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Thanks + Credits

It is my pleasure to actually have this moment to say thank you to so many people who have made in this workshop happen over the last two days and first inform us we'd love to thank the hollywood schoolhouse for hosting in the creative live work shop and masturbate to deal flash, because this is a beautiful and amazing venue here in woodinville, washington, right outside of seattle. Gorgeous grounds and beautiful interiors. And thank you so much for your graciousness and hosting us the last two days and next. I want to thank our sponsors who are miller's, professional lab, danny manufacturing loom a quest larson enterprise again, radio popper and triple scoop music. All of you have contributed wonderful prizes to our global audience, and we so appreciate your generosity and continuing to give our audience rewards throughout this course. All right. And next I would like to I think all of you guys out there, our studio audience around the below. You guys have been awesome. This workshop ...

you have given us so many questions. Great challenges to throw. Mike and cody, you have had a wonderful interaction with everyone. So thank you all so much for your engagement. You are the ones who make creative, live what we are, so thank you very much. All right the next one is for the creative live crew you guys have no idea how many moving pieces there are to make this workshop happen and then my pieces she means people pieces people got people moving the pieces around and some of you get to see a lot of you know the blast behind the scenes footage but there we have an amazing producer at leiva and jin a who are working so hard making sure everyone is organized and that everything is done in a timely matter out there for you all the crew here it created live you guys are awesome all the camera ops who are holding cameras all day and chasing us around you guys are all really phenomenal so thank you all for making this happen all right you have to say it is pretty basic I mean, I've seen a lot of production that you guys really do it well so but it's also awesome all right and you guys are in studio audience how awesome have these guys been you all christina heidi arrest mike mauldin and renee you guys have been just totally on to watch you guys have grown you have participated you have picked up cameras that aren't even your brand on camera and rocked it and you know those of you were nikon shooters are now cannon shooters is kind of cool to watch you grow thank you all so much for traveling huge distance to be here, giving up so much of your time and energy and supporting creative, live and being apartment. Thank you all very, very much, and last, but not least. And actually, first and foremost is my fulton and cody, a clinton. Thank you both so much for traveling from your home in texas to come and share, like all of your knowledge, with a huge global audience, and doing so in giving manner and just filling our brains up and teaching us to reboot and restart, just, we're so excited that you have been a part of our lives last today, so thank you all very, very much, it's. Been fun, it's been a learning experience is a challenge for us to doing this kind of things. You've never done it. So it's been really fun.

Class Description

Through-the-lens flash (TTL) is a powerful tool for every successful photographer — but it’s also an intimidating system if you don’t know how to use it correctly. Join creativeLIVE for a two-day workshop on simple, effective ways for using TTL and off camera flash to create studio lighting in any environment.

Veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton will teach you what TTL is, how a wireless flash works, and walk you through a wide variety of flash techniques. After two days of hands-on instruction, you’ll understand the science of metered light, how to troubleshoot both manual and TTL metering, and the basic concepts of “flash placement.”

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate your on-location photography skills, transforming every location into a studio.


On the Mark Photography

[From intermediate hobbiest with moderate number of paid shoots]. I took the class because I knew nothing more about flash photography than slapping the flash on top of the camera, turning it on, and taking my chances. I could not have purchased a better class. Mike and Cody covered so much in such a clear way and with such great examples. Especially helpful are the shooting sessions where they work through the lighting situations, incorporating what is possible to do and what the client might want. I so appreciate their willingness to share what they do and how they do it. I now know some direction to take and what I need to acquire minimally to apply this to my work. Thank you!


Great experience and partially because of toned down Mike. I heard very few utterance of the word “idiot”. It is apparent that Mike loves to talk and is in a habit of repeating same thing again and again but I did see a better Mike and much useful content, all credit goes to you sir. Finally, a suggestion let Code talk when he holds the fort. He being behind the camera should get a chance to describe his vision. All in all very useful course and well executed. Thanks Mike & Code.