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Posing Families: Multiple Children

Will you sit, and, Dad, do you want to help me? Sure. Can you sit her straddling her sister? Sure. Alright. Oooh! Whoa. (Girls giggling) Good. Just like that. Will you hold hands in the front? There you go, perfect. (camera shutter clicking) Good. (camera shutter clicking) Ah, yeah, tilt your heads together. And tilt your head this way, good. Right there! And look right at me. (camera shutter clicking) Okay now, what makes your sister laugh? Oh, do you see her eyes? She was like, oh. Ready, let's make her laugh. You want to come make her laugh for me? (camera shutter clicking) Perfect. And look right here. Okay, so, (footsteps echoing) alright, so you, watch out for me. I don't know what she's doing behind me. Watch out, her name's Iris. Iris is a little crazy. Alright, let's see. (laughs) Elephant. Elephant on top of your head! (audience laughing) (girls laughing) (Lindsay laughing) (camera shutter clicking) That's so funny. They're so cute. Okay, now can I have th...

em switch? Can you put Phoebe in front? Oh, she's, wow, that's pretty good. You know what, yeah, I think we might already have our own photographer right here. (laughs) That was really good. Okay, okay now will you put your head real close to her? Good, just like that, cute. (camera shutter clicking) And will you hold your hand in the front, yeah, and put your hand on her leg, with, take her hand, right there, perfect! And will you hold her hand, too? Can you take your other hand? The other hand, right there, perfect. And look at me. (camera shutter clicking) Okay, now look at each other and laugh. Ready, look at each other! (girls laughing) (camera shutter clicking) Oh my god, and now look at me! Quick, look right here! (camera shutter clicks) (girls laughing) There you go. The frog! (girls laughing) (Lindsay exclaiming) oh, my god! (laughing) (girls laughing) (camera shutter clicking) I really... (girls laughing) Let's see. Let's see. I actually thought that was a scissors and it went harder. I was like, oh my god! Like, I was actually freaked out. Aww, look at you guys. Look how cute you are. Whoa. (laughs) (shutter clicks) (girls laughing) Okay, I just wanted to photograph that 'cause its strange looking. (laughing) (audience laughing) That was really funny. Oh, my gosh! (girls laughing) (audience laughing) Look right here, quick! Look right here. Phoebe, real quick! Good, whoa, whoa, (camera shutter clicking) don't strangle her. A froggy behind your head! (girls laughing) (shutter clicks) Good. And look right here. (camera shutter clicking) Okay, good. Okay, so, you want to try something different? There's a froggy in the woods. I like that. Behind you. Will you stand behind your sister? And she's gonna give you a hug. Can you give her a hug, but don't squeeze her too tight. Okay, now let me see your face. So, scoot your feet this way, feet, feet, feet. Keep going, right there, good. And now, don't squeeze her too hard, too soft. Oh, gosh. (laughing) (audience laughing) Okay, and don't lean over, a little taller. A little taller, right, yeah, there you go, right there, perfect. (camera shutter clicking) And will you put your hand on her hand, good. Look right here. (camera shutter clicking) (Lindsay laughing) She's done that before, too. Look right here, I might have to hide that from her. We'll see, 'kay look right here. (camera shutter clicking) (laughing) I don't know if anyone can see what she's doing. The second I click, she goes, "Oh!" (audience laughing) There actually was, Lindsay, there actually was a question from someone in the chat about whether using the monitor and the tether was a good thing or a bad thing. And it seemed like with Zoe it was really helping. With Phoebe it's more distracting. I would never tether with kids, 'cause it's another distraction not to look at me. With kids, it's not like they look and say, "Oh, this is what I want to fix." They look and say, "Oh my god, look at me!" It might be funny. (audience laughing) What I'll do, absolutely, if I get a really funny photo I'll show them on the back of my camera, but that would be the extent of it. I was sitting on her hand. Oh were you? (audience laughing) That wasn't very nice. (audience member laughing) Okay ready? Alright, so I'm gonna have you guys face each other. Will you go that way, good, will you face her? Good, do you want to put that leg on the other side, too? Yeah. So you don't fall, I'll hold you. Good, okay, so mooch in real close, real, real, real, real close, good. (laughs) Okay, good. Aww, they went to kiss there, good. No (whining). Oh, no? No! No, why, what's wrong, you okay? Good, alright, good. (shutter clicks) Good, that's perfect. Alright, let me see real smiles. Where's Iris, okay, I can tell she's behind me. Relax your shoulder a little, good, yeah, good. Now put your hand on her arm. (girls laughing) (camera shutter clicking) Oh, not going off. (Phoebe chanting) Good, good (exclaiming). (girls laughing) (camera shutter clicking) Good. Make it go on the camera. (camera shutter clicking) Make it go on the camera? Make that thing go on the camera. You want to put it on the camera? Ow. Don't hurt each other. Are you like, biting her finger or smelling her finger? She's licking me! She's licking you? (audience laughing) Okay, you want to do a fun one, like a really fun one? Yeah! Okay, here we go, alright, ready, stand up. Okay, so, what I did, is I had the older sibling in a stable pose, she wasn't going to move, and then I would go ahead and try to fit the younger one someplace comfortable, either in front, or behind, so that I have still like, my anchor person. So, I already got my anchor, good. So, I already got a shot, 100% for sure that I know the parents will like. They had their heads together, they were hugging, they were laughing. Okay, so now I can do something that they think is fun. Okay, I'm gonna have you both lay on the ground. I'm gonna move this, though, okay, ready? Both of you lay on your back. Okay, thank you. Alright, 'kay. (audience laughing) That's pretty good. That's pretty good. (imitating motor revving) (Lindsay laughs) Wait, except for, with you, can I grab your legs? Ready, I'm gonna grab this, and this way! (laughs) (Zoe laughs) (Lindsay imitating motor revving) (laughs) Good? Alright, so what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna photograph from overhead, on the back, with them on their back. Okay, ready, I'm gonna move you a little more. (Lindsay imitating creaking) (Zoe laughs) Okay, ready (laughs), did you die? Okay, alright, ready, I'm gonna pose your hands. Will you hold your hands here, good. You're okay, stay right where you are, you're good. And will you pose your hands here? Hold your hand, quick, hold it, close your hand. (Calliope laughing) Hey, (laughs) how's it going? (audience laughing) Okay, will you help me? Will you pull her this way? Will you move her this way? Wanna get with your sisters? (groaning) 'Kay, here we go, and you're gonna put this arm down, 'kay good. My head hurts. You can hold hands, okay, real quick (laughs). Okay, ready, everybody look what's here! Everybody look up here, laugh! (girls laughing) Iris, you wanna come over here? (camera shutter clicking) Will you hold your sister's hand, you're holding her. Oh, hi, hi, yeah, good, ready? And, will you put this hand down for me? At your side, good, hold your sister's hand, yeah. Hold Calliope's hand, perfect! Alright, ready, everybody here, one! Look what she's doing to me! (girls laughing) She's put an elephant on your head. She put an elephant on my head? Yes! (girls exclaiming) (Lindsay exclaiming) (girls laughing) (camera shutter clicking) She's getting your hair. She's cutting all your hair off until you're bald. Why is she doing that? (girls laughing) Are you making me bald? (laughs) (girls laughing) 'kay, good. (camera shutter clicking) (laughing) she'll make you bald. Why, why are you being mean to me? (girls laughing) Good. She'll cut your hair all off. Okay, so I got that. Since I got that shot, and she's still agreeable, let's do something else. Will you sit up, good. And, do you wanna hold onto your little sister? Do you want to hang onto Calliope? Wait, I'm gonna have Zoe hold onto Calliope. Oh, Calliope, pull up your pants. (audience members laughing) (laughing) Okay, take a seat. You can take a seat, you wanna sit with Calliope? Li Li, Come on, sit down. No, what do you want to do? Do you want to go hang out with Iris, there? (laughs) I like this, over here, okay. Phoebe, do you wanna sit next to your sister. Just sit next to her. No, not on her, not on her, just next to her. Okay, so what I'm gonna have you do, see what your sister is doing with her feet? Why is Calliope playing with the scissors? Phoebe, phoebe, phoebe, see what she's doing with her feet? (audience members laughing) (girls laughing) (Lindsay exclaiming) Are you trying to cut my hair? Are you trying to get my hair? Oh, my gosh. She's Chucky, she's Chucky. Oh my god, she really, she's goin' for it. (Zoe laughing) She's Chucky, she's being Chucky. Oh, she knows Chucky, do you hear that, she's being Chucky. You know Chucky? (laughs) Time to go. Wait, you can bring her over here, I'll take these two's pictures, she can actually make them laugh. Okay, can you put your legs out to the side? Yeah, just like your sister, good, perfect. Perfect, just like that. (exclaims) Wanna cut my hair? (girls laughing) Will you sit up straight? Will you sit up straight a little bit, for me? Phoebe, just a little taller. Like, sit up a little bit taller, good. Okay, alright, I'm gonna try something different, okay. I'm really tall. You're really tall, okay, ready, I'm gonna give you something different. Can you do this? Can you put your leg like this? Are you, look what she's doing to me! Can you put your leg that way? Turn, do this, your knee that way. Good, right there, good, okay! And I'm gonna have you do the same thing. (laughs) I like it, it's cute. Okay, I'm gonna have you go behind your sister. Phoebe, can you scoot that way? Okay, I'll only do a couple more. Alright, ready, and tilt your heads together. Tilt your heads together, good! (girls laughing) Oh, and will you put your hand on her hand? No, just on her hand, right there, perfect! Okay, now, look at me. And relax, you look stressed, relax, soft, wiggle, 'kay. (camera shutter clicking) Not so much, not so much, back up a little bit. Good, right there! (camera shutter clicking) And now, did you see your sister trying to cut my hair off? Yes. What was that about? (girls laughing) (camera shutter clicking) (scissors snipping) (girls laughing) (camera shutter clicking) Oh, I thought it was your little sister, again. Nope. No? (laughs) Your little sister. No. (camera shutter clicking) I know that. Okay, last one, you ready? Mmm hmm. Oh, yeah. Okay, I'm gonna do one more, and then I'll give you another break. Okay, and then you can go have some more candy. (audience laughs) Okay, what I'm gonna have you do is, can you do me a favor, can you put your knee up a little bit more, a little higher? Can you put your head on her knee? Like, yeah, whenever you have to do, just like that. 'Kay, and will you put your head on top of her head? Good, and will you, yeah, fix the hair for me. And will you also take her legs, so she's more comfortable, yeah. She'll be okay, we're just gonna make you a little more comfortable. Any specific tips for male photographers who are doing posing with small children or with young women? I would say this is exactly the same. Okay. It's totally fine, I'm not doing anything abnormal and I'm just being silly. Yeah, I wouldn't change anything. The place where I would more worry would be for like, young teens, fixing hair, or fixing shirts, anything where you have to touch, just have mom or dad do that. Right, okay, great tip. And then, I honestly, I never touch my model. Even professional models, I don't fix their clothing or their hair, unless I've approached them and said, do you mind if I fix this? Even if they're 25 years old, just personal comfort and respect, but no, I wouldn't change anything. Ooh, I like that, that's a nice, can I get that picture? (audience laughing) Wanna get that, here. Thank you. (laughs) Okay, I know light room's not working, but, oh, this is going to be the best picture. No, we're good to go, actually. Oh, my. Uh oh, let's see if we can get the light, try this again. Wow, you held that for a long, wow. Can I see? (audience laughing) Yeah, go look, go look! I want to to, too! (girls laughing) And Lindsay, while they're looking at that... Okay, now come back here! Yes? Any thoughts on posing differently for boys? Do you do much differently when you're posing young boys, like this age? Sure, okay, so, for posing guys, I would do modifications that I would do for an adult male, but wouldn't do two hands, I would do hands in front. I wouldn't probably do on their stomach with their legs kicked up, but I would do on their stomach, just not hand in hair, legs kicked up. So, just make little modifications. I probably wouldn't do hands on hip, I would have them lean on a wall with their arms crossed, so it's really the same concepts, just doing a little less feminine poses, but that's about it. It's a lot of the same, like how I would do sitting, and then laying down, and then on the little stool, that would all be the same. Can you grab me that stool, real quick? Are you giving her a back massage? I want a sister that gives me a back massage. Oh, and if you'll hold that back real quick, sorry. Will you guys scoot back and do, would you do just what she's doing, would you get on your stomach for me? We were looking at the picture. I know, look at this picture! (girls laughing) what is that, do you do that a lot, do you make people laugh with that, that's good. I like this, make sure the camera can see that look. (audience laughing) It's pretty good. Okay, will you scoot back, scoot back that way. (imitating train chugging) Good, perfect, and now squish together, good, perfect. Oh, matching eyeballs, there, okay. Alright, okay, so, now, would you put your hands down, like this, like on the ground, perfect, but don't lay down, kind of push up a little, yeah, like this. See what your sister's doing, will you do that, just like that. Okay, perfect, look right at me. Ooh you're looking, (laughs) there you go, that's a nice face. And don't tilt your head back, tilt your head towards me, good! Tilt your head towards your sister. Yeah, but do this, ready? Keep it right there, yeah, perfect. Okay, Iris, you wanna do your work. (girls laughing) Good, and a little, actually, would you bite my camera, like over here, let's see. Oh my, oh my god (laughs). (girls laughing) Okay, perfect, and come right above my camera for me. And, will you bite the lens for me. Like, cut the lens, yeah. (yelps) (girls laughing) Okay, and now my hair, good, that wasn't looking over here, good. Uh oh, not taking these too good. And tilt your head towards each other one more time. Just like that, and look right here. Look right here, look over here, look over here, and ready. Yeah. Look at each other and laugh! (camera shutter clicking) (audience members laughing) (camera shutter clicking) Okay, and tickle each other, go! Tickle time. Oh, kicking, alright, kicking. Okay, you wanna give each other a hug. No! Do you wanna hug her so you can make up, 'cause you just kicked her. Wanna give her one more hug? And then I'll wrap it up there. Alright, let me see if they do anything particularly cute. Ow. 'Kay, good, okay, you guys good? Yeah. Alright, cool, so I'll give you a break. Do you think I could get Calliope out here to try one on her own? We'll see how she goes. You guys can take a break, you want Goldfish over there, or anything? You wanna take a rest? No. No? (audience laughing) Alright. I want to take a picture with Calliope. Oh you do, okay, cool, alright, good. Oh my gosh, what is this stuff over here? I like that, that's pretty cool. This is a good can cut thing. So, any questions on those type of things? So, if I'm looking through this, I have everything from more formal, where they actually have their heads together, to laying on the floor, to the three of them, to on their back. And so, I just try to figure out who's being least agreeable, and then just move them aside, give them a break, move them back in. Oh, hi, hi! Calliope, come here! Hey! (laughs) (audience members laughing) okay, here we go. Calliope! (camera shutter clicking) What are you eating? Gummy bears. Gummy bears? Oh, come on, okay, ready, can we bring that stool out? Let's see if, will you sit behind it with your sister? Li li, come here. Li li. (Phoebe roaring) okay, you can do that. Want to go over here, with your sister. No, he's biting you. You gonna protect me? Phoebe! Oh, Phoebe! (girls laughing) (Lindsay exclaims) She's protecting me, this is very nice. Do you wanna go, you can bite me, okay, good. Will you go (laughs), Phoebe, you wanna pose with your sister? Well, I'll do one by yourself. Phoebe, phoebe, you wanna pose with her? 'Kay, make room for your sister. Okay, wait, oh, I wouldn't do that. (laughs) You wanna come pose next to your sister? What are you doing? Will you sit behind? (Calliope roars) Yum, yum, yum, yum. Yum? Yum, oh my gosh, oh no! (laughs) Right there, 'kay, here we go. (camera shutter clicking) Are you gonna bite, no? Is it gonna bit me? Okay, put your hands down here, underneath your chin. Like this, both your hands, like your sister. Good, perfect. And move closer together, good. (yelps) Oh, my goodness! Look, she's trying to get me. (audience members laughing) Bitin' the PocketWizard, alright. (camera shutter clicking) (Calliope exclaiming) (Lindsay exclaiming) He's biting yours. He's biting yours. (camera shutter clicking) Okay, thank you. Okay, thank you, that's what she just said. (audience laughing) (laughs) Do you wanna, okay, wait, quick, grab your sister, okay, here we go. (laughs) (camera shutter clicking) Li li, Calliope, Calliope, hi. (Zoe laughs) (girls laughing) Behind you! Right behind you! Oh, hi, I didn't even see him! He's behind you! Can I have the frog, can I use the frog? No. Oh, of course. No? Want to give those to your dad? Yeah. Alright, so... No. No? Phoebe, please be behaved. No, no, no. Okay, Phoebe, it's my turn. What? For the scissors. No, it's my turn. It's your turn, oh. Okay, so you want to call your sister, again? Li li. It's my turn, it's my turn. You got the frog. I think we might be all done with toys, guys. (laughs) Hi, what happens if it really cut my hair, what would you do? I will tell people. Ohhh (laughing), okay, that is an interesting pose there. Don't really cut her hair, gotta pretend. No, it's okay, was just checkin'. (laughs) Okay, pose good. You want to read her a story? I'm cutting your face. Okay, but I wouldn't sit like that, that looks really (laughs), really uncomfortable. I'm cutting your face. Okay. Cutting your face. Okay, will you sit on the other side? It's my turn. Then give me the frog. No. So, here's what I want to try. How 'bout one with Uncle Russ? Can we get one with Uncle Russ? You want to? You want to give it a try? (Dad laughs) Let's do it, let's get him out there. They're asking for it on the internet. Alright, let's try. (audience clapping) Okay, alright Uncle Russ. Come on, baby. She's eating, okay. Where's Lila at? Oh, hi. And Russ, if you want to sit on that, and then try to put Calliope in your lap, and then turn towards the light. Okay, will you put your hand on his shoulder, over here? And, will you throw the book to me for a sec? Thank you. Wanna hang out with me for a sec? Thank you, okay, Phoebe, quick! Wanna take a picture? Here we go, Phoebe, quick! Yeah, right there! Alright, come on up. And, Russ, turn that way just a little bit. Ooh, come sit in front for me. Zoe, will you sit in front for me? Right there, and on your knees, like this. So, and up high, up high, like that, good. And scoot back, scoot, scoot, scoot, scoot, scoot, good, okay. And lean back. Let's look over there. Lean back towards him, okay, good. (Calliope fussing) Keep scootin', what's wrong, keep going, okay good. (camera shutter clicking) Keep scooting, keep scooting, keep going, you can keep going, go right, right, keep going, good, right there, good, perfect. Uh oh, here comes the (laughs)... My head! (Lindsay exclaims) (girls laughing) He's biting you. (camera shutter clicking) (audience laughing) Whoa, whoa. Biting near you. Right behind you. (camera shutter clicking) Right behind you. (gasps) Where? Are you saving me? That's mine (laughs). My hand! I see, that's weird. He's biting my hand. Okay, go back with Uncle Russ, go back, quick. We lost somebody for more snacks, over there. Ooh, Oreos, yeah. Li li, you wanna do a fun picture? Li li. Wanna go have fun with Russ? Can you make Russ laugh? How do you make Russ laugh? Go tickle him, go tickle Russ, go tickle Russ. Oh, no! Oh, no. (camera shutter clicking) Do you want to tickle him from the other side, too? Ready, go to the, yeah, right there. There we go. (Russ and girls laughing) Zoe, will you come over this side a little more? Right there, and give him a hug, good. (camera shutter clicking) Okay, now put your arm around him. Okay, Phoebe, get in real close over there, will you get closer to him? Oh no, tickling my head. Oh, tickling his head, alright. (Dad laughing) Phoebe, will you move next to his shoulder? (Calliope laughing) Right there, right there, perfect! Okay, so I'm gonna try, you girls, you big girls, you stay right there, okay. Both of you put your hand on Uncle Russ. Will you put an arm up, put your other arm up, put your right arm up, this one, put it right here, and right on his arm. Well, you can feel free to direct her, that's fine. I lied, she wasn't listening to you. Oh, would you just take her other arm put it up on here. Okay, so I'm gonna have you just see if you can get her to sit down. Let's see if you can twirl her around, make her giggle, and set her back down, see if that would work. Okay, so, hey, I need you girls, 'cause I'm gonna try to get your little sister to pose here, so I need you both to hold really still. Okay, right there, perfect. Scoot in a little more, put your arm on Russ's arm right there, other one, other arm. Yeah, right there, good! Now scoot in, scoot in, okay, here we go! (Calliope laughing) (camera shutter clicking) Uh oh, belly, what's the belly? (laughs) (girls laughing) I got it. Okay, oh, Phoebe, Phoebe. I'm gonna have to lose the... Make froggy say cheese. Here, let's help daddy eat Lindsay's hair. Right here, right here, right here! (camera shutter clicking) Okay, come over here, dad! (girls laughing) And pick her up for me. (camera shutter clicking) Good, and pull her shirt down a little, good, right there! (girls laughing) (camera shutter clicking) Good, right there! (girls laughing) She's very wiggly. (laughs) Okay, that was good, that was great. Alright, perfect. Alright, you guys, who wants a prize? (audience clapping) That was good. Okay, so, I did want to try one thing. How is she doing right now? As long as she has that frog, she's-- Okay, perfect! So, what I'm gonna end with, for right now, is I'm gonna try one shot of her. So, she can keep her frog. She'll end up from out here at some point. Okay, did you hear that? (audience laughing) Eventually, she'll end up at the... (Lindsay laughs) Alright, good, Li Li! Li Li, Calliope, ooh, I like that, that's nice. (camera shutter clicking) Oh, that's a good one. (camera shutter clicking) Whoa (laughs), I think that would have been a cute picture, personally. Alright, let's see, wait, Calliope, want to see you? Look at this, look at you, look at you! (Calliope laughs) Look at this! You got a picture, you got a picture. Do you see you? No, he's upside down. No, you're upside down! (audience laughing) You're upside down, look at this! Watch this, look at that, look what he was doing to you. No. No, this way? Do another one? Let me see, how 'bout that way, look at. Can I see? Look at. No, he's upside down. He's upside down, okay. She says he for almost everyone. Oh, okay, alright, cool. Alright, so, I got a silly picture of her. I think that would be good. If, will you come sit? If you don't mind, I'm gonna try my final family photo. Great. We'll just give this one more try. Great, do it, yeah. Turn sideways, keep going, yup. Mom, will you come over next to him? Alright, let me see. Lean back? Forward. (exclaims) What are you doing? Okay, actually, can she sit behind you? Will you sit, sort of, behind him, good. Okay, Zoe and Phoebe, Zoe and Phoebe. Okay, last shot, okay, Zoe, Phoebe. Phoebe, you wanna kneel right here, like sit right there. No, sit like this, just like this, right there, right there! Right there, perfect, perfect! Put your elbow up on dad's leg, yeah! Oh, hey! You're doing camera. Yeah, that's a camera! It's a nice camera. Okay, can I have you over on this side of mom? And we're gonna attempt, okay, put your hand on mom's shoulder, other one, good! Move in close. Alright, so, whoever wants to wrangle, this is why I put her first, because then there's no one to wrangle. Okay, here we go, alright, so this looks good. Alright, you ready? Ready, Zoe? Yeah. (camera shutter clicking) Come on, Li, li. (camera shutter clicking) Will you get nice and tall for me, good, perfect, good. Will you put that hand with your other hand, like this. Like this, good, just like that, it's perfect, okay. We're gonna try this, here. And mom, will you get really tall, and lean towards him just a bit. And then shoulders a little bit towards me. Right there, perfect, just like that, that's great. Okay, we're gonna try. (camera shutter clicking) Zoe, get real close. (camera shutter clicking) Okay, I'll take it. (camera shutter clicking) Oh, my goodness! Behind you! It's behind you! Okay, will you go see if, oh, she's there. Behind you! She's doing okay. Where? (Calliope laughing) A froggy! Okay, alright, do you wanna go sit with your daddy? Right behind you! You wanna go sit with your dad? Come sit with daddy, come here. We're gonna try. Oh, we're losin' Phoebe, we're losin' Phoebe. We're losin' her, she's jumping away. Will you scoop her up and put her on dad's lap? We'll see. Scoop her up, woo! Phoebe you're doing good. Okay, and other knee, other knee, here we go! My elbow. And up tall, good, right there! Here we go, right over here. Calliope, Calliope, Calliope, Calliope. Alright, try to fix your shirt, if you can. (camera shutter clicking) Calliope, Calliope, you're missing the froggy! You're missing the froggy! (camera shutter clicking) (Lindsay exclaims) He's right there. (Dad laughing) We're missing Zoe over here, Zoe, (Calliope screaming) look happy. Good, right there! Okay, and Phoebe, and everybody on the count of three, I want to hear you all laugh. Big giggles, ready, giggle! (all laughing) Good, alright, so, I know that I got a shot where she looks good. The rest of you all looked great, and so you just wanna just frog off? That looks pretty good, 'kay! Thank you guys, that was perfect. You were an awesome model, professional. Thank you. Professional, 'kay, cool. So, that is way longer than I would ever make a portrait session, ever. My portrait sessions were always like, two hours long, because I knew at some point during those two hours, I could get somebody to be happy, if they needed to rest in the beginning, or they needed food, but I wouldn't drag on too long. And honestly, as soon as I got a shot, I was like, okay, we're safe, we'll experiment till people are unhappy, then that was it, 'cause once you've lost them, you've lost them. Awesome, woo hoo, yes, very exciting. Okay, let's see if we have any questions here in the audience. Yes, Lunzo. I have a question. Yeah! 'Cause most of the time when you're dealing with kids and whatnot, do you find it's easier when you say to do it on location, do you find that location would be easier if it's at home, or at their home, or if it's somewhere in a neutral. So, interesting, that is an awesome question, 'cause I had experience with both. I've found that sometimes, when it was at their home, they were too comfortable, so they wouldn't listen to me, because if they didn't have discipline at home, they would just go crazy, versus if you're out on location, usually kids are used to a little bit more stringent rules, so they knew that they had to kind of listen to who the adult was. So, I would say most of the time, I actually had bad luck shooting at people's homes, 'cause they were way too comfortable. So, I was talking like, in a park, or something like that, it tended to work better for me, as long as we were someplace where I didn't have to worry about them, you know, running off to the road. I didn't want to be stressed out like that, but yeah like, a tree, grass, that's perfect (laughs). Oh, right, nice. Fantastic, so I would love it, actually, if you could kind of recap this, 'cause it was kind of madcap, it was kind of crazy, and that I think is pretty normal for a kid session, but let's talk about the principles that you're using as you're approaching each set-up with the kids. What, yeah, let's just have a recap. Okay, so, if I can recap the whole thing. Okay, I'll give you best case scenario, but really happens. Okay, best case scenario, which does happen sometimes, but I find with like, if there's a tiny baby, so they're not gonna, you know, wiggle around, and then like, two 10 year-olds, or a 10 and a 13 year-old. That best case scenario, what I would do, is I would pose mom, so she looks comfortable, pose dad around her. Whoever's youngest goes in dad's lap, and then if there's one more, I'd pose in a triangle. The next one I would pose in another triangle. And then add on, kind of varying like we did for the group shots. Then I would go ahead, and I'd remove dad, and get pictures just with mom. And then I'd pull mom out, and get pictures just with dad. And then I'd see how everybody's doing. So then, I would move mom and dad out, and get pictures of the kids together. And then, figure out who's most patient, I have most patient kind of stand to the side, and get whoever's least patient, the youngest, I would get shots of them alone, then I would get shots of the next one, and so, I would kind of go in that progression, but I start with the group shot first, because if I lose somebody, I've lost them, so I might as well, and I can come back to it. So, I do group shots, then I start pulling people out, and then I'll come back to a group shot in the end, so this is actually really realistic, 'cause sometimes like, somebody was really stressed in the beginning, and now they're all relaxed by the end of it. So, I kind of do a circle like that. So, the things that I'm paying attention to, and I don't know if you guys could kind of tell from that, 'cause that was less teaching and more, let me just see it and make it happen. What I'm looking for is, mom and dad, good posture. I'm looking for little kids not straining, little kids not slouching. Ideally, so that their heads aren't all lined up in a straight row, but a little bit of movement to it. I'm looking for multiple points of interaction. Not just standing there like this, not just crossing their arms, but ideally, a hand on at least somebody's shoulder, so it's showing unity. If everybody's agreeable, it's tilting their heads together. So, the first thing I'm looking for, is building what I call, kind of, having my foundation. I have my foundation person there, and I build up around them, and that's the things I'm going through, and then, lastly, it's expression there. And those are, I like the shot of her doing the handstand, that was really cute. And Russ, that is a very Russ face. (Russ laughs) I like that. And so, what I would do, as well, is I would shoot a whole bunch, and if I need to, I would go ahead grab a face from another shot that's not what I wanna do, that's like, I'm not really considering that unless I know for sure somebody is not happy, and crying, and so we'll just shoot everybody else, and then try to really work on that one individual. But, if you can get 'em all at once, that is by far the best way to do it, 'cause nobody wants to work in post, especially for that long. And I also knew that when I was first starting out, it was pretty complicated to do that, because if you changed your angle, it's not the same. So, I would never rely on it. Make sure that you have something that would for sure be acceptable, because if you changed your angle, you changed your focus, you can't actually put them together. That was fantastic, thank you. And it was actually kind of funny, because as I was sitting out there, I was thinking, trying to remember all the things you had taught, and trying to apply them to myself as I was like, sitting up straight, and actually using Calliope to block this, right here. Well, and not to be weird, but when I placed Phoebe in the front, I placed Phoebe in the front, because his legs and his chest were kind of straight forward, but that's because he had to hold her, so I'm blocking, 'cause otherwise, the attention would go to you, just because you're the adult, you're the biggest person in the frame. Yeah. Definitely, so that's definitely something I would do, for sure. Yes, and so, we thank you very much for this. Again, we know that this is outside your normal wheelhouse, but it is something that a lot of people do, and you did amazing. So, guys, let's give her a round of applause for everything, thanks so much. (audience applauding) Oh, thank you, thanks guys.

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