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Lightweight Location Lighting

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Student Shoot: 50s Housewife (with Attitude)

Kevin Kubota

Lightweight Location Lighting

Kevin Kubota

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19. Student Shoot: 50s Housewife (with Attitude)


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Lesson Info

Student Shoot: 50s Housewife (with Attitude)

I'm going to drop this way down to about one sixty four power start with and we want to have this kind of in the front here maybe skin stuff okay so we need a holder handy holder person for this to work this light makes your this is actually zoomed to resume the head as hard like one of five I'm the main lighter guy christina is the stepford wife everybody's got their part to play and the chicken announces it's time to start okay here we go because you know bring her chin back towards me justus mitch good right there and bring your eyeballs down just a little bit there you go good chin up just a little bit little bit more right there yeah oh that's super group there no fight uh I can't think like that too yeah weird glowing blue yeah let's do a lighter sticky and pull the flash further away that's more casting a little light on them rather than you know I think what kind of calls action to backlight I'm a little more of a twinkle maybe come from here instead of having it yeah she does ...

baby all to will that that power has to come down I think quite a bit I just do you like the blue or is it too close to her dress to like what you think you like it it gives it a cream for your look I mean creepy I just wanted like soldiery and let's pull further back matic gonna drop that down stop oh there you go girl do that okay hold on here we go every ready okay like that's gonna sassy yeah let's do one more and then I think maybe if someone else wants to do a scenario all right let's do it get your get your pose that you like and then we can move on different lighting setup over toward the light good relax your fingers nice and good well maybe you just play with your necklace little bit good yep right there perfect so I like that hold it I think I lost focus for a second see that focused okay well I'm happy that's what that's what I wanted so go help somebody else all right somebody else when you do it we need one more scenario we can create here thank you you did you see him so they do a real stepford wife shot where she's is like heads on a platter with refrigerator door open with a vise like she's blaming it on fridge oh yeah I like it do we have any nice okay okay we're going to go fix the light in the fridge we need a gorilla pod for the uh you know we got to stand right here uh probably war out of the fridge oh that's scary is there big bills and violence that's great switch this out to take a just icky off that there's um there's um platters behind her there for that work so we're putting a warm sticky filter jill on the life it's gonna go in the refrigerator so keep that kind of like a warm refrigerator light coming out this summer I'm gonna zoom the head wide white as possible so that it actually spreads as much when she was opening the door and we're going to leave it at a low power setting to find out what that's gonna do uh feels good and cold in here try that you're this is how to get ahead as a housewife quiet in the peanut gallery has lipstick in a mirror oh yeah thie cleaver is a mirror and she's lying on her lipstick okay so you're like opening the fridge is like you just pulled him out of the fridge aerator and you've got your step like this is what's for dinner honey yeah so the light's gonna come beeman right here so we kind of want to turn you just a little bit that way I'm sorry attorney this way and move the platter have the platter in your right hand out here that hard to hold and then the left hand can hold the refrigerator just opened it get it relating this I don't know what you want ee um of jelled like maybe like a blue gel light from inside yeah okay so we gotta light in the fridge already fragile it's air blue I don't know I put a warm july in thinking it's kind of one thing but what about what about the same night on her we're gonna have for her um you know what do you think really yeah really really grand about women in their yeah just like a direct flash from her above and then what about directly do you want blue is that what you were saying no I was trying to just try to think of what what color light comes out of afraid we'll do assume the head would direct flash on her power probably need to go down a little bit someone and crank it down just a wee little bit okay with the light with the lights above would it be weird teo slash below to give that like a weird lady okay so let's see let's see all these lights were working before we tweak anymore that's great so what you're gonna have again one hundred fridge one hand the platter kind of like that okay there you go so this this light's gonna come right across from here the only think so is cast cds shadows on the cabinet which I didn't notice before but I mean what is that coming from it was from this light when we did uh wasn't yeah being done yes I'm worried about that tonight that'll cast something it depends on where you are but yeah okay that was that was an awesome pose love that just typically you get teo I don't know if we even even check we set the lights on light it that's like that didn't go off today and I don't think so you're testing testing okay I think we need something we needed I need a creepier linds I'm gonna go with a wide on this thing make this more dramatic way see my twenty four millimeter that be the one wait could do with a baby she needs some room lighting well we didn't have this light even on but four so let's see what that does but we should have a life behind her too I think I'd make it more more dramatic okay look right towards this light and give a really creepy smile there's gotta be a happy like dinner honey yeah it was good hello how do we get so much more power on that thing okay turn that down one stop one sixty four minus three okay so I'm gonna turn down the fridge aerator light a little bit changed my f stop a little bit several play keeps your flash cool it makes the battery last longer that's really nice thank you their girl feel like sitting down on the floor with a fork and a knife okay get the floodlight ready radio you're pointing right at the floor honey all right bring this down a little bit way we're interacting in a straight sort of way like love or with like we're touching anderson words less an animate yeah more like you just pulled it out like yeah you gotta kind of keep that and that's it'll stay open by itself okay let's just make this one happened here look on your face right here again you're looking like dinner time any little we need that they're looking right at the flash up here okay is that hitting her face creepy looking who can anyone more gel on that or sticky filter jail on the greater light who's got the stinky filters emphasized the blast a little more we can do that yeah let's do that I'll bring down the ambient three two thirds of a stop and I put another warm gel on the flight in the flash in the fridge to darken it down to make it maur warmer doesn't look too we're looking just doubled up the sticky filters gel one nice things about gels to is that you could just layer them up one on top of the other and a freezer from you refrigerator probably okay this dude we're gonna hold the head out this side so one on the fridge one head and you open the refrigerator door like that yeah there you and rotate this thing a little bit if you can okay okay looking right at this light right here good and if you can hold it out even further way just for a brief moment there we go that's it that's it okay like wait that's your shadow from the head but it works out fine cool that is crazy we gotta do a stepford we got to one stepford shot where she's just in the photos she was in we first startup goofing around here and let's pull but what if we just did step for it okay so like super super bright krish everything super bright and it's not like really dimensional but like yeah I mean we could do it with this one here just widen this spot out we'll change the zoom here to something wire like thirty five don't forget your what we'll take that up to about one thirty two power and we're gonna do one with just a single speed light here and probably I want to put this one that was in the fridge behind her again so that gives her back glade glow cool good set that down twenty eight she's getting ready way want is this guy here and I think there is any of the stepper shot okay okay pointed at you yeah two heads to one on extra challenger yeah yeah hey do that one again let's do that nice and blow that way but look towards the light turn your chin towards the light rather uh this this flash appear there you go nice last one let's do you now go do your step propose again but it's more like uh like the feet just like that and then hands how did you have it there yeah switch your hands around so one's lower that one there and look at that was just a nice kind of creepy smile right in this flash ah scary looking wait okay anything else you want to tweak on yeah but I just feel this feel this story with there head shot with the knife just this oh the straighter lipstick is the lipstick in the cleaver like like she used the night like a mirror yeah okay changed the way we need a lipstick we're going to go the long lens and we're gonna use more of our beauty light box says he wants something may grab that beauty box right down there the impact of splashing and if we can shoot it with that served portrait orientation with landscape but uh yeah you want a wider telephoto um I usually would do tell why would it be a little creepier if you got like a close yeah you do that e wanted to try your twenty two anyway so yeah so let's see a j he's gonna shoot you and I will be lighting and where's my where's my pole sorry doesn't come in all right figure where you want her this doesn't like half shudder focus and then shooter president play it locks yes maybe a stool where you can put your kick your knee up a little bit like that so we're gonna go where do you want let's just put your knee this way so the store do there facing see you just put it down quick let's just try it just so second step there kind of yeah that's good I don't know maybe kick it up with this just a little bit of that he's gone that way right then you're going to be trying for back played on her for one twenty let's come from behind there and then I like her face from the side yeah and then kind of cheat the knife of its your turn it a bit this way yeah great you have to get closer okay now look up at the light toward the light and when should be looking in the cleaver okay arianna powerless see that flash that was good dude would do what you did again I can't see can't seem to do a test fire for me oh you know hold on I gotta turn it on okay we'll do a little test on the fuck wizard test trigger where is it okay okay okay oh my god that's not flashing it yeah I think that not getting focus with the half thing but if you could catch some of that weaver like a little spark thing faces actually single continuous yeah let's go to make sure that we're on focus will go to f two point eight it's amore on drop the background down seems how's the ambient there I can't see the screen you want it down or up the background how moody do you want a j um I'm fine with how a goddess yes trying to get that it's pretty low and so is the uh bring the main light up then yeah not on you that's okay I'm just trying to get this focusing okay striving to fast check all right eddie doesn't doesn't deepen the focus is no and that's why expecting us even get these other lights as well ok alright trust returning that clever toward me just so you know I mean your hope forgot you like that yeah more direct so this look kind of be in the foreground a little bit more current yeah like that cake you just try that right eddie so why did we white white balance seem to go through blue that's just it seems a very flat and not dimensional where do you want teo so is the backlight iss was a rim light firing I can't see the screen very well so yes but it's just it seems you like cable but can we keep this there were light up to slip in the back booth come closer here because the light just getting their background yeah we move you forward well you're our best to europe one stop do you want more than that our talking about everything was that way were just thinking that because it's such a small space if you went with something like a snoot or a flashlight maybe it would focus the light we're on her and then let the background b uh worrying more foot like beauty dish focus down dr flashlight on her in the foreground the internet is calling for the flashlight way you get so we're gonna need a little gel on this probably balance the color on dh um for their sticky filter person way all out though are we using all that try also moving that way a little bit more and I make another suggestion on the internet kevin after you guys are done with this shot um would it be possible to do more of like an authentic lighting scenario as if this was a true fifties beauty shot a beauty more of a beauty beauty you have more of an authentic lighting we'll try more beauty whenever you guys have done way you want to get away from this so turn turn this way can you still get your foot up on that if you returned that way yeah let's try that that's kind of nice with knife uh okay I want you to fall we're teetering okay and they will have to get that really high above her think maybe higher ever go right that's kind of nice I like that okay we'll smile there we go uh right we got the speed lights firing though oh no that did not work at all let's uh with the spotlight would you say from this side no and it doesn't seem to be registering it's not high enough it all so we're getting she's really dark on her face I don't want to become a little tighter here so that we're just seeing these this area right here on dh that's nice yeah all right you have to adjust our exposure there a little bit makes that was turned off you still want to speed later focusing thing it's driving me crazy just gonna change your exposure see she's not getting out that's just not getting any light she's just back your open it up change your wife all right so we're going to just quickly move this guy this is not really getting where we wanna go fast enough looks like uh not not your fault because we just too many shifts in the kitchen here tonight just just alienated half of the internet so let's go with a fifty millimeter let's just do one last shot here and we're going to switch to a real beauty this goto fifty millimeter lens in my bag right there I opened it up a little bit and we'll change our white balance too um something else cold thank you we'll have to play the white bones little bit and make sure that I mean if we had it this way would that be uh whatever you want group but I'm kind of here like you just want more shadows across your face I just want to get her yeah that's lit it feels like she's very perfect everybody take one like that and then when looking at the flavor just like it and bring it closer so you can bring it up close and yeah feeling yeah I think she's a pucker up a little bit yeah pucker up that's good that's one more yeah let's try that white balances were which we can fix but work that pose a little bit more green yes she's green changed that

Class Description

Learn to create studio quality lighting under almost any condition! With lightweight, affordable, and portable lighting tools, Kevin Kubota will teach you to create beautiful portrait lighting in a variety of environments from typical urban locations to more challenging situations. He'll teach you how to do it using speedlights and smaller, battery-powered lights with simple and affordable accessories to modify and control the light. And after every shoot, Kevin will download and show how he quickly processes and enhances his images in Lightroom and Photoshop before even leaving the scene!


Karen Witter

I LOVED this class and I don't hesitate to recommend it! Kevin did a great job explaining how to incorporate additional lighting for on-location shoots and what those items would be. Then he illustrated those ideas for the class in various types of shoots. I loved the gear he recommended and especially his DIY suggestions. He has a great sense of humor and I felt like I was right there in the class. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who shoots on location and wants to make sure they're not only using the best lighting options but also the best lightweight lighting options.


I am enjoying this course so much!!! I am 100% happy with it. I just became a big fan of Kevin ! Great personality! Makes the use of flash a breeze. I just want to go outside with my gear and have fun now! thank you.

Maxx Walske

This workshop is fantastic! Kevin goes over every little detail you need to know for Lightweight Location Lighting. He shoots during the workshop, instantly shows the image and talks through how to see the light and make the proper adjustments for a fantastic image. He includes details about all his gear and post-processing tips, too! Kevin is incredibly inspiring! The course is easy to follow, fun and worth every penny!