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Outsourcing Workload to Grow Your Business

Lesson 6 of 22

Intro: What's Best for your Business

Stacey Trock

Outsourcing Workload to Grow Your Business

Stacey Trock

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6. Intro: What's Best for your Business

Lesson Info

Intro: What's Best for your Business

This is when we're actually gonna dive into working on what's best for your business. So this one is what's best for your business, great title, and best practices. So I'm hoping to convince you that really streamlining your business is key to successfully making these hiring decisions. Like we saw in the last section with the shipping calculator, you don't want to hire someone per hour to do this slow wonky task that you could've cleaned up, you could've streamlined, and bam, now you're ready to roll. So we're gonna make a list of things that are taking time in your business, and also a list of things that are making money in your business. Because you want to do more things that are making money and spend less time doing the things that you don't wanna do or things that aren't really energizing your business. And so doing more of what we love, and also creating a better product than you had before, are two of our main goals. So how are we gonna do it? Firs we wanna dig down and analy...

ze our business, so I have lots of worksheets for you. What's doing really well? What's not doing really well? We're gonna talk about how to build a hierarchy of outsourcing needs. So I always say start with the low hanging fruit. What, none of us wants a team of 50 people right now, what can we hire out that's gonna take the biggest load off and just, ah. Raise our shoulders a bit. Gonna talk about how to document your business for success. I'm such an efficiency geek, so that's my favorite part. We're gonna talk a bit more about what I previewed about what's a virtual assistant, how would you actually hire someone, what are some great tips. And then the other part I bet you've all been waiting for, is how to shop for your freelancer. And so at the end of this section, we're gonna have figured out a lot of interesting things about our business. And this isn't the sort of thing we're all gonna do in 10, 15 minutes. I really encourage you to take time, dig up your financial records, dig out those sales records, and really spend time going through these. Even though we're doing it really fast right here, these are the questions that are leading your business forward and going to be guiding your hiring decisions. So they're really things you wanna spend a long time kind of thinking about.

Class Description

Most small business owners begin by doing it all. But as you grow, you’ll probably find that you need help. But what kind of help? And where do you go to get it?

In Outsourcing Workload to Grow Your Business Stacey Trock will show you how to navigate the options for getting the help you need for your business. From bookkeepers and accountants to graphic designers, photographers, and web designers, to virtual assistants, to production assistants, to overseas factories, to marketing agencies...there is a whole world of freelancers able to help your business run more smoothly!

In this class you will learn the following:

  • The range of freelancers that are available, and what role they can fill in your business
  • How to write a procedures manual for your business, making the delegation of work as seamless as possible
  • How to hire a virtual assistant and streamline your business into tasks that can be carried out by someone other than you
  • The difference between a contractor and an employee, and the pros and cons of each
  • How to outsource the production of physical items for your shop, including working with local artisans and navigating the process of ordering custom items from overseas factories (via Alibaba)

By the end of Outsourcing Workload to Grow Your Business, you’ll learn how to decide what is truly important in your business and what your time is worth.  The secret to successfully turning over portions of your business is to structure your workload into systematic and well-defined capsules, which can be handed off to a largely-independent freelancer; freeing you up to do the things that you really love!

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