brand, that brands that you have. We all have different kinds of brands, whether we own a corporation, a small business, whether we're solo entrepreneurs, maybe we're freelancers or contractors, maybe we spend most of our time working by ourselves but we all have some kind of a brand that we're trying to manage right now, even if that's an existing business that you have well established and want to freshen up or whether it's you just doing your thing and being a freelancer and needing to brand yourself and push yourself a little bit further. First and foremost, we're gonna identify who your community is, and then we're gonna actually create guidelines for that community and how you interact with them and how you can make sure that they're always happy, because that's number one, right? We're gonna define what your personality is as a brand. What does that mean, and how you can actually communicate it through marketing graphics, social media, online on your website, with your service and then also with your copywriting, too. Ooh, this one's my favorite one, it's we're gonna learn how to be a good person as a brand. So we're gonna learn how to be actually likable and well-loved by your community, by the people that you work with, by everyone around you that's ingesting and enjoying your brand. And then we're gonna discover new ways to just make everyone feel safe in your experience. So we're creating experiences for our community, for everyone that we're working with. We want to make sure that they feel safe so we can create trust between them. Alright, so with the lessons in this class, the way that this class is structured is the first four lessons are all gonna be just me talking, and I'm actually not a fan of learning as an adult because it reminds me so much of being in school and sitting there and listening to someone just talk and talk and talk for hours. It makes me really uninspired. So I always design anything that I teach to be as straight-to-the-point with no fluff as possible so that we can just get all the healthy wonderful information. So I'm not gonna drag this class on for way too long. Were gonna get straight to the point because this class is about you and working on your brand. So the first four lessons I'm gonna talk about some important points that we need to keep in mind. Then for the second half of this class are going to be exercises and challenges that you'll work on for your actual brand.

Class Description

Brands today have a lot of work cut out for them. Not only does your product have to be life-changing, but your brand’s personality has to be well-loved by your community. Today’s most successful brands are more than a product, they have a personality that is authentic and a culture built on trust.

These brands have an amazing community culture that is just as strong internally. After all, a happy community makes for a happy company.

In How to Bring Your Brand to Life, Meg identifies what makes a happy company and a brand the world loves. She’ll outline what makes your community special and create an actionable plan for your brand’s personality.

In this class you’ll

  • Identify your community and create guidelines for their happiness
  • Define your brand’s personality and determine how you can communicate it through marketing, graphics, and copy
  • Learn to be a well-loved company that does good, and is trusted, within your community
  • Discover new ways to make your community feel safe and encouraged to be themselves within the space you create for them
  • Pinpoint ways you can create a positive environment for your team and internal company culture

By the end of How to Bring Your Brand to Life you’ll have a new brand culture, marketing guidelines rooted in authenticity, and a company well on its way to happiness.


a Creativelive Student

It was so incredible to hang out in the live studio audience for this class!(Despite having NO voice! ...thanks for being so kind and patient with me!) As a brand designer, it's actually so hard to get outside of my own business and think about my brand in new ways and Meg's course was so helpful in doing just that. Thank you for your fun and super helpful knowledge bombs, Meg!

Annie Wong

I know a lot of artists and designers like myself that cringe at traditional business marketing advice because it sounds gross and antithetical to the creative process. Meg has the amazing ability to humanize the idea of branding in a way that makes complete sense. The a-ha moment for me was when she reframes thinking about our "audience" and "users" as our "community." This was so helpful for me because a few days after the class a couple of members of my community expressed some concerns to me and I was able to address them in a way that was authentic. I might have dismissed their concerns before, but I realized that I have a responsibility as the steward of my brand to cultivate a safe space for my community. Thanks, Meg!

a Creativelive Student

I really enjoyed being part of this class. Meg's excitement is contagious and she really makes the idea of branding into a fun activity, instead of something complicated and scary. I really liked the workbook and how it breaks down branding into manageable exercises. I'm really excited to finish the work and start implementing my findings with my own brand.