How to Dress for Success and Build a Personal Brand

Lesson 3/8 - Enhancing Your Image


How to Dress for Success and Build a Personal Brand


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Enhancing Your Image

I wanna start moving closer, closer to the center of each of our beings, out of the digital world, out of this world of Zeros and ones and into the personal space that we all occupy with each other. Let's talk about enhancing your image. Now, I'm not a proffesional image consultant, but we worked with an image consultant, Emily Post Institute, for many years, and she had a process that she worked through when she had a new client, when she was working with someone who was interested in doing image consulting work with her. And we've modified some of those broad exercise into some particular and quick exercises that I wanna share with you. So if you were a C-Suit level executive and you aspire to run the corporation that you were working for, you might work with an image consultant. It's amazing to me how often the most successful people in our world really invest in getting just a little bit better. No matter who you are, no matter what stage you're at in your career. We all have the p...

otential to get just a little bit better. If you're just starting your career, if you're working at the entry level of an organization and you want to advance, thinking about your image, thinking about how you present and represent yourself is one of the quickest ways to establish yourself as someone who's going to advance within an organization. It doesn't need to be a public process, it can be a private process, it can be something that you work on, just yourself. And that's where I want to start our process today, I wanna start with an image exercise. It's an exercise that I call three words. Everybody here has a pen and pencil in their hand, I want to applaud you, thank you for doing that, thank you for coming prepared. Let's do this exercise together. Here's the challenge: describe yourself using three words, or three brief phrases. I'm smart, I'm funny, I'm good looking. That's a joke, I'm not actually describing the way I would describe myself in three words. This is a really challenge, this is a difficult exercise. In fact, I think this is one of the most challenging things you can do with yourself. Take a look at yourself. Limit yourself to just three words. How would you describe yourself in just three words? "I'm smart enough, I'm funny enough, and gosh darn it, people like me." This isn't an exercise in building self confidence. This is meant to be an exercise, that guy was a senator until not too long ago, by the way, just to date myself in the era of Saturday Night Live that I grew up with. This isn't an exercise in pumping yourself up or building yourself up, this is meant to be an exercise in self assessment, an honest reflection on who you are. A willingness to participate, I think it's a willingness to look at yourself, to see yourself the way you think other people might see you. I'm hardworking, I'm funny, I'm dedicated to my family. So I went with two words and one little descriptive phrase. I'm serious, I'm passionate about the outdoors, I'm, not I'm starting to get a little descriptive. It's okay, but how would you describe yourself in just three words, or three brief phrases? It's not easy to do. But I think it's really worthwhile. A willingness to look at yourself. If you were working with an image consultant they would work you through some sort of process that really did a more exhaustive self evaluation. They would really start to focus and force you to look at yourself in different ways and different capacities. This is meant to be a broad, quick version of that exercise, something that anybody can do at any moment. Three words. Both incredibly simple and incredibly difficult to do.

Class Description

Your overall image is an essential aspect of proper etiquette, including how you look, act and speak. No amount of good behavior will get you anywhere if your appearance is sloppy, your body language is awkward, or your tone of voice is loud or grating.

This course focuses on improving your image and personal brand, both in real life and the virtual world. You’ll do a personal assessment of your image, identify factors that impact your relationships, and discover ways that you can polish your personal brand.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your image team.
  • Evaluate and improve your online presentation.
  • Make small improvements to both your real-world and virtual personas.
  • Polish your appearance through better hygiene and attire, without overdoing it.
  • Use your body language, posture and eye contact to improve your image.
  • Modify your voice, including your tone, speed, inflection, laughter, accent, and pronunciation.