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Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer

Lesson 14 of 14

Moving from Lightroom Classic to CC

Jared Platt

Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

14. Moving from Lightroom Classic to CC

Lesson Info

Moving from Lightroom Classic to CC

Let's put a special flag right here on this little piece. Special flag, this is the lesson, and it's a one minute lesson. Those of you who are already in Lightroom Classic and you want to stay there, but you still want to use Lightroom CC, you do not migrate. Don't migrate because migration is telling Lightroom, I don't want to use you, I want to use Lightroom CC. And all of those photos are going to be copied into a specific location. Instead, what you want to do is you want to take your Lightroom catalog. You simply make sure that it's attached to the web. You go up to your preferences and you.. So, we're gonna do this right now. You just go up to your preferences here, there we go. Go to your preferences, and go into preferences, and make sure you set up your Lightroom CC, all the stuff whenever something comes back from CC. Set this up where it needs to go, and then you're gonna go over to this little area where your name is and click on here. And in this first line, there's a play...

button, and you hit play, and that's gonna start you into Lightroom mobile. And then you just come down into any of your collections, right here, and make sure that you toggle on the little box into a sideways lightning bolt. Anything you do that with, it's gonna send it to the Cloud. Then all you have to do is grab your laptop. Whatever's traveling, take that. Turn on Lightroom CC, go ahead and set up the preferences the way we told you to set them there. Put how many photos you want to store on that computer to zero. Don't check the box that says "Store all the photos here." 'Cause all you want is a mobile station to look at things. You basically want your laptop to become as useful as your iPad. And then you're just going to sign in, and once you've done that set it up. Let it spin for the evening or whatever, and it's gonna download all the proxies that are up in the Cloud that you've already put there from Lightroom, from Lightroom Classic. And now you have a perfect pairing between Lightroom Classic and another computer that has Lightroom CC on it, and it becomes a mobile device. I have been waiting for that for about three years, and it's now here. So now my mobile device is my iPad, my iPhone, and my laptop. That's brilliant, okay? Those of you who want to use CC, and you don't care to use Lightroom Classic anymore, then you use the migration tool. There, end of lesson. That's the one. That's a lesson right there. Very critical, put a big star, three stars next to it. Everybody needs to watch that three times. This is not a stupid question, 'cause they don't exist, but with all the updates to Photoshop, and Classic, and everything, should I wait until I'm finished editing my current session, open on my desk to do it? Or can I do the updates, and then finish editing this particular session? Just do the update. Okay. Update, do the session, 'cause it's not gonna change anything. It's gonna update your catalog. You're not gonna be able to go back to the older catalog. So when you update from Lightroom 2015 to Lightroom CC, which is 2018, you are going to.. The Lightroom catalog is gonna get smaller and faster. So that's what I want when I'm working on something. So stop working on your session, update, then finish working. You'll have a faster Lightroom, and you'll have that extra tool that saved me, literally, three days of work. So that's worth it right there.

Class Description

Adobe® has just released the newest version of Lightroom at Adobe MAX. There are major improvements and a few new tools to learn about, but more important are the updates and improvements in the entire Lightroom® Creative Cloud® ecosystem. Whether you are a professional photographer or a serious photo enthusiast, you need to know how the new Lightroom ecosystem works and what it can do for you. Join the world's Lightroom guru and learn about the newest updates in Lightroom and how to harness the power of the Creative Cloud. In this course you will learn how to put the new tools in the Creative Cloud to use in your serious photography workflow: new organizational strategies, simple image backup, universal access to your photos, and so much more. Adobe’s new Lightroom ecosystem, including Lightroom CC, Web, Mobile, and Classic are the beginning of a new future in photo-post production. Come learn what Adobe’s powerful new tools mean for you and how to implement them into your workflow.

This class is for Professional and serious photo enthusiasts or anyone who is a serious Lightroom user and wants to learn how to increase efficiency in their workflow and have even more fun with their photo collections.

Software used: Lightroom Classic CC 2017 and Lightroom CC 2017

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Really like Jared's teaching style...has a great sense of humor & education to support anything he says. Learned a tremendous amount and feel comfortable & confident that I understand the basics and how to take advantage of the LIGHTROOM ecosystem. Good job....this was my first Creative Live purchase and am very satisfied.

Candy Smith

Jared does a great job of getting over the fear of the changes that my photography friends were talking about when the cloud went into effect. He really encourages you to take full advantage of all that is available with the CC subscription across all your devices. Huge time saver which I appreciate as I have many projects going at the same time. I now travel way more than I thought I would, and Jared helped me move into a more mobil form of editing so I can use my time more wisely.


Before I took this class I used Lightroom Classic CC as a culling tool more than for editing. Jared Platt showed me how to speed up my editing workflow, and rely more on Lightroom Classic and less on Photoshop, which cut my editing time nearly in half. Platt teaches in a holistic style with humor, demonstrations and tons of knowledge that is easy to follow. I really enjoyed this class, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to speed up their workflow or take advantage of the new mobility features that Adobe has added to the Lightroom platforms.