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Hello and welcome to Creative Live. This is InDesign CC: Beyond the Basics with Erica Gamet. My name is Chris Jennings and I'm gonna be your host for this class and we're thrilled to have Erica here. Now if you're watching at home and you are ready to take your skills to the next level and learn some more advanced InDesign techniques you are in the right place. And if you're not familiar with Eric Gamet let me tell you a little bit about her. She has over 25 years of experience working in the graphics industry, she's a speaker, a writer, and an educator on all things software related, specifically InDesign, Illustrator, Apple Keynote and many more. And you've probably seen her on Creative Live before. She is no stranger to the CL stage. She has been her so many times I've lost track. Lots of courses in our catalog and we're so thrilled. Every time she comes back we learn more and more from her, so without further ado please welcome to the stage Erica Gamet. Erica, good to have you back...

for another one. All right. We love to have you here. Now we're going to be going beyond the basics of InDesign in this course and before we get going, I guess I just want to think about what is it that people can do once they get these advanced skills, once they go beyond the basics, what can they do with InDesign? Pretty much anything you'd want to do-- The whole world is open. Exactly. Everything! Fly to the moon. (Chris laughs) Yeah. You can do anything you want with layouts, whether your going print or digital. And it's really for people that want to kind of step beyond that maybe that ten percent of the software you've been using, get out of that comfort zone, create some more complex layouts, automate the workflow, which is huge and also have more control over your output whether it's digital or print. Just really getting into the meat of InDesign. Yeah. Exactly. A lot to learn here. A lot of time-saving tips and ways to expand what you've been doing with InDesign, so I know we've go a lot to learn so I'm going to let you take it away. All right. Sounds good. We are for some advance, the Beyond the Basics course, and so, like I said, we're gonna dig into the meat of InDesign, get really into it. Maybe you've been using like maybe ten percent. I feel that way sometimes about Photoshop. That maybe I'm only scratching the surface and I know a lot of people are that way in InDesign, whether you've just taken an intro course or maybe you've just always done the little bit that you need to do to get your job done. You've never really, like I said, get outside that comfort zone or kind of see what else it can do. Push it a little bit and see what things you can accomplish with InDesign. So after this course, we're going to be able to build more complex documents. We're going to do things like automation, we're going to us layers, so we're going to have multiple pages, multiple layers, master pages. We're also going to work with styles, whether those are text styles, so that in the intro course we talked about all the styling we could do to our text but we get tired of doing it over and over again, so we're going to create style, so that we automate that and just make it work for us, instead of having to put in all of that information over and over again. Let's automate it. Let's get done with our work quickly. Let's do our work better, smarter. So we're going to automate that process. We can also do that with objects. We're going to assign styles to objects as well. Like I said, multiple layers, whether you're working with multiple languages or multiple sales brochures that need to go to two sides of the country with different pricing. We're gonna put those in layers and again, automate that as well. And then we're gonna look at the output that we can do with that, so as far as whether we're going to print or digital, so at the end of the course we're going to talk about the output options that we have to really make it optimize for whichever type of workflow we're working on. I know for me I've been using InDesign since one of the early versions, not the very first one, but one of the early ones, and I've seen it grow. I've grown my knowledge base based on that because as new features are added I realized there's so much more. And then when they say there's a new feature added to something that I didn't even know existed anyway, then I realize I need to really dig in and get into more of what this can do. And you realize that you can make the software work for you. And there sometimes there are workarounds. I'm gonna be honest with you. There're sometimes that you think, that's a great feature. Almost. I think that I've used it enough that sometimes I see where it's going but it's maybe not there yet. But maybe I've got a solution, that I use at least, to get that to work for me. So again, it's all about making the software work for me, instead of me working hard to get the software to work. By the end of the day we're going to be able to do that and build these more complex documents and automate that process as well.

Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® enables you to create rich documents and layouts that combine graphic elements, images, and text. Advance your design skills with Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® Intermediate: Beyond the Basics with Erica Gamet.

In this class, Erica will help you tackle complex design projects and share best practice techniques in Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud®

You’ll learn how to:
  • Manage multi-page documents and use master pages
  • Automate your workflow and save time
  • Select character and paragraph styles
You’ll learn about advanced exporting options and she’ll offer tips on taking advantage of the extensive selection of assets in the Creative Cloud® Libraries.

If you’ve mastered the basics are are ready to advance your design skills, don’t miss Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® Intermediate: Beyond the Basics with Erica Gamet.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced. Recommended prerequisite: Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® for Beginners

Software Used: Adobe InDesign CC 2015.1



  • As an absolute beginner to InDesign, I purchased both of Erica's classes and man was she helpful. I highly recommend this course to anyone unfamiliar with the software to give them some great footing. Thank you Erica and thank you Creative Live!
  • I am using Erica's videos to supplement my "Classroom in a book series" on Indesign. The beauty of this is that I can go through the sections of the book and when I get to something, like Master Pages, that I can't quite follow I jump to the video. I gain the understanding I need by listening and watching Erica and then go back to the book and finish the project with a lot more under my belt. The book gives me real examples to complete but does not give me that "personal" touch. Thanks Erica for being my personal coach. This has worked perfectly.
  • This was really helpful, although *very* fast paced! But gave me a lot of great ideas to take my InDesign use to another level. Thanks!