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Introduction to Macro Photography


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Class Introduction

(applause) Thank you, thank you very much. I'm so excited to be here today. This is all about macro photography. We're going to cram in as much as we can, into an hour and a half. And, I'm going to show you as much as I can about macro, shooting small stuff, bugs and flowers and plants and all the little things that are really interesting and fascinating to us. Macro photography opens up a whole new world, something that you've really never paid attention to before. I would encourage you all to try it. I would encourage you all to find something that's interesting and small and just explore it from a bunch of different angles. Cause, you'll be amazed at the world that you're going to create, and the world that you're going to find. Macro photography can be very specialized, and it can take a lot of gear, and I have a lot of gear here today on set, but I don't want to really overwhelm you with, like oh my gosh, I have to buy all this gear to do great macro work, oh, to the contrary, I...

've got some stuff here that's like pennies on the dollar, inexpensive stuff that you can use to create great macro photos. So, that's what today's all about. Today's about showing you the gear, today's about showing you some techniques. And, I'm just going to cram in as much as I can and we'll open it for questions later on in the class, so that you guys, if you have specific questions about some gear, I'm happy to answer those. So let me show you where we're going today. I'm going to click forward. We're going to talk first of all about lenses and cameras. So I'll talk about, macro lenses and what makes a good macro lens and what lenses you don't want to use. Also talk about camera settings, what types of, what do you need for ISO, and shutter speeds, and apertures and tripods. I'll talk about tripods and gear after that. So I'll talk about support, and I've got a bunch of fun little toys here to show you how to support your camera, to get nice and stable shots. And then, towards the end of the day, I'll talk about depth of field control, and what that means, in terms of getting the front of the thing in focus, to getting the back of the thing in focus. And, I'm also going to show you this really fun technique it's called focus stacking, and that uses a blend of hardware and software to achieve. And, it's not as scary as it sounds. You call can do it, everyone here, if you've got Photoshop or a computer and a macro lens, you can do this focus stacking, and I'll show you some examples, some real world examples of how to make those look great.

Class Description

Learn how to unlock the fantastic world of macro photography. Instructor Mike Hagen details the gear, techniques, and software you’ll need to capture extreme detail in everything from flowers to insects to jewelry. Create larger than life images with intricate detail using methods that Mike clearly demonstrates in this class.


Amy Vaughn

Good class, but I want more. CreativeLive, please get Mike Hagen to come back to do a full 1-2 day macro class. I'd love to see a deeper exploration of all his macro gear, diy toys, demos of Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker, and maybe showing live examples beyond flowers like bugs, abstracts and shooting through water.

ESther IGlich

A good intro course.I learned a lot in a short period of time, but really this class needs to be longer. It felt rushed. Would have liked to seen more on lighting specifically. However given the time Mike had to work in he did a great job and I enjoyed his insights.


I appreciated Mike's suggestions for DIY macro equipment. There is a lot of money you could save with those ideas alone. Great class and I agree ​it would be great to see more!