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Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer

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Sharing Images and Files in Lightroom

Jared Platt

Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer

Jared Platt

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11. Sharing Images and Files in Lightroom

Lesson Info

Sharing Images and Files in Lightroom

So that's another way to find photographs. But once you've found your photographs, then it's a matter of sharing 'em. And sharing photographs needs to be easy because otherwise, we just don't do it enough. 'Cuz if you don't share your photographs, there's no point in taking them. So you can share 'em, we've already shown you one way to share 'em and that's through a website, like here is a gallery that I just posted, go ahead and look at 'em. Another way that we wanna share our photographs is we wanna go and share them through, say Facebook. Now inside of Lightroom Classic, hopefully everybody knows that there are things called Publish Services. If you don't know about Publish Services, they're down at the bottom of the library module on the left-hand side. Publish Services, you can set up a Publish Service, so for instance, I have a Publish folder in my Jared Platt Live Facebook page. So if you just, if you go to Facebook and then it's, you'll find it and I...

have a folder that I can put stuff in called On Creative Live and it'll put it in that album. So I can simply take an image, let's say this one here of the Northern Lights which I was super excited to have seen, I can take that image, which is slowly loading for some reason, I'm not sure why but I can take that image and I can grab it and I can drag it into that Creative Live and then when I click on it, all I have to do is hit Publish and it will be on Facebook. So I'm just gonna make sure that it actually loads in before I do that, I'm not sure why it's taking awhile to load in but if I hit Publish, it would just send it to Facebook and there we go. So that is the Publish Service area. You just simply log in, Facebook is already a Publish Service inside of Lightroom Classic and so you can just drag it in and publish it. Now one of the downfalls is that it doesn't give you like a, it doesn't open up an option for you to type in a story about that photograph. And so where it grabs the text for your post is from either the file name itself, so in this case it would just be BP1000 would be, and it would show up on the post which is not all that nice or useful. And so if you want to, you can set it up so that the metadata, here the title, if you type a title in, then it will type the title in as the title of your post. So use the title and caption as a way of making sure something useful gets into the post as opposed to just the image name, JPEG whatever. Okay but if you go to Lightroom Mobile and I wanna share from there, I'm gonna go to that, so inside of Lightroom Mobile if I have a photo that I want to share, so I'm gonna go in and look for my Iceland photos, where are you, there we go. Oh, did I put it, no I didn't, that was portraits. So there's my Iceland Best, if I wanna share that same photo from mobile, and this is where I do most of my sharing because I'm on the road, I'm just moving around, whatever and so I wanna share this photograph, I can simply click on this little share button right up at the top, if I click on that, anything that is inside, just like I could print from here, I can simply hit Share, choose the small image size 'cuz I don't need to be big and then I can go to Facebook and then I have something to say about it, I am on, Creative Live right now and wishing I were, let's see, wishing I brought the Northern Lights with me. Okay so whatever, so I'm just posting it, there we go. That's it. And now it's on Facebook. So if you go Jared Platt,, it's gonna be on Facebook. Yeah? Quick question is will this integrate with any app or any sharing that you may have within your iPad or smartphone? Like if you're managing through Hootsuite or something like that? Yes. Would it work? So any app that you have that, there are some apps that it won't just because they don't seem to play well with other apps, but any app that's programmed well will be available to your iOS and so if it's available to the iOS on sharing, then when you're inside of the sharing options, so I'm gonna go back here and share, and when you get that sharing option, just simply scroll over to the very end and click on more and then look, I can share it to my OmniFocus which is my like, that's like my to-do list. So I can share it with a lot of stuff.

Class Description

Adobe® has just released the newest version of Lightroom at Adobe MAX. There are major improvements and a few new tools to learn about, but more important are the updates and improvements in the entire Lightroom® Creative Cloud® ecosystem. Whether you are a professional photographer or a serious photo enthusiast, you need to know how the new Lightroom ecosystem works and what it can do for you. Join the world's Lightroom guru and learn about the newest updates in Lightroom and how to harness the power of the Creative Cloud. In this course you will learn how to put the new tools in the Creative Cloud to use in your serious photography workflow: new organizational strategies, simple image backup, universal access to your photos, and so much more. Adobe’s new Lightroom ecosystem, including Lightroom CC, Web, Mobile, and Classic are the beginning of a new future in photo-post production. Come learn what Adobe’s powerful new tools mean for you and how to implement them into your workflow.

This class is for Professional and serious photo enthusiasts or anyone who is a serious Lightroom user and wants to learn how to increase efficiency in their workflow and have even more fun with their photo collections.

Software used: Lightroom Classic CC 2017 and Lightroom CC 2017



Really like Jared's teaching style...has a great sense of humor & education to support anything he says. Learned a tremendous amount and feel comfortable & confident that I understand the basics and how to take advantage of the LIGHTROOM ecosystem. Good job....this was my first Creative Live purchase and am very satisfied.


Before I took this class I used Lightroom Classic CC as a culling tool more than for editing. Jared Platt showed me how to speed up my editing workflow, and rely more on Lightroom Classic and less on Photoshop, which cut my editing time nearly in half. Platt teaches in a holistic style with humor, demonstrations and tons of knowledge that is easy to follow. I really enjoyed this class, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to speed up their workflow or take advantage of the new mobility features that Adobe has added to the Lightroom platforms.

Candy Smith

Jared does a great job of getting over the fear of the changes that my photography friends were talking about when the cloud went into effect. He really encourages you to take full advantage of all that is available with the CC subscription across all your devices. Huge time saver which I appreciate as I have many projects going at the same time. I now travel way more than I thought I would, and Jared helped me move into a more mobil form of editing so I can use my time more wisely.