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Lightweight Location Lighting

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Shoot: Alley Steampunk (Group)

Kevin Kubota

Lightweight Location Lighting

Kevin Kubota

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25. Shoot: Alley Steampunk (Group)


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Alley Steampunk (Group)

we're going to do for our last shot here way have this great alleyway behind creative live studio uh grungy dirty perfect for a steampunk kind of ah a gathering of the punker steamers they're going to steam some buns that's what steam punkers do they steam stuff so we're gonna have them out here ready to steam maybe not maybe there's gonna be punks I don't so we got this cool little wall so I'm picturing kind of ah along the wall is that backdrop we're gonna have them kind of up front kind of staggered kind little rock bandy looking thing but really it's all about creating some drama here in an alleyway that's really kind of block so one of the things that I'd like to dio is to make this really more of an evening kind of weird ish light so I'm gonna shoot in a tungsten white balance in the middle of the day in order to make my wall and everything that's hit by the shade very very blue so I'm actually purposely jacking up my white balance so that we can make that very very blue my speed...

lights have warm tungsten gels on him so that the lights that air hitting the subjects will be relatively normal but this is not a normal shot I'm not looking for perfect skin tones I'm looking for drama contrasts one of the things we did was to wet down the ground here so I have a couple of speed lights up on the wall we have our little gorilla pods clamping onto them one sitting up on the ledge and they're just shooting back light and my my goal is to have them kind of reflecting in the water this wet surface so we have sort of a twinkle on the floor of the scene way may need to get another bucket or two a water because it started to dry out so I don't know if that's possible if anybody can do that while we're setting up the lights uh to have one more bucket or two of water just to hold it down we also have inside this metal grate here there's another light actually are light trek or impact why track from being h is inside this metal grate we saw this cool little grated gate here and I thought wow me got interesting just beam some light through that see what happens you know if we like it we like it we don't we don't and so the main thing is gonna be getting our post here to shoot this with a twenty four millimeter f one point four lens probably going to shoot it at about one point eight because again my goal is to have the background kind of site slightly out of focus and then just really the people in the front in focus okay so with my neutral density filter which you guys are familiar with I can adjust my exposure so that the background is about to stop to stop in a third maybe stopping two thirds down dark underexposed and I can still shoot it to fiftieth of a second and almost wide open so that's what my nd filters allowing me to do so I'm just going to double check my exposure here and we'll do a test shot and then to fiftieth it if one point eight make sure my tethering is set to go you guys are way are gathering roughage I got my tethering on cameras connected so I'm gonna set my base exposure turn off my flashes and we just want to see my composition the models are going to actually be more up here but doesn't matter because there's gonna test to see how much exposure we need for the wall and to get the blue in the background so let's do a little test fire away here and see what we're getting all right groovy so we can see now there's our base exposure with the white balance set two tungsten a really warm toxin in fact them at twenty five hundred k if you're interested in quel vin numbers for your white balance twenty five hundred kicks this whole alley into a dark blue when in reality you've seen on the video it's just a normal kind of gray and it's a sunny blue day so there's not really this kind of ambience going on here so now I'm gonna turn on my speed lights that we placed upon the wall these are all on aren't they are they all on already okay let's let's turn those office we can see just those speed lights on the wall so I'm gonna take a little test now just for the speed lights up on the wall see where they are but they're gonna look like on the ground got firing on those okay all right so now you can see there we've got our speed lights up above getting a little twinkle we got some reflection going on the ground there we've got our light inside the room blasting out which I need to adjust it looks like it's not hitting it exactly where I wanted to go but it's close and now I'm gonna put my models in there we gotta figure out where we're gonna put the models in this scene right now we're all gonna get little more water on the ground going good wanna put back up onto the steps of there so it's out of the shot here comes the water uh lovely models you come this way so they're gonna they don't wanna hose you down let's uh let's get a little more this little more wet right over here in the middle area this is called the high tech cement watering system wait nice good job cameraman's loving that is like oh no here comes a bucket of water don't close the door all the way because it'll lock all right so now we wait gotta kind of decent setup here for those lights we just need to get our models in place and set up the lights on them so I'm gonna use I'm picking for the my main models which should be in the front we're gonna have ahh light box and each one of them this one is set up similar to a beauty dish we use this the other day with a circular mask on the front so it gives a pretty directional chris blight yes it's it's a little bit soft I'm gonna set my my zoom inside this head two wrong button about thirty five millimeters and we'll start at about a half power and see if that's too much or not so let's start one at a time so finn in mecca wants you guys come on up over here and I think well I'm just gonna stand right there until I take a peek alright come on closer to me ladies actually so let's see uh mecha what you turn this direction and if anyone had turned this way if you can separate your legs just a little bit like that and this life is gonna be finn's light and they were gonna have another one box here that's gonna be a mecha light on that side and then you guys come right over here let's just leave let's just check this light power outs who are at least could you pull that back a little bit and finn can you step towards me just a little bit more and we'll see what that light was doing myself here all right thing we'll sleep we're gonna crank that up a little bit weird what power we have before we're half so we got a full power on this one and then you're gonna look right into that box okay or just snus move over here nice okay so don't forget where you were now we need one of those on mecca so let's turn on one more right a little higher more luck that bottom one and you're gonna have to stand next to this to keep it's sure what power we have on those half and half so it should be about right there's a full eagles full power so this light here we're actually gonna shine on mecca but we're gonna feather a little bit to give a little ej light to fin as well as light on them and it's gonna start to throw light on them but we're also going to spotlight the others in the back in a minute but we got to check this one out first so let's go to the same spot so we're going to make sure that we're in the same spot each time otherwise my light changes each time we shoot this so come on over here and you're gonna aim it right is it right at your face there finn can you like step half a step back so you're touching shoulders with finn okay good right there check what that looks like a bull we got light on her now we need a spotlight on melissa so most of stay where you are and we'll get a little grid spot on her so you could see folks who just building this one piece at a time one light at a time so we have a lot of lights going on here but it doesn't have to be too complicated uh if you take it one step at a time okay let's try that way go we'll try this out now that was adding a little screwed spot to melissa and that looks good that lit up her face nicely way almost don't need let's put another good spot give another one set up let me see here where else we want school got island ready okay was that the last one in there so each one of these we have a sticky filter warm jill on each one of these lights and that's basically to take the light that's hitting them is going to be close to normal but it's still it's not going to perfectly normal cause that's not were going for but it's a least they won't be blue like the rest of the scene is so well that we have kind of ah warmish cast e looking thing on there uh bring it down because he could have his hat on and each to go under his that needs to go kind of straight into his face because of his hat so have you actually wear the hat I like that and uh one of you lovelies come over here hold my camera for me for a sex thank you still wait we're gonna get kind of dramatic he poses here we're just really camping this up so you do what you gotta grab his arm and then lean off like you're holding onto him there but you're going to stare right at your light okay come here buddy you're gonna be in your arm just a little bit cause I want to see this cool thing and to turn this around there on the other hand like you're holding your gloves and maybe your your belt or some like that reminds me of like uh sherlock holmes or something that's cool because that good meca let's have your twenty one toe or something so you're shifting your weight just a little bit there yeah and then shoulder to shoulder with finn okay and fan you're looking right at this guy or girl they got lights a guy the girls holding the girl okay everybody got their spot on them let's see what we got now okay good beautiful that I still move you guys look so cool right like that way we were like almost there hosting okay you ready for two more and we look at your lights I think sassy sexiness come in a little closer here another one a little lower getsem sky in there beautiful love the poses you guys it's awesome and right chin up just the way a little bit yeah way okay don't move too far to stay where you are all right looking good brilliant cool so I got a nice a nice group and now we're gonna try we're gonna add a little more depth to it so uh mecca and fen stay right where you are and really melissa and have you guys step back a little bit we're just gonna make a little more depth so you guys scoot back that way a little bit okay and how about you cannot looking over your shoulder towards her leg okay and you're pulling but you're not thinking attention time you like that that that perfectly disinterested kind of a thing what's a steampunk expression what is a steampunk expression that yeah yeah feigning disinterest yeah you do that to you do that that's what she had to the other side all right there you go are those are those grids still following them okay good here we go love that make a look up its your light beautiful wilmore uh nice stay don't move kevin hi she's checking your facebook uh that's great hey fanta like when you had the shot couple previously had your right hand up a little bit like that may be up to you you just like that um mecca gonna have you put this hand towards me so you can just point lease this hand like this everybody kind of exaggerate we want like thing's stuck out like this hands touching something legal uh yeah they're playing their hair their neck leslie is good yes we're gonna play your hair looking up like that you do you're like you're just pulled your goggles off kind of thing and point your fingers like this mika so you see that ring okay you guys so we're exaggerating all of our poses were very much victorian what you call those things teo did teo I'm talking about yeah some like that okay yeah it's too high I think I like it yet your shoulders cool you're chester you're tell me whatever it was he before did it did it things okay here we go three two one oh those stairs cuarto haha I want two three four here we go no laughing this morning no nothing this is a very serious business no loving I want two three beautiful uh last one good nice okay yeah I want to see finn's faced little more yeah pretty good riley finn was good riley you're good just want your face towards the light so she's holding you you're just like like so we gotta go separate your legs just a little bit bambi cantrell taught me never to say spread your legs your clients so I never d'oh you notice I didn't say that ok so let's help what power you have in these okay let's go up one well this is that pointed at your face still turning okay okay you guys kind of tell me if those these light there pointing at you you're a star yet all right we need it into somebody else's swap out with regina give her a break maybe somebody taller than you sorry like coming right down on fin like that so as high as we were going to be another armed link up besides your arms goodness you're stuck all right here we go got maurier okay uh mecca lean in towards family whitmore come forward and what happened here I think I moved uh riley melissa did you guys move or did I move this way just a half a step that right there that's good okay here we go strike your marionette poses rowdy turn your chin to the right a bit mortal delight right toward your like little more riley little morning I'm sorry yes riley fans good mecca is great awesome sauce my legs are burning here we go three two this is like like this is why I go to karate so I can practice this kind of shooting stuff three two and one guy who nice don't move too far man has a good still came in with a little sleep in case anyone needs to go get their dogs groomed nice all right so now we're gonna try one more shot with umm qasar dry ice around here we're going to see if this thing works we have ah lot less they don't go too far we're gonna try to make some actual steam for the steam punkers so we'll see if this actually I think our drives melted a little bit so it was like a little kevin I was gonna ask you about that pose that you were holding how do you how do you how do you train for that so it is my karate sweet amanda hot water warm water there was a kettle she had a kettle of warm water there somewhere way can put it in here uh it'll it'll burn right through that in the cooler I think well you know what maybe not let's use this you like what dry ice you really careful not to touch it because you will burn parents like minus one hundred degrees tried to make funny and it didn't work we're gonna bring this we have to walk this so somebody get a little thing we're gonna walk this around just have a little steam coming coming around them as we shoot so bringing up close it's gonna become a little closer and uh who has a little fanny thing lincoln fan how uh starts to settle so start up here and then we'll just let it drop when I shoot like halloween like ok everybody grab your poses again we'll see if this um riley you have to step this way a little bit make sure you're still looking at your life let me go down into it or something it's just thinking when are you ready I'm ready below into that bucket or something way go okay move it up okay one more time derek lowe and how uh how wide that you could get your out just now that's good hold your poses guys overshooting way to go there you go work with me baby booth here we go let me know when you're ready okay ready was weak but well I exaggerate your stance a little bit more and separate your legs more than just your legs your face is fine you can pull your face up towards it like here you go uh let's go back to where you are just forget what I said yeah maybe somehow yeah more hot water I'm running out of breath well it's a straight in your head up a little bit more and look right at that light okay that's good here we go come more that's all that water we have that so we have a way to go you know I pulled it right here hold it up right behind him behind dying now there's some lifted a pie so it kind of goes over there somebody gotta blow on that thing to get going yeah hold your poses everybody we have steam eyes up melissa there's the trick all right I think it's god we might have got a couple in there we'll see if we had more hot water please you know when you're ready okay yeah we actually got one with it right in front of riley it's going to sting me one I've got some steam right there that was pretty good okay let's see what we're talking is there still no go zones start your poses right down there in front every makes your lights looking at you good that's it that's the way the bucket there that's it that's it that's it nice okay last one I think way awesome okay yeah my neck kevin tim thirty seven would like to know where he conveyed by a download of your personality ah that's a dangerous thing nice answer clear claire says he's all my baby that's what we like to hear alright look great um let's mister this kind of come right over here guys and just everybody line up straight up facing me this way way so we're gonna have kind of ah michael you'll be right over here during your shoulder this way just little bit on your feet there perfect like that one thin right there on riley uh okay you guys get we're gonna get closer together because you're like steampunk friends that's the thing we're going for it steampunk friends that this pull this arm up like that you can hold on to his harm you guys were like steampunk lover friends that you guys are and you guys are just steam punk friends you got there lover friends alright okay your friends so you're gonna turn let me try turning this way okay your esteemed friends turning sort of that way pretty good okay so now we're gonna bring this box uh where's our second box there you go you're gonna have one here on one back over here for a little bit of edgehill something this is going to come here keep it parked back there this is our main one member gonna feather it kind of across the group and we'll see how we get with that oh these grids on you know what let's put these behind them you guys can help lower those down and put him pointing right at the back from one of the back of their heads on the back of their heads and hidden behind them I'm just gonna check my two dads are you guys doing we're still working that steam our way all right we need more power of that wasn't even on mecca is it hitting her fire right aim it dumb just like that like you have a scoot closer to finn I know it feels like you guys are just met each other but we're gonna have to get you almost touching okay well closer then turn your shoulders to me okay that's good all right flash heads hidden everything hidden ugo steampunk friends that's what we are this didn't go off anymore power what's that set on okay so just bring it closer right over here to mecca and uh sorry right like that right that that right there bring this right over here ah here we go we have a little smoke that's pretty cool okay pull the bucket out necco anymore sassy nice lights good now oh really close his eyes for the last our stuff is gonna disappear may god have to make it happen smoke for everyone nice melissa chin up just a little bit right in this light look at that light okay good very nice one more come on steam steam for me okay all right cool alright coming bridget and that's it the last one we'll forget that stuff so let's just get a lot that was really good really good you guys really sweet and we crank this up one stop and we'll have this nailed ok good lessons on melissa that one's ah mecca and finn that's a full power ready right okay my lights behind there okay so finn you're looking at the light melissa you're looking at this like your light up there unless I like when you kind of put your head on his shoulder like my man on awesome mecha you're looking look up here too and put your hips closer to finn okay here we go three two one more one two three yeah sweet that's a wrap their awesome so awesome very cool great job questions problem it yeah we'll ask a couple questions okay um easy red rock says whose idea was the steampunk was it pre planned or off the cuff really enjoying the whole siri's thank you so much thank you yeah the steam book was a combination of I think I saw the jury and I said you know be cool to get to a steampunk shoot and I've always wanted to do something kind of steampunk inspired and I had ideas for steam punky flying machines and all this crazy stuff which amanda just like nixed everything and I wanted to do and I'm just kidding she was awesome about letting me do a lot more than you probably would have and uh then the jury inspired it and then we did pull it together kind of planet we didn't know exactly we're gonna do because I don't even see the alley till a couple days ago but we didn't know we just wanted something steampunk and then we saw the alley if not to be perfect spot for it four of them were lined up against that wall and I looked over I was like that just looks incredible yeah great styling was just amazing yeah started makes all the difference you know and I think that's again it's something that I really want to leave photographers with is the idea of go with a dream go with an idea go with a passion start with something that you love to do um it could be just something like the my ninja shoot those who were watching on the day the ninja she was a personal shoot project that I just that was fun I just love the idea of ninjas an animus I said I'm gonna put this together and started asking people and we made it happen and uh same here I thought steampunk school I love that steampunk genre thing and I thought let's put something together so you just gotta put put it out there you know and put out to the universe if that's what you want to say or put it out to your friends and say this is what we want to do and make it happen you know the planning a personal project is so important I think you know tio put something on your books you no way we too often just say oh eventually I'll do that you know eventually will do that and I suggested I'm challenging all you doctors out there right now in your calendar book right now put it down next saturday sunday I'm going to do my dream shoot no matter what it is you have to know what it is yet but get it down there and commit to it agree with that statement one hundred percent yeah what you love and do that do it yeah yeah that's the best way you know it even if nobody's paying you for the job eventually if you do enough shoots like this people will pay you because they're going to see it and they're gonna love it yeah go kevin okay fira go here stay here stay here well I think I think we're so good with questions because you answered them over the course of the day and folks we've answered so many questions so a lot of those that are in there when you purchase this course you will get those people are asking again about the lighting scenarios and there's going to be in the course course guides um so do you do you have any any final parting words for us and I think that's the biggest things that beginners get intimidated because they don't know how to use a light meter they don't I know how to use a flash and if you just start doing it and start playing with light and feeling it and if you have to adjust by field and you adjust by field you don't have to know all the technical details to be great with off camera lighting and flash and so if you get out of your comfort zone ride a motorcycle you know do those crazy things you always wanted to dio then I think you're gonna find yourself opening a whole lot a whole world of new doors as a photographer as you start to step out of that comfort zone well I would like to read a couple of awesome sauce quotes you mr awesome sauce over here um our grand prize winner matthew koontz who won yeah congratulations no his quote was you are an amazing teacher what I have learned about speed lights and lighting in general what we will be put to use your fun attitude makes the learning easy and fun for us is well you are the epitome of awesome sauce thank you matthew for that way have a whole page of clothes so that's right a couple more let's d'oh we like to show you the love that has been coming in again a lot on the from joon ik as usual you rock my photography world you keep me laughing the way you teach us so down to earth and easy to follow grace and peace okay thank you and for me personally I can honestly say I think you are the funniest creative live in structure we have ever had and it looks aren't everything right he just cracked me out all right over okay have a quote from david who says thank you kevin you're fun and charismatic instructor with your expertise and knowledge you've generously shared I'm definitely empowered to go macgyver the idea and other lighting here and techniques another awesome creative life workshop koules fantastic and colleen says loving this giving me a bit more confidence what waiting and that's that's truly what you're here for that's what yeah I think that's really important is that you not be afraid of it because you're hear her horizon is just expand as soon as you embraced this whole new world of being able to light and do wherever you want whatever you want wherever you want right I mean for me it's when I see eight nine lights that scares me you know that but the thought is that you didn't start with nine flights just one time at a time and build up to that and that's the way that we learned that it's really just it's really just one light lighting and you just do it nine times right hey

Class Description

Learn to create studio quality lighting under almost any condition! With lightweight, affordable, and portable lighting tools, Kevin Kubota will teach you to create beautiful portrait lighting in a variety of environments from typical urban locations to more challenging situations. He'll teach you how to do it using speedlights and smaller, battery-powered lights with simple and affordable accessories to modify and control the light. And after every shoot, Kevin will download and show how he quickly processes and enhances his images in Lightroom and Photoshop before even leaving the scene!


Karen Witter

I LOVED this class and I don't hesitate to recommend it! Kevin did a great job explaining how to incorporate additional lighting for on-location shoots and what those items would be. Then he illustrated those ideas for the class in various types of shoots. I loved the gear he recommended and especially his DIY suggestions. He has a great sense of humor and I felt like I was right there in the class. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who shoots on location and wants to make sure they're not only using the best lighting options but also the best lightweight lighting options.


I am enjoying this course so much!!! I am 100% happy with it. I just became a big fan of Kevin ! Great personality! Makes the use of flash a breeze. I just want to go outside with my gear and have fun now! thank you.

Maxx Walske

This workshop is fantastic! Kevin goes over every little detail you need to know for Lightweight Location Lighting. He shoots during the workshop, instantly shows the image and talks through how to see the light and make the proper adjustments for a fantastic image. He includes details about all his gear and post-processing tips, too! Kevin is incredibly inspiring! The course is easy to follow, fun and worth every penny!