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Pose It, Light It, Love It

Lesson 22 of 33

Shoot: Family Group Three

Clay Blackmore

Pose It, Light It, Love It

Clay Blackmore

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Lesson Info

22. Shoot: Family Group Three

Lesson Info

Shoot: Family Group Three

Let's quit faking it out there. Let's get busy and learn how to do it correctly. You know, I don't want to disrespect anybody who picks up their first camera and just goes out to do family pictures, Children and fun, you know? And that's the way I did it. I just didn't know any better. I would love to pick up a guitar right now and play Mala. Gwen, you you know, it's a beautiful ballad. I could never do it. I would need 10 years of practice and I could do it All right. That's what you need in this type of photography. You could do in a couple of three years with them. An intense practice. But what I'm doing here, just simple compositions on building pyramids. I'm going for expression and I'm trying to sell pictures. So now we just I mean, we're working on the fly guys. I mean, we just split it a new background, a new sofa, and I see a model in the back, and I think her name is Beverly. Family can idea your picture. Come on over. Come on, you'll love it. It's so much fun. So I've got a ...

challenge here. You know, a sofa like this is so, you know, flat and horizontal. So how about just sit up here and let me just see what happens and cross one knee over the other? Okay? Cross won me over the other. Great. Oh, look at that. Now, how about spread your arms like this? Yep. Lean this way and tip your head that way. Now look at that. She's in the seat of 3/4 bride opposed. Do we have the thinnest block? I confined because I'm going to illustrate something. Can you jump up? Stand up and nasa it on there? Go ahead. Good. You'll never notice that little rise. Yeah, I'm just I'm all plugged in. I was using a different camera here. Let's go live. Sorry about that. Cross your right knee over your left. Beverly, stand up again and pushed that block all the way under back there. Standing that put good for it. Pushed the block way back. We might need to do a block under every cell phone. Now sit there again. We'll see. Good. Yeah. Pull that way over so it doesn't show. Good. All right. That's a cute little portrait right there isn't with key. The beautiful teal with the brown. Turn your knees this way a little bit. Keep turning good. Lean this way A little. Tip your head this way. Look at me. Watch me. Watch me. Yes, but this way. Yes. Now turn you nose back to me. Yes, just a little bit Your home there. Here, you face in your nose and everything. That's cute. Where would I crop this? I think the boots are adorable, but I'm going to just crop it at the knee. Is that okay? Here we go. I'm on y feet on this video, but I'm gonna take it off video so I can get my flashes to go. I'm gonna focus. I went in close to focus, and I just saw the most beautiful face in there, and I took that. I think it's a little bright. So what do I do? I simply in turn this down from my camera and I You know, sometimes it graze out for me. Let me just give it a quick chance and see if I go to menu. There's the picture style, like I've been doing black and white. You see that little arrow up there. If you just hit that one time, you confined your black and white real quick. But what I'm looking for here is the speed like control. So I'm going to go this way. External speed, light. Now, you see that I can come in here, and there is my exposure right there. You see all that going on? E t T l manual Multi. Stay with me. I'm gonna just see if I can darken it real quick. More technology than the space shuttle. Why here? Flash function. You see, the plus, it says I'm plus 1/3 and it feels a little bright. And I could just pull it down from the camera here. Now look right back at me. Tip your head to the right to the other, right? Yes. And a big smile. Let me see. Teeth. Teeth. It's a little darker. Yeah, it looks beautiful. That is a gorgeous portrait. I think we we just hit it, didn't we? And we controlled it from the camera. Now, how about you let me do a couple more? Because you look at the TV. You're like a movie star. Look, look. See? Ah, I love it. That tip your head to the right. A little bit more tip. You like this? Yeah. Look at that. Our shoulders are a little square to the camera. Can you turn your shoulders and your knees? This way? Keep turning. Keep turning. Yes. Keep your back real tall. Now drop your left shoulder. Yeah, I showed her. Look, I'm dropping your left shoulder and then tip your head to the right. Right there. Not. Just relax your shoulders down. Watch me shoulders down. Yes. Yep. Back tall. Yes. Tip your head here a little. I know your middle name. They told me your middle name is Cinderella. They told me. Yes, they did. Smile. Smart teeth. Yeah, right there. See, I use the same lines over and over. I'm just When you get when you get there, you just do it. Let's see that smile. I love it. Love it. Now I'm just looking at it. I mean, it just looks beautiful. Don't you come Come take a look. I think you know, for this portrait I gave you enough space. The hang this in your home as a really, you know, probably a large portrait. But I would say, This is an easy 24 inch portrait because I've given you the space I like to shoot in close, but this this sofa gives her a sense of space and what I'm doing, I'm just gonna tell you as home I'm speaking as an artist would speak. I'm speaking. Have you ever You want to learn how to sell? Go to Las Vegas, go to the Wynn Hotel, go into a watch store, and before you know it, you're about to walk out with a $10, timepiece because they know how to point out all the benefits. And this this watch will be worth more money. Next year, they increase in value. Let me talk about some of the benefits, and they point out all of the benefits of that watch. I'm bringing her to the portrait. The mother and I'm gonna point out the benefits. I'm pointing out the head sides how we would hang it. I would actually frame it. What I would do is put a a little Matt right here in a brown frame around the picture. I'm talking about how you know I'm engaged like that. So now, Beverly, I see you have a sister. Let me guess your name. Okay? Don't tell me. Please come over here and let me guess. Did they give any chocolate yet? Not yet. How about curl up here with your sister here? We'll do the trick again. Then what? Do we have a brother? Also? How about we give? Let me give your sister a so low portrait. So you come out, Beverly. And how about we stand on a couple opposing blocks back here? Come around here. I'm gonna guess how old you are. OK, Come over here. 10. Come, Let me have one more block part. Just throw it to me. All right, There he goes. Stand right there. Woohoo! Now, can you put this hip right up here like you're sitting there? Look like this one leg. Minuscule chicken little top. Give me one more little block. One more. No! Yeah! Stand down. Stand up! Now, just right there, One like that's it right there. She's in a basic pose. Head and body to the light. Yes. Oh, or that little hair in your face. Yeah. The only thing wrong with this background is that little band going through it and respective time. I'm going to take the picture and deal with it later. But if I were in my studio, I would be flipping these things sideways, and I would fix it. But let me get the portrait. You are beautiful right there. Oh, look at you. I love it. Woo! Oh, that's great. Well, that hair off your eye. How about track isn't Travis? Why don't you come right in and stand in the middle? And let's put Mom and Beverly in here too. You were great. I love it. You're so funny. I'm gonna guess your name. Your name is silly dilly, isn't it? Come on and have already come in, Beverly. But you stay here. This is great. Let's put opposing stool in here for Travis. Mom, you can just sit right here. She might disappear. I think it's good you cross your ankles left over right. And Beverly should be right over here in the middle. And can you? That's great. And put it on this thin Travis and we'll give this over here to try. Have you going to take this and sit on it? Flip it over and you want to do is raise it up a little bit right there. Me and this is gonna be a good picture. That's good. Come in the front row. Beverly, you have that poses down really good when you cross one ankle over the other. Yeah, and then you lean over to your mother. Wait, where's those bubbles? Let's get them bubbles going. I got bubbles. You like bubbles? I got bells and I got whistles and I got tickled feathers. I got it all. Just keep it right in the mix here. All right, Here we go. Pull your half your eye up here. I never did learn your name. What is it? Are what? Jane? Jane. Beverly. What? Your son's name? Scott. You're Scott. My brother is Scott. I love that name. All right. Here comes the bells in the bubbles. Scott, You like bubbles? Yeah, we got bubbles right here. Let me show you. I got him. Come on in here. Come help me right here. Caitlin. Caitlyn's doing it all. Wu. Caitlin's gonna take over what we have to do when we do this. All wind machines, all props. All fund comes over here, over in this side. Caitlin, you know why my lights air here. So if she's going to be anywhere, she's gonna be in between the light and the lens. That's awesome. Travis Lee and in their Travis Lee. And in there now Mother's name is Erin. Your hands under Scott's knees. That's a big tip so I can see Scott. How about How about it? I got a better idea. Beverly, sit over by your mother over here and you drop Scott right into this little corner. That's good. That's good. That's good. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love ice cream to now. What you gonna do is fix your top here a little. There we go right there. You know what we'll do? Just leave him alone for a second. I'm gonna focus on the four of you. Let him go. I don't need it. Turn your knees this way. A little bit. Good. Beverly, You turn your knees a little era. Isn't Erin sit up there like we had you but the other way. Face the other way. Face the other way. Yet that's the shot right here. Let's go. I think he needs a block under his sofa, so I'm going to give the finished one. Hey, go bark. We're gonna put that under the back of it. Oh, wow. Yeah, That's scooting. Look like, uh, all right, here we go. Everyone lean. Is it Erin? Erin, And tell me you anyone and one more time in the middle of the mother, Aaron And up here her name. Jane. Lean into the picture. Good. Beverly. Real tall. Let's let him go. Just let him run. Let me get the four of you. Really? Is he wrote in Cross your ankles. Aaron. That's gorgeous. Hide your left hand, Erin. Good. Gain the hair off. I I have scissors. Here we go. I'm just teasing. I'm not going to cut your hair. He's great. Let him have fun. All right, you guys. Look at me, Travis. That's good right there. Let's take a look at where we're at right now. Let's look at this picture. Let's look at the exposure. All right, Jane, look at me. That little kicker lights hot on Travis. You see it up there? Travis is getting too much light and this little backlight you do this one bar Can you get it. Let's just take it out. Let's just let the light just let it fall. You know what? We've got a main and Phil, let's let it fall. Yes! You're fucking here ago Who's got the bells? He's got the bells. I'll get the bells. All right, here we go. Oh, I got a tickle feather to All right, Bart, this thing is always here. Then I'll get him. Just get a chair and sit down. Is their opposing care left way back there? You could take a chair, sir. Can you hand me those chairs the stool? Because if you're gonna gonna make this picture, you got a saddle in. You just sit down. Ho ho! You want him? You ever heard of Santa Claus? I bet you have. You just sit right here with Mama and I'm gonna tell you a story about Santa Claus. He's got these reindeer they've ever heard a Rudolph the Reindeer because like, ho ho ho, You're so good. Now bring him up a little in front of you. The most important thing right now is that Mother looks good. Cross your ankles. Beverly, put your elbow in front of Mama. All the way and then put your elbow underneath. Here we go. Travis. Lean forward. Gain a little hair off your eye. Jane. Lena! Dad. Okay, I'm gonna tell you a story. I'm gonna be Santa Claus. Oh, ho. Shoot away. Shoot away. All we need is a little boy's face. Sit up tall and the back road can. Can the guy seated? Could you back up a little bit? Just scoot to the back of the sofa. Yeah, because we're going to get exposure. Focus issues. Here we go. Love it. Love it. Yes. You know what? Can you put your son right on your knee on your lap? Just a little bit. Just a little right there. Just a little bit right there. Well, Travis, get right in there. Let's see if you can put your hand right over here. Let me raise your little just stand up. No. Sit right there. Here we go. I'm gonna tickle you. I'm gonna tickle you. Watch this. Let me tickle Beverly. I'm gonna tickle J. You money tickle you. I'm gonna tickle you right there. Shooting away are gonna get you. You know I'm gonna get you. I get you put your legs down. Watch this. Do you want to eat this? I can eat this. Ready? Here it goes. I'm gonna eat the whole thing. You dare me? He goes that. Ah, I got you. Good. Barely. Chin down. Now. Put him out a little bit. I wanted to kind of hide. Your blouse is kind of tugging, so maybe he can put his elbow in front of you. Yep. There we go. Let him just sit over there. That's cool. Crisscross applesauce. Pull your legs together. This is the last picture. I love it. I love him over there just being himself. I love your shoes. Are those checkers About a minute to go and you know nothing. Dio, I'm gonna do one more picture with bubbles. There we go. Bart, shoot that Mama's Get back a little, Jane. That hair off your eye, Beverly set tall. Probably tip you head to your mother. Can you lean on Mom a little bit? Lean right here. Just lean on her right here. That's it, right there. That's it. Tall. I'm gonna make a sound like a dog. Now I'm gonna do a kitty cat. Kitty Cat goes moo moo right Yeah. Move! Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit! Jane, tip your head this way. I mean, Aaron, did you get this? That's it. Right there and smile. Got it done. Thank you. You did good. Your opening. All right. Now what? I know one little boy who is happy about that shooting was adorable. Three kids. If you want to jump out and throw him in there, If you have a minute, we'll just do all three. Put Jane in the middle. You can jump in the middle. Beverly, you take the middle of the office. I like Jane up on top where she's sitting up there. Sit on the sofa. It like you did right there. Shoot away. You got it. Here we go. Oh, you want to see what's funny if I tickle you? You see that guy over there? I could tickle him to You want to see? Watch this. You sit on this little pad here, okay? And you put your feet right here and you sit right up in here. Okay? Getting close. Beverly and lean into your sister right here. There we go. Right there. Now watch. I'm gonna tickle my friend over here. Ready? Here goes Don't you laugh? Here it goes. Watches. You wanna tickle myself? I'm going to kill myself. You may tickle you. I will. I'm gonna tickle you. Jane, can you slide over? Let's help her to the middle. I'm gonna help you right there. You stay right there. Right there. A little more. That's it. So you got a pyramid going? My shot. Last shot. Last shot. Hey, what's his name? I don't even know the young boy. Scott. Yeah, My brother's name. Scott leaned over to Beverley a little bit. It's got go to Beverly. Little helping. Do you want ice cream? Okay. Want ice cream? Right there. Right there. Don't anybody move. Don't anybody move. I think the shot is really right here, coming down on him. But I'm gonna tickle Scott first. Here comes Scott. Here comes Got you Want to see magic? Who's got a silver reflector cause you can pop em in and out He's smiling right here. All right. Last time won t three Yes T don't you last guy. Here I come. Here I come. Here I come here. Come. There it is. Look at that smile. Look at that smile. Got it? Already Got it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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Join Clay Blackmore for a three-day immersion into the art of photography. Drawing on decades of experience, Clay will cover the essential posing, lighting, and composition skills that are key to creating jaw-dropping images with any camera.

You’ll explore working with both natural and in-studio light. Learn about the essentials of portrait posing, including strategies for working with individuals, couples, and groups. Clay will also share his fail-proof tips for making on-the-fly adjustments so you're able to work seamlessly with any subject, in any environment and source of light. You'll also master the art of capturing the picture-perfect wedding story quickly, reliably, and completely with stunning results.

Whether you’ve been taking photographs for years or are just starting out, this course will give you the knowledge and inspiration to take your work to the next level.

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Clay Blackmore is the real deal in portrait photography. The guy is a bundle of creative energy and technical mastery. I took portraiture with Monte Zucker, and am glad to have Clay now as his successor. This concepts in this course are the rudiments. They'll never change, regardless of trends and fads. Clay is also very likable and fun to watch work. Keep your ears peeled for every word. When Clay points out those many little details, they all count. Love the course, and have a ton of respect for Clay. He's a portrait master, and a great guy. What else could any portrait student hope for?


This a wonderful class. Clay has worked w/Montey and brings a supreme knowledge to photographers who want to learn more. His skills are creative and insightful with a modest personality. This is an amazing class that comes with a great price.

Tom Lokos

Of all the courses I have purchased without exception this is the best. Clay is an excellent teacher. When he speaks he is saying something and not just talking. He explains his lighting techniques in great detail while demonstrating them . He is clear, concise and fun to listen to. You will learn how to pose individuals all the way to large groups, while learning the correct way to light them. All this while being entertained by one of America's great portrait photographers.