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Make Things Make Money: The Business of Illustration and Lettering

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Making Digital Products

Dina Rodriguez

Make Things Make Money: The Business of Illustration and Lettering

Dina Rodriguez

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25. Making Digital Products

Lesson Info

Making Digital Products

Alright, so let's start talking about products, right? So, let's start with making digital products. Which is the easiest way to make money, because you can literally make money while you sleep. I like being able to wake up to an extra credit in my bank account, I don't know about you. So, why should you do digital products? You make a digital product. All it costs is your time, there's no up front expenses needed. How amazing is that? Now you have to think, well what kind of digital products do I want to make? Well, you can start by repurposing old work. So, I'm presenting these two concepts to a client, who's to say I can't take that piece of artwork that got rejected and turn it into a T-shirt design? Right, or sell it on a stock site? Right, we're starting to think a little bit bigger now. So we can use old graphics to sell in a bundle. We can take unused concepts to sell on stock sites or I can create an article series. So I have that article series in the very beginning of the cl...

ass? I can turn that into an ebook. I made tons of money from that product. Now, I wrote, I write a lot of books. (laughs) I like to teach myself through, I like to teach myself through teaching. So, Twitch is a great online platform. It's kinda like youtube, it's live, but there's a lot more interaction, there's a chat, there's notifications, you can get donations, but it's a kind of a complicated platform to be a part of and there wasn't a lot of educational resources on this platform so I wrote a book on it. No one else had written a book. And I was starting to get really into showcasing my process live on Twitch so I went ahead and I released a newsletter. Sign up, it's 15 dollars, every week you get a new piece of cons, a new tutorial, so you can, step by step, start to create your presence on Twitch. Now, I've already know how to create a brand persona for myself, so it's pretty easy to translate that same kind of information for this guy. And so when I finished this piece, I just turned it into a completed ebook. Now this only took time to make, and it was just when I had a lull, I had a month off and I figured "How can I use this month to the best of my advantage? I want to learn something new but I also want to make money. How can I do both?" Well, boom, I taught myself through teaching. And I sold it to other people who were in the exact same position as me trying to learn something new. Right, so if you guys are looking to learn more about Twitch, go to my website, learn Twitch, 15 dollars, make ya holler, right? (audience laughter) Okay, so, that's where we're creating for ourselves and for others. I created that just to learn more for my own goodness but I was actually able to make money off of it too. So let's use other examples. Some people like to create a custom font for their website. That's part of their brand guide. Who's to say you can't sell that on creative market, right? Or, you can go ahead and make a special brush set for your style, I mean your like a very, you're very very picky on the kind of organic style your illustrations take. You can totally sell those brushes on creative market, right? I love creative markets. I'm always gonna say creative market over and over again. Now, there's a lot of different things that you can do by making digital products. Now, start thinking about what you made in the past. Now as an illustrator you're gonna start seeing certain elements that you repeat a lot in your work. Maybe your really into sparkles, right? Or really into stars. Who's to say you couldn't take some of those assets and make a graphics bundle and sell those elements on creative market? Or, forget about stock sites, if you go ahead and you have multiple concepts and there's something that you think can be repurposed? Like I made this custom logo option that has a really beautiful illustrated ice cream cone in it, right? I can't use the words, I can't use the logo, but I can use the ice cream cone and sell it. Now, I'm not going to get immediate money from that but it's the little bit, those little chucks of change, those little royalties, they can add up to a lot of royalties really quickly! Especially if you keep on creating new content, right, if you're consistent, if your creating digital products, then people can eventually know you for digital products if that is something you're interested in.

Class Description

Do you have a passion for drawing and dream of turning it into your next full-time gig? Hand lettering artist and commercial illustrator Dina Rodriguez will show you how to create a career doing what you love. Dina shares lessons learned from her path to becoming a successful freelance artist–so you can grow your business without wasting your time or resources trying to get there.

In this class, Dina covers: 
  • Honing your craft through passion projects and social media 
  • How to attract clients through your online presence 
  • Three ways to make money for your business: Commercial Work , Commissions, and Products 
  • Creating a process that will get you the job every time 
  • How to charge what you're worth
She’ll provide detailed strategies, new ways to repurpose your work, and talk about planning for the future. After this class, you’ll know how to create a successful career and skip all that nasty trial-and-error.



Wow! This class was fantastic! Dina did a great job at providing relevant information that I can use right away. I was particularly impressed at how she was able to explain licensing and royalties, she really broke it down into easy to understand pieces. I think this course would be a great foundation for any artist/freelancer but I liked the focus on lettering and illustration. Creative Live must convince Dina to provide more classes!

Elizabeth Matzen

This class is full of excellent information, and Dina did a great job covering everything from building a webpage to working with clients. She has a engaging delivery style, presented the information in a succinct and well-organized manner, and the pace of the course was perfect - not too slow! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start or boost their creative business - great info!

Sharnika Blacker

Awesome class! Inspired and excited to improve my business with the processes and knowledge gained. Thank you Dina!!