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Introduction to Letterpress Printing

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A World of Resources

Cheryl Itamura

Introduction to Letterpress Printing

Cheryl Itamura

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10. A World of Resources


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A World of Resources

So that's letter press printing. Thanks for spending the time with me. There are a lot of pieces of equipment and a lot of tools and a lot of things to know about making letter press printing happen. You can search for pieces of equipment to make your own letter press studio, and I've included some bonus material that you can download and take with you. That includes resource lists and names of places on the Web that you confined even more information to be able to get your own equipment and learn how to use it. There's also the possibility of not having to purchase any of your equipment yourself because there are a lot of places across the country on both the West Coast, the East Coast and everywhere in between. Where letter press studios air available for you to use to create your own pieces of artwork so well it's important to know how to use letter press equipment. Obviously, there's a lot of moving parts, and you don't want to get yourself hurt or smashed. But beyond knowing the b...

asics of how to use the equipment, letter press is just like any other art form. It's subject to your own creativity, so figure out what you want to do with it and create something you

Class Description

The letterpress style of printing dates back to the 15th century and is experiencing a resurgence in popularity today. The stunning tactile and visual imprint of letterpress is used for business cards, invitations, poster prints, and more. In Introduction to Letterpress Printing, you’ll learn all about the machines and methods behind this celebrated practice.

The San Francisco Center for the Book (SFBC) is a non-profit outpost dedicated to preserving and teaching all aspects of book making. In this class, SFBC instructor Cheryl Itamura will walk you through the letterpress process and introduce you to the equipment used to create the most popular printed looks.

You’ll learn about:

  • Printing with the Vandercook Cylinder (Proof) Press
  • Setting wood type, lockup, inking, and printing with a proof press
  • Printing with the Tabletop Platen Jobbing (Clamshell) Press
  • Working with metal type, lockup, ink
  • Printing with the clamshell press

Cheryl will talk about gaining access to printing studios in your own community and offer tips on building your own collection of equipment and how to use and maintain it.

Letterpress printing produces timeless, artisan paper products. Learn how you can take full advantage of the creative possibilities of this historic form of printing from Cheryl Itamura in Introduction to Letterpress Printing.


Erica Engdahl

This is a super inspiring course that really made me want to try letterpress printing! Itamura is a great instructor who speaks clearly and shows and explains every piece of equipment and that's really good if you, like me, don't know very much about letterpress printing before hitting play on this course. Well worth the money!

Henry Aquino

Great Intro class, a little pricey for how short it was, but still worth it. I don't see anywhere to download the resource list mentioned in the movie "A World of Resources".

Chris Guppy

It's a great intro, but like Henry, I don't see the resource list for download that she mentions.