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Lesson 3 from: How to Bring Your Brand to Life

Meg Lewis

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3. Personality

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Nowadays it's important that every brand, every company has such a strong personality. We can't be boring and clinical anymore. Our community doesn't believe in that, they can see through all of that blandness. So every brand today needs to have a really impactful, really strong personality that's really set in stone and really confident. Alright, so as we talk about personality, it's important to remember that your brand is made up of actual humans. So, your brand isn't a robot. As much as it feels comfortable to be very analytical and make specific guidelines and be quite stick to the rules with your brand, and feel very robotic, it's important to remember there are so many humans behind your brand, whether it's just one human, yourself, or you have 50 to 500 humans that make up your company, it doesn't matter. Companies are made by humans and not robots. So, it's important to eject human personality into your brand, okay? So, it's important that you take aspects of the personality o...

f the people that work for your brand, whether that's just you, the founder of the company, whether it's your personality oozing into that brand, it's important to inject who's making your product or service, it's important to inject that personality into your company at all times. But it's also really important to sort of like melt that together with a personality that your community is going to really resonate with, and really love and wanna hear from. So, what I like to do is mix a little bit of myself or my client, and mix that into a beautiful personality of a well-liked, well-loved good person into the brand, so that the community can feel really great and really excited about your brand. Real humans have real personalities, again, so let's not be robotic. Let's remember your company is made of real humans, so let's be really human about our brand decisions. Okay, so some things that I do to discover a brand's personality, and this works for myself when I'm doing my own, personal brand, but it also works for the clients that I work for, is you have to identify what you as a person values. So, kind of jot down easily what your personal values are. Maybe you value friendships, maybe you value creating safe spaces or communities. Whatever those values are that you hold true to yourself, it's important to jot those down because you want to put your own self into your brand. That's gonna keep you feeling really passionate about what you're doing, and all of the business decisions that you're making. So, it's very important to identify what you value before creating your brand's personality. And then separately, what does your brand value that might be different from what you value, alright? So, what values would your community like your brand to have? What kinda values would a good person as a company have? What are those values, write those down, and then let's think about what your community values. Those are probably going to be slightly different than the former, what you value and what your company and your brand values. So, think about an interview, and bring your community members in, and ask them, what is important to you? What's at the core of your being that you value so much? And so, whenever you put these all together, you should have a rich understanding of what you need to do to be creating this beautiful personality for yourself.

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a Creativelive Student

It was so incredible to hang out in the live studio audience for this class!(Despite having NO voice! ...thanks for being so kind and patient with me!) As a brand designer, it's actually so hard to get outside of my own business and think about my brand in new ways and Meg's course was so helpful in doing just that. Thank you for your fun and super helpful knowledge bombs, Meg!


I just absolutely love this course and keep coming back to it. As a creative freelancer i love that i can relate to Meg's advices and to her " imperfect " and funny side - which i totally have too and it feels sooooooo freeing to hear someone whose work you admire admitting and being proud of it !

Annie Wong

I know a lot of artists and designers like myself that cringe at traditional business marketing advice because it sounds gross and antithetical to the creative process. Meg has the amazing ability to humanize the idea of branding in a way that makes complete sense. The a-ha moment for me was when she reframes thinking about our "audience" and "users" as our "community." This was so helpful for me because a few days after the class a couple of members of my community expressed some concerns to me and I was able to address them in a way that was authentic. I might have dismissed their concerns before, but I realized that I have a responsibility as the steward of my brand to cultivate a safe space for my community. Thanks, Meg!

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