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Master Work (From Home) / Life Balance


Master Work (From Home) / Life Balance


Class Description


  • Apply Amy Landino’s Good Morning, Good Life method to start each day on your terms and set the tone for a productive lifestyle.
  • Set up effective working environments in your home that help you stay focused on your work.
  • Increase and control your output of tasks with the time blocking method.
  • Overcome mental blocks and distractions that stem from working in your home.
  • Get back the time you want for life’s moments that bring you joy and balance your livelihood.


Have your work conditions changed? Do they look similar to your home conditions? The modern-day workplace is changing and although the advantages of reducing your commute time are many, the new struggles are still very real. How can you draw the line between work and home when it’s just too easy for them to blend together? It’s challenging, but it’s absolutely possible.

If you want to stop feeling like you’re aimlessly navigating each day in a reactive state, struggling to see the line between your personal and professional worlds, this course can help you find your way. As the World’s #1 Productive Lifestyle Coach, Amy Landino helps high performing individuals with the daily challenges of balancing workloads with life goals.

This class will help you:

  • Rethink morning routines and how powerful they can be for your daily mindset and design the perfect one for your lifestyle.
  • Discover practical tips for turning a to-do list into an actual plan of action.
  • Planning with the time blocking method, including maximizing the power of task batching.
  • Increase self-confidence in setting boundaries with the people in your life so that you can be at your best no matter what you’re doing.

Amy will help eliminate the self-doubt that sets in from falling behind with actionable, effective strategies that make productivity approachable. You don’t need to have a particular circumstance to be a high-performer. In this class, you’ll notice how powerfully simple a plan can be that still allows for life as it happens.


  • People who find it challenging to see where work starts and ends in their home office setting
  • Those who feel they are working harder than necessary to get the tasks of their daily life completed
  • Anyone who has struggled to make time for the people and things they love because of the expanding time their work seems to take


  1. The Challenges of Working From Home

    What you can expect from Amy Landino’s instruction of this class.

  2. Set Up Your Space

    Being productive at home means setting yourself up for success—literally. The setting you make for your work is reflective of the work you turn out. We will discuss best practices for how to set up your space so you’re effective in it.

  3. Good Morning! Good Life!

    How to define a start to the day that boosts your motivation and works for your life.

  4. The 5 Habits of Productive WFH Communication

    Like in most things, communication is critical in your work. For those you’re further distanced from in your remote office, you must maintain those open lines without taking away from your productivity. These habits will help you stay productive, while also keeping your team happy.

  5. The Power of ‘No’

    Amy advises on how to set boundaries with the people in your life—both personally and professionally—to increase productivity and even more importantly, self-love.

  6. How to Do Everything You Want to Do

    Look forward to the events that you’ve been ‘meaning to get to’ by actually making them a possibility. Amy discusses the truth behind why some people are able to make the time for the things they love, while others struggle to keep up with the things they simply have to do.

  7. The Time Blocking Method

    Turn your to-do list into a done list with the only way to make it happen for busy people: scheduling. We will discuss the time blocking method, batching tasks, and how to make the practice work for you—even when you must react to events around you.

  8. How to Take a Break

    Breaks. We all need them. Even if your plate is overloaded, it’s vital that you take intentional breaks from your work throughout the day. Especially when you work from home. This is how you do it right.

  9. Maintaining Distant Relationships

    Just because you’re away from your home base doesn’t mean you can’t have strong relationships with those you work with. We will discuss tips on how to manage this.

  10. Doing Your Best Work

    Amy talks about the mental blocks that remain, even in a high-performing, productive lifestyle. Discover how to deal with them and continue your best work.



This class was a game changer for me. I have officially set up my complete calendar blocking system according to Amy's tips and what works best for me (which she preaches and I LOVE that, since no two people are the same)! This masterclass gave me the motivation I needed by helping me look inside myself and turn insight into "just do it" action. I have been on a journey this year to strive for more and now I can say I am truly on the path to living the life I want and live out my passion and purpose in this world. So grateful. Thank you Amy!!

Michelle Agonafer

This is a great two hours to spend in your day to make the MOST of the other 22. Invest in this class. I really appreciate Amy's well organized, well thought out and helpful strategies. Her gift is communication and she makes productivity accessible to everyone. Thanks for the class!

Marie-Pierre Mayoux

A super pleasant presentation, full of pieces of advice that I start to emplement with success. Thank you ! Pinky power rules !