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Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer

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Using Adobe Spark with Lightroom

Jared Platt

Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

12. Using Adobe Spark with Lightroom

Lesson Info

Using Adobe Spark with Lightroom

So, one of the things though that now you can do as well because everything is in the Cloud, you don't necessarily have to be in light room to share it either. So for instance, I can come to... So I'm gonna go to all of my photo type apps and I can go to some of my favorites. Like for instance, Adobe Spark Post is an amazing app that allows you to create memes and little messages and advertisements and stuff like that just at the touch of a button. And so I can go and, notice, this is new as of Wednesday. Adobe Spark Post allows you to do branding. And so you can set up your branding and it, notice all of these have a little gray "jp" on them. See that? The "jp" and it's gray and the text is a very specific text and all of them are following the brand rule. So the brand rule is no matter what I do, if I post with my brand on it, it will automatically put all that stuff on it. So I don't have to worry about, like fussing around and looking for a specific... Because otherwise you could g...

o and create a you could go and create one with templates. And let's just go to, like, so I would be like, "Oh that looks cool, "but that's not my brand. "And it's not gonna look like it came from me." And so then I'd have to go in and remix it and change it and I'd have to go like, "Oh, okay well I want a different pallette, "I want that pallette, and then I have to go, "no I want that pallette." See how all I had to do was hit my brand and now the pallette is my brand. Which my brand is very neutral. This is brand new. Before, you had to just cycle through stuff because there's so many options. Now, you can set up as many brands as you like, so let's say you do social media for five different brands. You can set it up so that you have social media brands for Jared Platt and then for so-and-so and then for this company and then for, you know, Fred's Bagels and whatever. You can have a social media brand for everybody that you work with. And then just send those out and it'll have their logo, their colors, their style to it. So let's just go back to my posts and we're gonna go to templates and to brand and boom. There's all the templates that I can use in my brand and then I can play around with them and mess with them. But now I can click on this and say, "Okay, I like the idea of the "sky behind it, so instead of doing that, "I'm gonna have none on that and then I'm just gonna "simply change the picture." So I'm gonna replace the photo and I'm gonna do it with Lightroom so you can't see where my thing is clicking but if you go all the way down, you can see Lightroom. Click on Lightroom and then I can just look for things that I want from Lightroom. These are all of my collections that are on Lightroom. So now, see how I just replaced it with one of my photos of the Northern Lights? And then I can click on here and I can re-type and say so let's just go, it's gonna be, See The northern lights And hit "done." See the northern lights. And then I can play with that like that. And then I could come down here and, you know, re-type that and then my logo's already there. You see how easy that is? And then, if I decide, oh, you know what, I need this to be, hold on. So I need this to be a different layout. I need it to be a different size because I'm not doing a poster now. I'm doing a Facebook advertisement. So I'm gonna go to a Facebook ad and click on it and boom. Now I can edit that one instead so it knows the size you're gonna want and then it redesigns that so then I click on this and say well I kind of like the way, you know, that it was working before so I'm gonna click on... Oh let's hit done on that and then we're gonna go into here and I can move that. I liked how it was kind of cutting into that edge there but now I can make it bigger. There we go. And I'll put it over here and then I can take this over here, put it like that and make it much bigger, put it like that, there. So now I'm done with that and then I can send it out. So once you've done that, you can always come back to this one and change it out again and again and again because now you have something that you like. So, very easy to share but notice that I didn't have to be inside of Lightroom to share it and I didn't have to go to Photoshop to do all this stuff. All I simply did is go to the Application that I want to use and I can look back into Lightroom because all of my stuff is online so no matter where I am... And I can do that from here too if I'm on the web. If I'm on Lightroom web. There we go, if I'm on Lightroom web I can go to Spark Post or I can go to Spark Page and I can create a web page or I can create anything. I can even create a video out of those photos, like a slideshow or presentation or something like that. So if I click on plus, I can say I want to make a new web page. And so Spark is going to create the page. I'm gonna hit Photos, I wanna go to Lightroom and in Lightroom I'm going to choose from my stock photos. And then I'm gonna look through the stock photos and I'm gonna create page with this, type in a title, then I'll go down and create some text here, type in my text and then after the text I'm going to create, you know, a video, then I can type in the YouTube channel for that video. And it's just gonna create a webpage that I can just scroll through. And it's super simple to create that. And then when you preview it, it's just a really beautiful website that just scrolls through. So making a website or making a social media post or something like that can all happen right on your phone, right on your iPad, or on a computer. But the key is, you've already put all your stuff in the Cloud. It's easy to find. Now, if I were in a position where I had to create some kind of content, I would simply first, go either to Lightroom web, or to Lightroom CC, type in my search criteria because then Sensei can help me find more stuff than I've even done any key wording on. It'll pull in, say, 50 images that it thinks might match what I'm looking for. Those I can collect and put them into an album and then that album is available when I come to Spark and I'm trying to create this webpage. That album is then available to me so that I can... Here let's, so then I can say, okay, I already created a album out of that search criteria that I made and so I'm going to start pulling up these extra photos that I put together. And you can see that it's even taking the title of that photo and putting it into the photo itself automatically because it's inside of Lightroom and then I can take this time to tell the story about that photograph and how we got up early in the morning and we... It was actually quite funny because we got up early in the morning to teach this workshop that we were doing in Prague and there's this Charles Bridge that's really famous and beautiful and it gets really crowded. So in order to avoid the crowd, you have to get up before the sun rises and you have to be out there and ready to shoot because once the sun is up, everybody's out on the bridge photographing and looking and whatever and it's just thick with people. And so we all got out there early and there was about 10 or 12 students there and we were photographing the Charles Bridge and all these cool structures behind it. Stuff like that. And I was teaching, you know, about exposure and especially about HDR and trying to get all that stuff done and suddenly, I look around and there's my 12 people here and there's about 50 other people standing around listening and setting their settings on their camera. And so I took a picture of them. There were just 50 people and then my students right there and they're all just like keep going. So it was like a public class on the Charles Bridge. So anyway, but if I want to tell a story about this workshop, I can simply write that down here. I can put in a photo grid so I can click on photo grid and say I want to get the photo grid from Lightroom. And then I can go again to my Prague images and I can go and highlight all the images that I want just like this and like this and just kind of scan through and then when I import them, it creates a photo grid of all of those images like this. And I can edit that photo grid and move things around and make them bigger and smaller and stuff like that. And as soon as I'm done and save that, then I've got a preview and I, this is the web page that I've created. So, so very quickly I can make a story webpage. Now, one of the things that Adobe hasn't provided yet is the ability to make this my website. So it's not that you're going to, it's gonna be, you know, forward whatever. And so some people have gotten around this by just creating a website on Go Daddy and forwarding it to the Spark page that they've made and using what's called masking that keeps as the URL so people don't see they're on a different website, they see that they're on yours. That's one way to do it. Now, if you create a webpage, you can actually make free Adobe Spark pages without being a CC member. It just has the Spark, Adobe Spark logo on it. If you are a paid CC member, then it's completely brand-free and it's you. It just doesn't have your name on the URL so you have to work around that. But you can see how all of the sharing option is very, very simple. As a result of everything being in the Cloud and able to draw from.

Class Description

Adobe® has just released the newest version of Lightroom at Adobe MAX. There are major improvements and a few new tools to learn about, but more important are the updates and improvements in the entire Lightroom® Creative Cloud® ecosystem. Whether you are a professional photographer or a serious photo enthusiast, you need to know how the new Lightroom ecosystem works and what it can do for you. Join the world's Lightroom guru and learn about the newest updates in Lightroom and how to harness the power of the Creative Cloud. In this course you will learn how to put the new tools in the Creative Cloud to use in your serious photography workflow: new organizational strategies, simple image backup, universal access to your photos, and so much more. Adobe’s new Lightroom ecosystem, including Lightroom CC, Web, Mobile, and Classic are the beginning of a new future in photo-post production. Come learn what Adobe’s powerful new tools mean for you and how to implement them into your workflow.

This class is for Professional and serious photo enthusiasts or anyone who is a serious Lightroom user and wants to learn how to increase efficiency in their workflow and have even more fun with their photo collections.

Software used: Lightroom Classic CC 2017 and Lightroom CC 2017



Really like Jared's teaching style...has a great sense of humor & education to support anything he says. Learned a tremendous amount and feel comfortable & confident that I understand the basics and how to take advantage of the LIGHTROOM ecosystem. Good job....this was my first Creative Live purchase and am very satisfied.


Before I took this class I used Lightroom Classic CC as a culling tool more than for editing. Jared Platt showed me how to speed up my editing workflow, and rely more on Lightroom Classic and less on Photoshop, which cut my editing time nearly in half. Platt teaches in a holistic style with humor, demonstrations and tons of knowledge that is easy to follow. I really enjoyed this class, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to speed up their workflow or take advantage of the new mobility features that Adobe has added to the Lightroom platforms.

Candy Smith

Jared does a great job of getting over the fear of the changes that my photography friends were talking about when the cloud went into effect. He really encourages you to take full advantage of all that is available with the CC subscription across all your devices. Huge time saver which I appreciate as I have many projects going at the same time. I now travel way more than I thought I would, and Jared helped me move into a more mobil form of editing so I can use my time more wisely.