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Shoot: Row Boat in Fog Part 3

Lesson 38 from: Portrait Photography: Creating and Styling your Environment

John Keatley

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38. Shoot: Row Boat in Fog Part 3


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Row Boat in Fog Part 3

Tip her over. Step out. Thanks, okay so we're just going to get, we're going to try to clock like 10 minutes that way, counter clockwise. Counter clockwise just pivoting on it's spot, but we'll just have to move the bags while we do that. The boat's not that heavy, why don't you help me with the bags, we're just going to clock the bags too. Nice work. I didn't really have to say anything because you were doing so great so. Oh thank you. You're doing really good. Actually lets lift it and then replace these. How happy are you with me right now? (laughing) John still around? Right here. Call him when you feel like the angle's good. Let's lift it and just like set it down on that other bag. That's quite a... Well we can square it once we get the... You want the back kicked more this way? I can't really see. Sarah step out. Either that or the smoke. You know I wonder when we go at a angle like that it might be... Well I'm going to find one off you guys coo...

l. Ready, John can you step back just a... Alright. I'm right in front of your light sorry. It's only that one. I think it's a little too angled, I think we should move the back over a little bit. Which way? Back camera right. Okay. Alright try that, yeah that might be okay. And we're all wonked but we can square that. Yeah I mean I'm not so concerned about that, let us just take a look and see where we're at, roughly. I have been in front of your camera all day, I am sorry. I've been walking in front of your camera all day. I don't know I don't really like this much. Jessica can we just, can we, is it stable enough for her to sit in there for a second? Well we can make it that way. Yeah. And we're getting a little bit of that blue light that's right by you. No let's not worry about that quite yet, but thanks tho, but I don't even know if we're going to roll on this. Face backwards again? Yeah face backwards. Alright, hold it right there. Perfect. Alright, yeah, let's fix that. Go ahead and fix it then? Yeah we might as well, we might as well shoot on this. We can still use a lot of our smoke plates from the other ones too, so if we get a couple on this, I think that'll be interesting. How's the light on her now? Pretty good, it didn't look like it changed much. Cause she's in a new place. Yeah it's still pretty nice. Yeah it's just like right there. It's all that atmosphere that's-- Yeah this helps diffuse a lot. And up. Up. Lets see. Jessica could you just look at me real quick. Right there, perfect. Cool, yeah it looks good. Let's see. That blue is still shining. I think maybe Ken you should probably be on camera left instead of over there, it feels a little off balance. We still have some on the bow. Let's see. John I feel like you should be draped over the back of the boat, just like... (laughing) We actually need to do that just for fun, so I'm going to need somebodies legs just like flopped over the side of the boat actually. (laughing) Whose got brown boots on? I've got brown shoes. Maybe they wouldn't have shoes on actually, maybe they'd be barefoot. We might need a, we might need a volunteer from the audience. I don't know what that's all about. So I'm seeing, I'm seeing, yeah plant tags. I feel like we probably need something on camera right again to balance like just a grass to... Alright. Jessica stay right there I'm going to get a focus, there we go. That it? Hold on, I'm resetting. Hang on just a moment John. (camera shuttering) Okay let's try that. Alright, so... That's kind of cool. I feel like we need to go up a little higher. (camera shuttering) There we go. Can you, sorry. Yeah why? Ken can you flag it, just make sure it's not coming from the background maybe? Alright so, JC. Yeah? I think for a limited time, the most important thing for this would be to get the smoke from the back, and then if we have time we'll get a couple pieces in the front, but I think. Which machine do you want? What were you doing originally? When I was in the back I had the little guy. Yeah I think that was working best then. Okay cool yeah thank you. Alright. Let me know when you're situated. Am I clear? Yup. Okay here comes some smoke. Alright here we go. So Jess yeah look right over here. Lean a little bit to your left, there we go yeah, that's good, that's good, that's good. Lips apart a little bit. Perfect. That's great. I feel like I maybe need to... Let's see I'm going to try to shift over a little bit more. Hold on I'm going to try something, I can't tell what framing I like best. It feels like too much maybe. Just try one extreme. That's too much. Alright, let's try that. Cool, alright. Do you got any more for me John? Yeah it's ready now. Cool. Alright, hold on, let's actually stop. Let's get a big waft. Wafter. There's one behind the gib. I'm just looking at your legs. My legs? (laughing) Yeah. (laughing) What do you think? These shoes might need to come off. Do you know what I'm thinking. I know. Are you up for it? Sure, where do you want me? You might need, we might need to see if there's any of those, any more of those, the slacks like Jessica's got on. Any of that kind of material, it's more like, not linen, but... See if we have any of those, yeah cotton, see if we have any of those. Ready? Alright here we go, oh I like that, I like the sass. Alright here we go. (camera shuttering) Good, good, good. Look a little bit more towards me. Give me the like, are you serious, kind of... Head towards me a little bit more. Swivel, yeah that's good, perfect, just like that. Even more eyebrow, skeptical, there it is. Swivel it this way a little bit more, and tilt your head a little bit. Perfect, that's great. We got a lot of smoke going on. Alright let's, hold it for a second John. And can you hit the camera left, kind of aim toward the oar for a couple if you could. Your right, depending on which way you're laying. I know. How you're contorted back there, there we go. It's ready. Okay. That's nice, pull it back a little bit, I can see the, there we go, yup. Good, good, good, good, good. Give me that same business on the other side towards the other oar. That's great Jessica. Chin up a little bit more, look off to the side give me more profile. Lips apart a little bit, eyebrows up kind of cautious, there it is good, hold it right there. Little, like 10 degrees towards me. Right there, right there, and then come towards me a little bit more, let me see both eyes, a little bit more. There we go, good, John, do you have enough to hit the other side? It's not ready yet. Okay. Almost there. We're almost there. And let's hit the other side, or maybe you aren't, okay you got... You got camera right, there it is, perfect. Good, good, good. Okay and then let's um, let's bring it up front and just get a couple hits on the front. We got our dead body? Do you want bare toes? I think maybe bare feet yeah. I have red nails, toenails. Red nails, that won't work. Let's see, do we-- I think she killed a man. She killed a man yeah, I think I like that. (laughing) Let me-- Who has hairy legs? Killed a man, I like that. What do you need? Would he be, I'm trying to think, would he be barefoot or would he have boots on. Boots. Boots. Boots. I like this, it's like a crowdsourcing, I like this. (laughing) Alright let's see, let's do a vote, I'll let you guys decide, who is it? You want smoke up front? Is it a man or a woman? Big boots. Man. We're in consensus it's a man. Boots or barefoot. Boots. Boots, he's a sailor. Boots, alright, alright. We're going to need someone compact. Alright you want to do it? Yeah. Alright we might have to, we may have, let me see, let me see what you're wearing. I've got like flannel and blue pants, and brown boots. Brown boots, oh man look at that, he came. He came ready to play, I like it. What's that? Smoke up front before we get... Um yeah let's do that real quick while he's coming out. Go hit the smoke. Um, so... Yeah we might need some like older boots, does anyone have like work boots. (chattering) He could put John's on. Put what on? He could put John's on. John Lavin, oh does he... Go ask John Lavin for his boots. Tell him not to ask questions. (laughing) Alright, alright. John let's hit that a couple times real quick, real hard. (laughing) Here we go that's good, thanks John. Alright. I'm sorry, remind me your name again. Arthur. Arthur yeah. It could work. Yeah is this the first live crowdsourced photo shoot. No, we've done this before? Alright. It's a first for me. First one today. Alright let's see how, let's see how it looks. Alright so just for motivation, not too hard, but just give him a knock on the head with the paddle just so he lays still. So Arthur I'm going to get you up here. So I think, you're just going to lay your back here and your knees are going to basically, hopefully just hang over, over the edge there. Arthur, Jessica, Jessica, Arthur. The man you just killed. Or at least knocked out temporarily, maybe that's... Gonna steal his shoes. Now he has a bounty on his head. (laughing) Do you want a sandbag or something for your head? It's pretty cozy, it's a nice boat. Yeah go for it. (laughing) (inaudible) Oh you guys do like barefoot, okay. Should we throw some like rope around him, make this realistic? Alright, why not. I think he's got to come more towards the, end of the, yeah. If he can, I don't know if he can. I know it's a little weird. You might, you're going to hate this, but you literally will have to like one butt cheek up and just kind of like. Or we can get a head apple under him. Is there a head apple in the other room? It might end up being his butt now. I'm going to fire one of real quick to see where we're at. Let's see. Do you need something for your head as well? It's heavy isn't it, how are we going to do this. Do you need something for your head. I'm good, thanks. You sure? Yeah no pants would be, would certainly read. With boots though? No it'd be no boots. Can we bring those feet, I'm not seeing the feet that's the problem, or I'm not, I need to bring him this way towards me if we can. There's a seat there in his way. Alright let me see, let me see, let me see. Alright I see the problem. Can you just, how far can you stretch? That far. These, yeah these appendages, here we go, there we go. Is that, are you gonna? Sarah, is there a head apple in the other room? Alright I'm gonna fire one off. It's, I don't know how well it's gonna read, cause you know the color, I think it's gonna have to be bare feet if it's gonna read at all. And bare legs. Yeah, somebody wants it to all come off. (laughing) So lets, can we take, are you comfortable with taking your shoes and socks off? Yeah that's fine. Alright let's do that. You don't want? Yeah. (laughing) Its not so. (chattering) What if you stand up outside again and I'll slide this apple under you. There see if that gets you up any higher. John is this pretty typical of what you might do once you know you've kind of finished something and now you want to play because-- Put a dead body in the scene. Because you have these things all set up and, I mean do you normally do this? If it's a client shoot, no, we're not going to put a dead body in the boat, but it just depends, I mean we try to have fun and, certainly if an idea comes up and we can do it we try. But often times there's a pretty set idea and I don't know that I'll actually end up using it, this actually could work I don't know, but nothing's off limits and I think it just goes back again to having an idea that you're excited about, but then being open to anything, a joke that somebody says, or an idea that somebody throws out there or whatever. Sometimes that is a better idea or it leads to something, so I don't know, I don't know if I can say it happens all the time, but hopefully surprises come up. Alright let's see how we're looking here. I think that will read a little better. Is that, okay that's Jessica. Let me see. It kind of looks like it's like her feet though twisted around. I feel like maybe if you go the other side. Let's try to other side. Yeah it looks like she's a contortionist or something. This is how I row. (laughing) Let's go, let's do, actually switch so your feet will come off camera right. Come off here. Yeah. Those feet. (laughing) I like how it looks, I wish it was, I wish it was, you know what I wonder, yeah let's see how that looks. Crossing the tape. Uh we're going to lose his feet though. Can you point them more towards me? Like, let's see maybe I can just cheat here a little bit. Can we splash some water on his feet. Yeah. J-Pop do you have some dirt for his legs? I do. Are we committing to this? Yeah why not, we're doing it. She's hesitant. Do you really want to do this Jenna? Yeah, lets do it. That does feel better. I feel like the boat should maybe be towards us more though, what do you think? Rotate it more towards the camera again? Yeah I feel like this just feels... Let me think, if we do that though the feet are going to come from her, they're going to line her up more with the feet so that may not be good. One thing we can do is push the feet more towards the boat like he's further in the boat. Can we try that? Just an idea. I don't know if he's got the room for it, we can try. Let me see. What's going on. Yeah he's pretty compact in there. Can we bring these feet. Yeah no, hanging out, but just can you slide it without getting a splinter. There we go, that's good. I can dip my shoulder under here and that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You're going to get stuck in this boat. I know. We'll just return him with the boat it'll be fine. We don't know where he came from, it was like this when we got it. You guys take bodies right? You used to be able to ask Siri, I think you could say, no you say I need to get rid of a dead body, and she would give you a list of the five nearest bridges to where you were. (laughing) Not that I ever did it, I never had a need for that, but I just I head about it you know. J-Pop told me about it. (laughing) I don't know why she was asking, but... Alright. Let me see. This plate no longer firing. Yeah here we go, alright, let's see those dirty feet. Alright Jessica take your spot, I'm going to get a focus on you. Alright there we go. Let's try this. John let's get ready to hit some smoke. On the back of the boat. Why is that cutting off? It's completely in frame on my camera. Is that, are we zoomed in or something? That's weird. I've got like tons of room around him. Alright, that's very weird. Ready? Hold on, hold on. We're having foot problems here. I don't, its not, it's not updating. I think that's what's going on. Okay I thought, alright so I think I was okay maybe right? Last frame was he in? Oh gosh I was like what is that checkered, checkered flag in the background. Okay smoke 'em. Here we go look at those dead feet. I want a like don't mess with me kind of, you're not really scared, you're, this is just another, just another morning for you. Alright, let's just light it up with all the smoke we got and just kind of. Okay I'm waiting for it to heat up again. Yeah we're going to need a little bit on camera left also. That one's ready to go. There we go, good, good, good. You can't see anything. Look right here, right here perfect. Ready? Yup, yup. Hit it. There we go. Little more serious though. You're not proud of what you've done, but it had to be done, and you'd do it again if the need arises. Look right towards me though, you're kind of like, yeah you're looking where you're rowing. There we go, give him a little punch, keep quite. I told you to shut up back there. Alright, that's alright. Look a little more right here. And look off camera to the side, chin up a little bit. Alright. Jessica and Arthur's dead feet everybody! (clapping)

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