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Let Go

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Briohny Smyth

Let Go

Briohny Smyth

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5. Release

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my Yogi, It's fry. And welcome to this 20 minute released practice where we will do exactly that. Release tension from our body. Make sure that you have a strap, two blocks and a bolster just in case. Let's get started. Let's get started in Ted Ascena Mountain. Pose with your feet, hip distance at the top of your mat. Take your gaze forward. Take a deep inhalation as you reach your shoulders up toward your ears. Then open your mouth, exhale and allow your shoulder blades just to drop. We'll do that two more times. Inhale. Shrug the shoulders up and let it go one more time. Inhale, lift the shoulders and exhale release. Good. Now roll your right shoulder forward and back under the same thing with your life just side to side. Right shoulder back, left shoulder back. Homer time right shoulder. Back on, left shoulder back. You might feel some clicking, just like I do. Then draw your chin to your chest as you inhale. Lift the chest up towards your chin, and as you exhale, a roll your right ...

ear to your right shoulder and just create a big circle all the way back. Left ear, toe, left shoulder, chin to chest will switch directions in hand. Exhale slowly, left ear off shoulder. Just releasing tension in your neck. Had all the way back. Right ear, right shoulder Lunch in the chest. Inhale, Lift your gaze up. Reach your arms out to come up. Inhale fully and as you exhale, fold all the way down fingertips underneath your shoulders. Inhale to a flat back, put a little bend in your knees and exhale. Fold over your thighs, grabbing ahold of opposite elbows, bending your knees enough to get your ribs to rest on your thighs. Just begin to sway your torso from side to side. Using the swaying motion toe, lengthen into the side body so from the muscles that line the spine all the way to the muscles near the ribs. Then inhale back to center. And as you exhale, slowly begin to lift your hips up towards the ceiling, finding a bit of release in the hamstrings and in the low back, making sure toe lift the toes so the arches of your feet engaged toe. Lift your kneecaps so that your quadriceps tone and protect your hamstrings. Then stay in this position as you inhale. Just breathe length into the sides of your waist and as you exhale, draw the ribs and one more deep breath as you end him. And as you exhale, just let your arms drop down freely. Relax your head shift a little more weight forward into the balls of the feet. We get the legs just a little bit straighter. Inhale to a flat back exhale, step back into tabletop position. So there are so many areas of the body that we can carry tension that tend to get really tight. We just worked on her hamstrings and her back body a bit are neck and our shoulders. One part of the body that gets super tight is actually your lats right or even the front of your shoulder. So you're gonna come down onto your forms. I really love this one. It feels really e long gating. I feel much taller after this. Interlaced your fingers and press the palms together and then walk your knees back and drop your chest in your chin down. Least Latin surveyed a stretch. Keep squeezing your palms together. Your chest might not actually touch the ground. If you're a little bit tighter, but having your chin down and your butt up high is really gonna help with this stretch. If it's too much for you to have the hands together, you can have your hands wide and do the same thing. If you want to deepen it a little, that you can walk your knees back more and get your chest all the way down. Anna Hatta Asana one of the most classic Yogi ways toe open the heart and the muscles around beside body from the Serena's interior down to the lats. Take a deep inhalation here and exhale. Walk journeys back until you lower all the way down onto your belly. Bring your forehead down. Sweep your hands behind your back into lace your fingers. Press the palms together, push down fully and strongly. Who your feet as the inner thighs lift, inhaled. If the harder, pull the shoulder blades together. Reach your knuckles back towards the back of your mat. Really use the muscles on your back body toe. Lift the chest. Now we're opening the front of your chest, specifically the latte or the pecs. I should say, if you want a little bit more you can lift your hands off of your butt and lift the heart up even more. Inhale and exhale. Release all the way down onto your forehead from here. Make sure you have a block handy. Place the block off to the left side of the mat. Actually, place the block on the mat on the left side of the map and work your left shoulder right up to the blocks that you can put the left side of your face on the block. Open your arms out wide. Now we're gonna work a bit more on the front of your shoulder. Turn your left palm up towards the sky. Make sure you're looking at your right hand and take your right hand underneath the right shoulder and push yourself onto the left side body. You'll need to bend your right knee places soul of your right foot behind the left knee, and then you can begin to reach your right arm back. Maybe even interlacing the left fingers behind you. If you can't quite get there, that's OK. You can just rest your right hand down, and I'm sure you probably already feel a stretch across the front of your shoulder specifically in the anterior adult. If you can interlaced the fingers and at least you get an opening on both shoulders, and if you want a little bit more, you can begin to bring your weight towards the right and maybe even take SUPT. About Akon asana with your feet soles of the feet together, releasing tension in your shoulders in your neck A really great way toe. Think about getting rid of that. I needed stress in your body because physical stress or I should say mental stress tends to manifest as physical stress, and sometimes that physical stress can create mental stress. So just using your breath in this practice to find a bit of release, inhale and exhale. Release back onto your belly, moving the block off to the right side of the mat. Just switching sides, taking your right arm out to the right palm up, bringing the right side of your face to the block and pushing yourself onto the right side of your body, placing your left foot down behind your right knee and either staying here or reaching your left hand back, interlacing your fingers and working on opening your pelvis and your chest up towards the ceiling one day. If it's a deep enough stretch to say on the side body, stay there or souped about ACC innocent deep breaths in and out through your nose. Inhale and exhale. Release back onto your belly. Move the block out of the way. I'm from here. Take your left arm forward so continuing our exploration of the release of the shoulder muscles left arm forward. Come on to your fingertips and just take your right arm across your body so that you're going to lie down your chin over your right bicep. You could even look towards the left and use the weight of your head to just rest on the bicep. And if it feels better to turn the palm up, do so you might even just rest your left arm. Now we're working on the posterior deltoid and the external rotator, so ah, lot of muscles that are on the back of your shoulder and on the shoulder blade. These air those muscles that when you get a massage, if Maciste does know how to massage them, it's typically pretty sore. One more deep breath side out. Now, this time I want you to turn onto your right side body as if you're going to roll onto your back. Pull your left knee into your chest. Hold on to your left knee with your right hand and opening your left arm to the left. Coming into a supine twist. Try your best to lengthen both sides of your bodies about the right and left sides of the waist. Glue your left shoulder blade to the ground. Take a deep inhalation and expand the collarbones and then open your mouth. Let it go. He using this twist to not only begin to detoxify the body but also to help you release anything that isn't serving you from the mind on an inhale. Come on back to your belly so your left arm goes across the body. You send your left leg back rolling onto your belly and just switching sides. Taking your right arm forward crawling your left arm underneath your right. Turn the palm up or down. Let's just up to you. I like the palm up. I think the external rotation of the arm bone feels better and then lowering your head down, either forehead down or left side. of your head all the way down. You can even rest your right arm, relax your entire body and just let gravity the weight or gravity help you use the weight of your body to stretch into the back of your shoulder. Being able to release tension is also something that comes from the strength of your mind. Most of us busy minded people I'm one of them are really good at staying busy. But unfortunately, busy mind and busy body creates tension and tightness. Just being able to breathe into this release is wonderful for us. Then inhale. Start to roll onto the left side of your body. Pull your right knee into your chest, hold on to your right knee with your left hand and open your right arm all the way out to the right for that supine twist. I love coming into the supine twist from my belly because then I'm already right on the side of my hip and I don't need to do any shifting. Glue your right shoulder blade to the ground. Lengthen the sides of your waist, take a deep inhalation and expand the heart center open. Then open your mouth. Let ago. Let those exhalations actually help you release any unneeded tension from the body and your mind and then inhale. Come on back to your belly, sending your right leg back behind you all the way down to your forehead. Sweep your hands back next to your hips with your not your hips but your side ribs. With your elbows bent, come to the tops of your feet and push down to inhale. Lift up into cobra pose. Feeling those nice open shoulders. Exhale, release down, then toes together. Push all the way back into child's post. Mm. Take the fingertips forward. Tuck the toes under as you inhale. Exhale downward facing dog with your strong alarms and strong core in place. Allow down Dog to release tension from the calves from the him strings, maybe even from the low back. Then look forward as you inhale to your toes. Bend your knees and exhale. Step forward to the front of the mat. Inhale to a flat back. Exhale to fold, inhale rising all the way up towards standing. Exhale hands to your heart. Let's do a little more release from standing positions. Inhale arms, reach up. Exhale to full down. Inhale to a flat back. Exhale. Step your left foot back. Place your left knee down onto the ground and straighten your right leg coming on to your right heel. Inhale to a flat back. Exhale to fold. We'll do that two more times together. Inhale flat back straight arms. Take a deep breath as you fold. Sigh it out one more time. Inhale, lengthen. Find that flat back. Fill your lungs like your breathing space into that right hamstring and exhale full down. Good job. Inhaled to a flat back. Exhale bend into year right meat. Take your fingertips underneath your shoulders and reach your left fingertips slightly forward of the right heel. Toe your right foot over towards the left hand and lower your right knee down into pitch in. Prep One of the tightest parts of the body that is linked to a mental or emotional tension is your hips, and this is one of my favorite hip openers on. Since this is about release, we're going to use a bolster, so make sure that you've got ah, bolster pillow or even your blocks underneath your right hip and fold all the way down. This just allows for you to feel supported, feel slightly lifted, Um, especially if you're a bit tighter in the hips. Now, if you find that this takes away from the sensation of the stretch, then feel free to take the bolster out from underneath your hips and place it underneath your head and rest down into the post. Press the outer hit back as that left inner thigh rolls up towards the sky. This is where your conscious breathing really comes into play, taking deep inhalations to really breathe space into those tight tips on big exhalations to see if you can release some of that attention not just from the hip but from your entire body, especially when our hips air tight and we're holding a pose like this. We tend to just transfer the tension into our knack or shoulders, so make sure that has your exhaling. You're least giving yourself a brief moment to be free. Newman Inhale moved the bolster forward. If you have it on your mat, plant your palms flat. Tuck your left toes under, lift your left knee up and then he'll tell your right foot back to the center of your hands place your left knee down onto the ground and inhale. Rise up pinto engine Alesana. As you exhale, right fingertips come down to the outside of your right hip on the mat. If you can't reach the ground, grab your bolster or maybe a block. Reach your left arm up and over the year now you can probably feel tension. Release all the way from the quadricep up through the hip flexors up through the side body on the left side. Keep this length as you inhale. Exhale left elbow to the outside of the right knee. Bring your right hand to meet your left and twist hands at the heart. If you want a little more sensation in the twist, you can lift your left knee up off the ground. Push the left elbow down as you squeeze the inner thighs together. Lengthen the spine through the crown of the head and begin to revolve. Open, inhale and exhale. Release fingertips come down. Step your left foot forward feet still at the top of the map, but feet hip's distance fold all the way down can grab ahold of opposite elbows. Just sway from side to side. Here, feeling the difference between the two sides. I'm sure there's a bit of a difference. And then fingertips down underneath the shoulders, inhaled to a flat back. Exhale. Step your right foot back. Place your right knee down onto the ground, untucked the right toes. Straighten your left leg coming onto your left heel. Fingertips underneath your shoulders, inhaled to a flat back. Lengthen the spine. Exhale, folding down firm. The inner thighs together will do that two more times. Inhale to a flat back. Keep flexing your left foot. This time, sigh it out as you fold one more. Inhale, lengthen. Biggest in breath yet filled lungs. Exhale folds. Inhale to that flat back. Exhale. Bend into your left knee fingertips underneath the shoulders, but take your right hand just slightly forward so you can heal. Toe your left foot to the right and lower that left shin down, lowering down into the fold for pigeon prepped. Now, if you propped your hips up on the other side, then use that bolster. I find the bolster to be so much more comfortable than propping up on a block, or if it takes away from the sensation and you like that deep stretch, you can use the bolster underneath your head, other turning to the left or the right. Whatever feels good for your neck, been really tuning into your breath here. The first few moments in oppose are definitely the most confronting, especially a deep hip stretch like this. So really focused on those exhalations. Use the strength of your mind to connect with your body and allow at least a moment of release. Just a couple more breaths. Here, take that final clearing breath with me. D Ben Hu elation. Sigh it out. Inhale rising up. Moving the bolster forward in front of you taking your hands down, tucking your right toes under lifting the hips up so you can heal. Toe the left foot back to the center of your hands. Place your right knee down and inhale. Rise up on Johnny Ascena as you exhale. Left fingertips. Come down to the outside of the mat on the left side. Reach your right arm up over the year and if you can't quite reach the ground, prop yourself up with a block as you inhale. Lengthen the right side body from the right quadricep all the way up, but underneath that right armpit. Take a deep inhalation here. Exhale twist right elbow to the outside of your right knee, hands to your heart and just begin to revolve your chest. Open towards the left. Keep your hips squared by firming the inner thighs into one another. And if you want a little more sensation, tuck your right toes under. Lift your right knee up off the ground and press your right elbow down. Obinna in hand and exhale Release. Taking your hands down, this time stepping back through a vin Yasa, really opening the front of the hip flexors in your up dog. Exhale Child's posts. Big Sigh. Taking your fingertips underneath your shoulders. Inhale lift up to seat it. Grab your bolster, line it up at the back of your mat long ways and lay down on the on the bolster. Have your butt off the bolster and the rest of the bolster supporting your spine. Bring the soles of your feet together. Let the knees open wide. Open the arms out wide and close your eyes for the last time together. Take a deep inhalation through your nose and sigh it out For that final release, feel free to say in Shiva Sena for us, long as it serves you. Thank you so much for practicing with me now, Misty.

Class Description

Skill level: Moderate
Classes: 8
Time: 15-45 minutes
Cycle: 8 days

It can be difficult to deal with the stressors of our daily lives while still expressing ourselves artistically and creatively. This restorative yoga class will help you release these feelings and habitual tensions by using flows and breathing exercises. You’ll be empowered to create a sacred space where you can let go of worry, fear and anxiety to become more peaceful and present. This restorative yoga at home course will help you:

  • Boost your mood
  • Increase your energy
  • Release tension where you hold it most: the neck, shoulders, back body, hamstrings and hips
  • Let go of negative mental energy

Briohny Smyth is one of the most renowned yoga instructors in the world. She’s best known for her signature Fit Flow classes, as well as her dedication to practicing self-care to achieve better health. She found her own path toward healing, health and purpose after ongoing struggles with body image. Becoming a mother led her to share her passion for yoga with others and begin her lifelong journey of teaching. Briohny will instruct you in:

  • Inversions and arm balances
  • Fun and invigorating flows
  • Alignment exercises
  • Feel-good poses
  • Breathing techniques and guided meditation
  • Supported postures

Workout Descriptions:

Let Go Express
This quick, 15-minute practice will help you create space in the body and relieve tension to calm the mind.

Feel good
For busy bodies and minds, open movement is key. Use this quick practice to move through a variety of "feel-good" restorative yoga poses that will help release unneeded tension from your body and mind. You'll leave the mat feeling refreshed.

Thinking or worrying too much can manifest as tension in your body. Through this practice, you will discover how to reduce mental tension and stiffness around your neck and shoulders.

Sleep Well
Although the mind can be busy during the day, it’s important to learn how to relax to get a peaceful night’s sleep. In this yoga for better sleep practice, we will use supported yoga poses to help our bodies relax, and yoga breathing exercises and guided meditation to help teach our minds to relax, and ultimately help you fall asleep.

Be Present
This yoga practice is designed for anyone who would like to awaken the world around them. We'll use strong yoga poses, breath work and short-guided meditation to open our eyes and hearts to appreciate where we are right now.

Stress Relief
Emotional stress can manifest physically as tension in our neck, shoulders, low back and even our legs. This restorative yoga for stress class focuses on supported postures that help lengthen tight muscles and create space in your body and your mind to relieve stress.

Anxiety Buster
Anxiety appears in our minds when we allow fear and worry to take over, causing physical tension in the body. Through this restorative yoga for anxiety class, we will attempt to soothe anxiety through a grounding practice that helps you feel strong and confident in your body and mind.

Although fear can come in many forms, there are tools to deal with it. In this class, we focus on combating fear with easy yoga inversions.

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