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Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer

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Keywords and Searching with Adobe Sensei

Jared Platt

Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer

Jared Platt

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10. Keywords and Searching with Adobe Sensei

Lesson Info

Keywords and Searching with Adobe Sensei

Alright, so what we're gonna do now, is we're gonna do some finding. So, what we haven't talked about now is the finding options that are available as a result of this cloud system that we've put everything in. So, I have all of this stuff in the cloud because I've uploaded it as smart previews to the cloud, and I've uploaded some stuff from CC into the cloud. So I've got smart previews up there and I've got full images up there. All of that stuff in the cloud has access to something really cool and it's pretty brand spakin' new. It's called Adobe Sensei. Anyone heard of that? Adobe Sensei is a program that is machine learning. So it is learning, it's watching photos, it's looking at billions of photographs and it's learning from them. And it's also learning from what you do and how you tag those photos. Like for instance Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock is billions of photographs on a website that people can go buy, but in order to buy them, you have to be able to find'em and so people have t...

agged them, and so Sensei is looking at all these photos and how they've been tagged and it knows what a face looks like, and it knows what a tree looks like, and it knows the properties of water, and it knows the properties of clouds and sky, and it knows all of that stuff. And it's constantly being programmed, and it's constantly learning from looking at things, and how you interact with those things, and so you've got this amazingly smart machine learning that's also learning from crowd sourcing so its learning from, they call it the collective IQ and so all of your collective IQ is being built into this Adobe Sensei. And so as it looks at all this stuff happening in the cloud, it can actually determine what you want to see. So, I'll give you a couple examples. So, I have inside of Lightroom, let's go back over to my secondary computer, there we are. So I am in Lightroom, and I'm gonna go to all of my photos, and I'm going to search all of those photos. Now I haven't key worded every photograph. Now I did a lot of key wording, cause those of you who know me, know that I really think key wording is important. I am brutal about key wording. You must key word, must key word, must key word. And now, eh, you might not have to. So, I am going to sort for let's just say a goat. So I'm looking across all of my photographs, and I've found a literal goat right here, in a dress. But I also found something that looks like a goat that's a donkey. I did not key word this as goat, but Adobe Sensei thinks it looks a bit like a goat. I also found a sheep, which is kind of like a goat in sheep's clothing. (audience laughing) Right? And so, I found a goat in sheep's clothing. That all came from machine learning, and it was able to find stuff that I forgot to key word. So if I am looking for something I can come into and... Right now I'm on the web, but I can also go into Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC and I can do the same thing, and I can sort only in one catalog, or sorry in one collection or one album, so I'm gonna sort inside of my Iceland best, and I'm gonna look for everything that has ice. There's the ice. So it found ice and I did not key word all of these with ice, in fact if I click on, say this one right here, and I go down to the info, or sorry not the info but the tags there are no key words, and it found it. Now if I wanted to also find bird, Oh, it didn't find those birds. They were too small I guess, but if I go like this and just, nope. I'll bet you I'll find a bird here somewhere. I want to find a bird. Out of 5,000 images, show me a bird. There we go, there's a Pelican, there's a bird, there's a bunch of swans, and there is a Profoto B2 light that's hanging in a tree, it could be a bird. (audience laughing) Do you see what's going on here though? Now inside of Lightroom Classic, the only way you can find images, is if you entered in the key words. Lightroom Classic is not tied to Adobe Sensei yet. I don't know if they will tie it in or not. I hope they will, but the search function in Lightroom Classic is up here in the library filter, and you would then hit the text thing, and you would say, I want to find ice. And it would say, this is Iceland, right, and so all of these are in the Iceland best folder, so it's searching based on that, but if I looked for key words, it wouldn't find ice at all, right, cause there's no... I haven't key worded these yet. So inside of Lightroom Classic, you're limited to what you have actually inputted. But if for some reason, you were the type of person that's a hit or miss key worder, and you type in Lightroom Classic and you can't find something, and you're like, I know that I have a photo of, someone wearing a dress, of a goat wearing a dress, then I can come over to Lightroom CC, or to the web, or to my iPad and I can type in dress, and I'm gonna get all of the photos with someone wearing a dress. It even sees this. Sees the dress. And if I've key worded, it even helps it more. So key wording is not something of the past, but now instead of key wording dress, I don't necessarily have to key word that, but I should key word love. Because Sensei is not smart enough to determine whether two people are in love, it can just determine that there are two people in the photograph and that one's a male and one's female, that's it. Or that one has a dress and one has a tux, or that two are close in proximity, but it can't determine whether someone is in love or they aren't. Does that make sense? So instead of key wording things now, you want to key word concepts, metaphors, things of that nature, because now your gonna wanna look for things like, I'm looking for children that are playing, right? And Sensei might not be able to tell if someone's playing, but it can tell if someone's a child. So I would say, I would key word playing, and I might key word childhood, or I might key word nostalgia or, something like that but I'm not necessarily going to need to key word boy or girl, because it's pretty good at finding those and telling what... Or I can say, I can look for, well here, I want my goat in a dress and so, I'm going to find, there's my goat in a dress right there. So it's able to find the dress, it's able to find the goat regardless of key words, but if you key word stuff, then if you said humor, now you could put key word of goat and let's say I had a dress, a goat and I key worded it humor, then I could find, if I photographed a lot of goats in dresses, I would find the funny ones. Yeah, cause there are not so funny ones. (audience laughing) Maybe, I think, anyway. So, Adobe Sensei is available in your mobile application. So in Lightroom Mobile and also in Lightroom CC, and also Lightroom Web, you can search and find stuff through that machine learning, and it is super, super helpful, it's amazing. One other thing that you can do, let's go to, let's go up to my main computer here and we'll go to the web. So on the web, you also have the ability to have the machine learning help you find your better photographs. Which I think is really fun, so I click on say all of my let's go to all of my stock selections here, and I'm going to ask it to show me my best photographs. So I'm just going to click on best photographs, and by the way, the web is a really interesting place to go on occasion, don't discount Adobe Web because they test stuff in Adobe Web, so it's actually fun to go here every once in a while. If you go over to the Lightroom logo, right over here, and you click on it, there's a thing down at the bottom, and it's called Technology Previews. If you click on that, you can check on the previews that you wanna play with. And one of them is best photos and the other one is New and Improved Auto Tone. So if you wanna play with cool things that they're thinking about putting in or they're working on, they can change this on a daily basis, where they can't change your programs on a daily basis. So Lightroom Web actually has stuff before anything else does, so don't avoid Lightroom Web, because this is where you get to get little sneak peeks on what they're doing. And this is a really fun one, so here we go. I wanna see which images are my best, and I'm gonna click on it and it's searching through based on what I think of my photos, and also based on certain compositional strategies, and brightness and stuff like that, and it's done a pretty good job at finding some pretty cool stuff. I'm not sure I agree that that's one of my best so I can click negative and it says, oh okay, and I've just helped it learn. So I'm helping it learn that that wasn't a really great photo, but I really love this photo, but let's find out what it really thinks my best photos are, so I'm just gonna take it down to fewer and fewer and fewer until its at the very bottom, and those are the three photographs that it says are some of my best photographs in that collection. That's pretty good. I really do like that photograph quite a bit. So that's one of my favorite photographs. I like this photograph. This one's fine, it's cute, I like it, but that's a fun way to quickly find a set of images. Now you might not want to go and say, hey show me my three best, and that's what I'm gonna post. But you can certainly do this and then just kind of search through and it might find some hidden nuggets that you hadn't considered for a while. So, just kind of an indication to you of what machine learning is doing. It's able to try and find some of your better photographs by comparing it to a billion other photographs, and it kind of knows, these are better than those.

Class Description

Adobe® has just released the newest version of Lightroom at Adobe MAX. There are major improvements and a few new tools to learn about, but more important are the updates and improvements in the entire Lightroom® Creative Cloud® ecosystem. Whether you are a professional photographer or a serious photo enthusiast, you need to know how the new Lightroom ecosystem works and what it can do for you. Join the world's Lightroom guru and learn about the newest updates in Lightroom and how to harness the power of the Creative Cloud. In this course you will learn how to put the new tools in the Creative Cloud to use in your serious photography workflow: new organizational strategies, simple image backup, universal access to your photos, and so much more. Adobe’s new Lightroom ecosystem, including Lightroom CC, Web, Mobile, and Classic are the beginning of a new future in photo-post production. Come learn what Adobe’s powerful new tools mean for you and how to implement them into your workflow.

This class is for Professional and serious photo enthusiasts or anyone who is a serious Lightroom user and wants to learn how to increase efficiency in their workflow and have even more fun with their photo collections.

Software used: Lightroom Classic CC 2017 and Lightroom CC 2017



Really like Jared's teaching style...has a great sense of humor & education to support anything he says. Learned a tremendous amount and feel comfortable & confident that I understand the basics and how to take advantage of the LIGHTROOM ecosystem. Good job....this was my first Creative Live purchase and am very satisfied.

Candy Smith

Jared does a great job of getting over the fear of the changes that my photography friends were talking about when the cloud went into effect. He really encourages you to take full advantage of all that is available with the CC subscription across all your devices. Huge time saver which I appreciate as I have many projects going at the same time. I now travel way more than I thought I would, and Jared helped me move into a more mobil form of editing so I can use my time more wisely.


Before I took this class I used Lightroom Classic CC as a culling tool more than for editing. Jared Platt showed me how to speed up my editing workflow, and rely more on Lightroom Classic and less on Photoshop, which cut my editing time nearly in half. Platt teaches in a holistic style with humor, demonstrations and tons of knowledge that is easy to follow. I really enjoyed this class, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to speed up their workflow or take advantage of the new mobility features that Adobe has added to the Lightroom platforms.