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Make Things Make Money: The Business of Illustration and Lettering

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Process That Gets You Hired: Client Questionnaire

Dina Rodriguez

Make Things Make Money: The Business of Illustration and Lettering

Dina Rodriguez

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15. Process That Gets You Hired: Client Questionnaire

Lesson Info

Process That Gets You Hired: Client Questionnaire

What have we learned so far? Well we've understood that we have to kind of take possession over our passion; we have to protect it, we have to grow it, we have to specialize. But what do we do after we have the skills? Well, we have to figure out how we can start attracting audiences, right? How do we get those clients? How do we get those consumers? Well, with your website, right? And we went over the exact kind of content you need in order to attract those clients. No more cold calling for you because the clients are wanting to work with you specifically because we found your demographic, you know how to sell yourself, now let's talk about how you actually start working with clients, right? So let's talk about that on-boarding process. So what does that client do, and what is your process after they hit that send button on that questionnaire or that email? Hey, I'm interested in working with you. What's that next step look like? You have to figure that out for yourself. Now your on-b...

oarding process should remain the same no matter what service you're doing cos it's the amount of time you're putting in to collect the information you need so you can provide a quote, and, this is the most important part of the selling process cos they're interested, now how are you going to prove your worth? How are you going to get that deposit check, right? So, first things first, you have to create a questionnaire. You need to get that information from them in a way that they can understand that can help them understand their own goals, and you have a nice written down version of exactly what you need in order to provide a quote, right? So we have this questionnaire. Now, one of the things that questionnaires all need is something called conditional logic. Now this is something that comes with using Typeform, right? That's a secondary app you can use to create forms, and then also you can use something like... There's Typeform and then Wordpress has a couple different content form options where you guys can, depending on what the client needs, depending on what kind of form that they want. So this is what exactly conditional logic is. Let's use a real life scenario. So, your different services, right? Logo design and creating a poster have different questions, so don't you want to be able to tailor those questions depending on what kind of service they need? So, hey how can I help you today? When they click on logo design a new form pops up, not a new page, just right below the question they just answered that's specific to their needs cos, again, we're trying to communicate directly to our client. You wanna make them feel safe, like they can trust us and that we know what we're talking about. So if we're able to talk directly to them and what they need, yay for us. Better connection for everyone. So we can use Gravity Forms or Typeform to go ahead and do this kind of conditional logic. Gravity Forms is something that's exclusive to Wordpress. Again, it's one of those plugins. You do have to pay for it, but it's a yearly license, and then Typeform has free and both paid versions if you wanna go ahead and have something extra like conditional logic it will cost you a few bucks, but I promise it's worth it. Now Typeform is its own website, so if someone clicks your call to action to fill out a form it will actually take them to a new website and it'll look something like this. You can go ahead and you can go what's your name? My name's Dina. Okay, hey Dina, how did you find out about me? You can add these little additional things so they feel like you're literally talking to them in real life. Now, what kind of questions do we include? Well we talked about it a little bit so far, right? We wanna be able to speak to their niche, right? Make it seem like we understand and we're on their level, but we're never gonna ask them about their budget. Why? Don't pinhole yourself to what they think you're worth. Think about that. Why would you have sections that say, okay, what are you willing to spend on me? A thousand? More than a thousand? More than ten thousand? No, no, no. They're coming to you, they're filling out this form so you can tell them what you're worth based on the value you're gonna provide to their specific project. Nothing's worse than being like, oh, I only have $500. Well I guess I can't work with you cos I cost more than that. That's not a very good sale, right? So, we don't want to pinhole ourselves, and you miss out an opportunity to sell yourself so you can prove your pricing. Cos how do we prove our pricing? Well, we show our professionalism. We show that we are really freakin' prepared for this project. We're gonna knock it outta the park, we've done other testimonials, we have good projects, you know that we can do it, but now I want to prove it to you that I can do it for you specifically, right? Now, some people aren't ready to fill out the questionnaire. Now instead of you just passing those people by, why not have an opportunity to make even more money called a consultation fee, right? You can go ahead and some people may not be ready to fill out your form and that's okay, but you can charge them a discovery fee to help them. So go ahead, something like $100, $200, to go ahead and help them organize their thoughts. Cos especially if you're working with smaller business owners, especially if they're looking for something... Design? Maybe they've never even worked with a designer before. They don't know the answer to your questions cos they just never thought about it. And instead of them just sitting on it and trying to think of something, you're wasting time. Why not be able to get their attention, hey are you having trouble with this form? You not have the answers yet? That's okay, how about we book a consultation. I'll even give you the first 30 minutes free, right? And once you have those 30 minutes, if you're doing your job right, they're engaged. You're watching me, you're engaged, right? You wanna learn? Same thing with the clients. You give them a little bit of information and then you can go ahead and send them an invoice to create their branding or business project strategy, right? What's your question? Can you give a specific example of how someone would not want to fill out the questionnaire, but you would turn them, like, can you run through the wording Yeah, sure. and how they would get to that point. Of course. So I'm gonna use the example of a T-shirt, right? Say someone's like, hey, I really wanna start my own apparel company. I have all these really good ideas for slogans, maybe I have a really powerful cause behind my shirts, but I'm not a designer. I'm a good business person, but I have no idea what to make, so I'm gonna reach out to Dina from LetterShoppe, she does really good hand-lettered T-shirts, I wanna work with her, but I've never worked with a designer before. She's asked me all these questions like who's my target demographic, what kind of use cases do I need, I don't even know what those things mean. How do I figure out that stuff? Does that mean I just stop? But then, I have on my form, hey, are you having trouble filling out this form? Let's book a free 30 minute consultation so I can help you discover what you need. We have the consultation, we talk a little bit about their needs and goals, and I describe hey, I think it might be in your best interest for me just to go ahead and give you a long interview and be able to really understand what you need and then I can help you formulate a plan for your project. Now most clients will already have the content and goals upfront, ready for their project, but some people don't. But, you can go ahead and capitalize on that opportunity to make a little bit of extra money, and you just got 100% power of your own project, right? It's like designing for yourself.

Class Description

Do you have a passion for drawing and dream of turning it into your next full-time gig? Hand lettering artist and commercial illustrator Dina Rodriguez will show you how to create a career doing what you love. Dina shares lessons learned from her path to becoming a successful freelance artist–so you can grow your business without wasting your time or resources trying to get there.

In this class, Dina covers: 
  • Honing your craft through passion projects and social media 
  • How to attract clients through your online presence 
  • Three ways to make money for your business: Commercial Work , Commissions, and Products 
  • Creating a process that will get you the job every time 
  • How to charge what you're worth
She’ll provide detailed strategies, new ways to repurpose your work, and talk about planning for the future. After this class, you’ll know how to create a successful career and skip all that nasty trial-and-error.



Wow! This class was fantastic! Dina did a great job at providing relevant information that I can use right away. I was particularly impressed at how she was able to explain licensing and royalties, she really broke it down into easy to understand pieces. I think this course would be a great foundation for any artist/freelancer but I liked the focus on lettering and illustration. Creative Live must convince Dina to provide more classes!

Elizabeth Matzen

This class is full of excellent information, and Dina did a great job covering everything from building a webpage to working with clients. She has a engaging delivery style, presented the information in a succinct and well-organized manner, and the pace of the course was perfect - not too slow! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start or boost their creative business - great info!

Sharnika Blacker

Awesome class! Inspired and excited to improve my business with the processes and knowledge gained. Thank you Dina!!