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How to Teach a Craft Class

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Factors to Consider Based on the Teaching Venues


How to Teach a Craft Class

Lesson 5 of 29

Factors to Consider Based on the Teaching Venues


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Factors to Consider Based on the Teaching Venues

These are the factors that we need to consider based on then you ok? So when we're thinking about planning our lessons, we all we need to consider these things specific to the venue that we're going to be teaching at okay? And I wantto maybe see you guys can tell me why you think these are going to be important. So first of all, like I said maximum capacity for students, right? So sometimes I think we want to be able to fill our classes right like that's very important but also sometimes that you could have too many students, right? So you want to make sure that like I think it was kathy who was talking about a situation where there's like tons of people in there in your classroom, right? So think about the impact if you do have too many students um and then I mentioned before the length of the classroom are the length of the class it's going to be a big one because you definitely need to know how much material to plan right you don't wantto like, especially if you're teaching kids you...

definitely don't want to have them done like a half hour forty five minutes early because then what do you d'oh the word chaos comes to mind um the location meaning what I mean by location is geographic location, so do you need to travel there do like I don't have a car so I need to make sure I can get all of my stuff to my my location or have somebody pick me up like that comes that there's a factor for me and it might be for you as well when then also your physical set up the physical space so how is the classroom set up? Are their tables are there individual tables? Is it you know isn't going to be, um like is this space set up for you and for what your craft is going to be or do you need to make accommodations for that? Do you need to bring your stuff? You're do you need to bring a table? Do you need to bring an ironing board? Ok, holly, I think lighting is always sometimes you have the space and then you get there and you're like, I can't see I know that's a really good point I it makes me think of a class I was in recently actually where there was a color theory class and it was in a hotel and the lighting was like and so the poor teacher was so frustrated because we're mixing colors and you know it was totally throwing everything off because we were in these like very dim did a dimly lit room so that's a really good point you want to make sure you take that into mind um so is there are there any questions? We've talked about some potential ideas for what we can teach which will go into more detail about and we've talked about some some ways to go out there and look for some venues which are two really important pieces does anybody have any questions or are there any questions from our online audience so far? There is a question from somebody about how you said to teach something that comes easily yes and their question was in the past I've taught what took me a while to learn because I feel like I learned it more thoroughly than things became easily when someone comes when something comes easily to me I find I don't explain things while the others who have a harder time but so she's wondering about that yeah, you know that's what I hear that's a really good that's a really good point and it go and it comes down to learning how to explain the thing that comes easier to you because that's that's worth teaching as well, right? So we're going to we're going to talk about breaking down something that that comes really easily to you and when we talk about planning a lesson, so I think that that that person is going to feel hopefully they'll get they'll get that that they'll get more confidence tio to break that down so thank you for that question

Class Description

Teaching opens you up to a whole new revenue stream and lets you connect with people who are passionate about what you do. Learn how you can use your existing skills at the front of a creative classroom in How to Teach a Craft Class with Ashley Nickels.

Ashley is a life-long quilter and multi-discipline creative educator. In this class, she’ll show you how to prepare to teach a craft class and offer plenty of insights on making it fun for everyone involved. You’ll learn:

  • A variety of teaching styles for the full range of teacher personality types
  • How to plan lessons, set objectives, and manage student expectations 
  • Classroom prep tips that help you feel fully prepared 
  • Techniques for dealing with tricky situations 

Ashley will share insights from her years as an educator and help you feel confident before your first (or next) class. She’ll reveal her favorite classroom management techniques and teach you how to deal with difficult personalities. You’ll learn ways to engage and inspire everyone – from advanced learners to beginning students.

Teaching is not easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding both personally and financially. How to Teach a Craft Class will demystify the magic behind a good craft class and help you make your dreams of educating and inspiring others a reality.


Claude Aimée Villeneuve

This was a very good class, well prepared and packed with such useful information! I've been teaching various arts and craft classes for over 10 years now and did it sort of instinctively. Ashley gave me the tools I needed to refine my classes and prepare really good classes outlines and how to find venues to teach and pitch my classes. That was awesome and I plan to watch it again and again because there is so much in it! This was a first class presentation! Thank you Ashley! Claude Aimée Villeneuve, Visual artist and teacher

a Creativelive Student

I'm not even half way thru the online videos and want to recommend this class to anyone who just needs that extra boost to start their own classes! I like the fact that Ashley suggests that we think from a student perspective to help us to better plan. This class covers many things I have heard before BUT in greater detail. When I hear the 'WHY' of doing things, I'm more likely to follow thru. These videos explain many 'WHYs' (There are many informative sites/classes for this topic but not many people give you 'this is WHY' it should be done this way) Ashley gives the "WHY' and the 'HOW to'. If you want to teach and are mostly ready to teach, take this class and all the gaps will be filled in and you will be ready to go forth and teach your craft!

Barbara Schiffman

Great class -- watched live (most of it) and purchased for ongoing review. I've taught many things, including some crafts (decorating gourds, collage, making your own tarot-collages) but I gained new insights, ideas and confidence from Ashley's advice, the students questions and input, and the panel! I recommend this for anyone who wants to teach a class -- craft oriented, personal development, or anything else!