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Power Vinyasa

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Power Vinyasa: Level 1: Preview


Power Vinyasa

Lesson 1 of 7

Power Vinyasa: Level 1: Preview


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Power Vinyasa: Level 1: Preview

hi it's fry and welcome to level one power vin yasa thirty minutes I'm not going to use any props we're just going to move and flow but if you need props for your practice if you're tight in the hamstrings grab a block or maybe a couple books just to prop yourself up let's go let's get started in child's pose if you know you need a little more space today you can take your knees wide if it's more support that you're looking for in the back body go ahead and put the knees together take your arms forward drop your forehead down to the mat just let your hips drop back onto your heels and use this brief moment here to connect with your o j breathing because this is a level one practice I'm going to move a little slower and even give yu modifications that you can take from this class into the other classes restricting the muscles just gently at the back of your throat allowing for you to create that ocean wave sound or even just regulate your inhalations and axl ations so that they're equal...

let's take a clearing breath together open your mouth side out let's letting any distractions stay out of your mind off with your mat for the next thirty minutes and then inhale rise up into tabletop position on your hands and your knees just make sure your knees or hips distance knees right underneath the hips hands shoulders with hands red underneath the shoulders this is a great place to start so you just begin to bring awareness to your hands because so many of our yoga poses air are on her hands ok so making sure that your index fingers air forward that's a great place to start for anybody who's beginning with vin yasa flow grip the mat with your fingertips route firmly through the index finger knuckles and really firm the forearms in as you spread the shoulder blades wide we're just going to begin to make clockwise circles taking the shoulders beyond the wrists to the side behind and then out to the other side just making sure that as you do this you're warming up your wrists but you're also feeling the weight distribution is you go forward into the fingertips to the outsides of the hands to the heels of the hands because the more that you engage your hands the more that your arms are going to engage as well and we really want those muscles to protect the joints go ahead and do it counterclockwise now I'm already starting to feel warm just making sure that you're still feeling your hands engaged and then coming back to center into that tabletop position really gripped them out with the fingertips tuck your toes under as you inhale and as you exhale lift up and back to downward facing dog but just make sure you still feel your fingertips gripping because that'll ensure that you don't dump back too far with the shoulders come high upon your toes as you inhale put a little bending your knees as you exhale and then begin to push through the index finger knuckles see you get nice and long through the sides of your waist could begin to peddle out the legs one heel down ben the other knee back and forth just creating some length from the calves all the way up to the hamstrings lynn come high up on your toes once again as you inhale push firmly through the index finger knuckles really hug the forms in an axe hail the heels as heavy as you can towards the earth if you're feeling extra tighten your back is starting to round us keep a micro bend in the knees now let's begin with a modified vin yasa inhale shift forward into plank pose so that your shoulders are right over your wrists for most of us we have to step our feet back a little bit just to ensure that the shoulders don't go past serous and that the heels air right over the balls of your feet push down through the hands so that you don't your upper back just slightly hugged the farms and pull the navel and even think about squeezing your butt this is plank pose one part of the venue asa now first I want you to shift all the way forward to the very tips of your toes until you feel like you're right at the edge of the cliff of the toe tips then put the knees down they should be behind the hips from here we're going to do the cheetah ranga or the push up it's a little different from your traditional pushup because he elbows are in make sure the hips don't sag and keep the shoulder tips lifted bend the elbows firm the elbows in towards the size of your ribs and then stop when the shoulder tips are in line with the elbows then lower all the way down to your belly so the vin yasa has four parts you have your downward facing dog your plank your push up and then your backbone and really the fifth one is going to be well the fourth one is going to be going back into your downward facing dog so we're on her belly untucked the toast you're on the tops of your feet point your toes make sure your feeder hips distance push down firmly through the tops of your feet and engage our lift the inner thighs pull the naval in and situate your hands just slightly behind the shoulders index fingers forward now begin to pull your hands back towards your feet lift the shoulders up begin to peel the bottom ribs up off the mat as well inhale open the shoulders axe hail lower all the way back down to your belly the forehead can come down then inhale lived back up start to push down through that hands so you are going to begin to straighten your arms for upward facing dog but first lift the knees and the hips up off the ground role the inner thighs up and then open the shoulders now you can begin to straighten your arms into upward facing dog if you find that your little restricted due to tightness you can keep a little bend in the elbows use the belly as you exhale lift up and back into downward facing dog so power vignes arvin yasa flow is called that because we use the vin yasa every time we finish the sequence just in order to really balance out the body there's really so many great aspects to the vinnie ossa so you're welcome to modify and I'll show you the modified genius a one more time and then I'll show you your traditional vinnie ossa okay so if you're going to modify inhale shift forward in the plank pose shift all the way forward to the tips of your toes put the knees down exhale chata ranga with the knees down untucked the toes you can have the belly on the ground for cobra as you inhale up or take your upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog making sure tow link your breeding with your movement that's really the beauty of vanessa and I will do one venue asa together that is not modified inhale shift forward into plank keeping the knees up off the ground this time shift the toes all the way forward till the very tips of them and then lower down in the chatter ranga inhale upward facing dog noticed my knees my hips don't touch the ground untucked the toes axe hail downward facing dog great job it's not easy but it's a great way to really find balance in the body strengthening the arms the legs the core at the same time opening the shoulders and even the hamstrings now I know you've worked a lot on your arms and your hands so far so just begin to walk your hands back towards your feet your feet should be hips distance or maybe even a little bit wider put a tiny bend in the knees and just fold over the size grab a hold of opposite elbows it should feel really good to be off of the hands relax your head and just enjoy this hanging newton asana so much of our day is spent seated and sitting is really intense on the back of the body which is why we get really tight in the hamstring so this is a great way just to balance out and release all of the tension from your daily life if you want a little more sensation you khun begin to lift the toes so the inner arches lift even lifting the kneecaps and engaging your quads can begin to straighten the legs and just give you a deeper stretching the hamstrings a deep inhalation in side out allow your arms to drop to the mat it's put a deep bend in the knees and just begin to roll all the way up towards standing allow the shoulders to roll back open the palms a little smile on the face always helps on let's walk all the way forward to the front of the month feel free to keep a hip system stance throughout our syrian arm a scar a this is a great way for those for those of you who might be dealing with a little bit of a lack of balance to just find a little more space to balance on traditionally the big toes or touching there's a little space between the heels on will begin with syria nomis car eh from your mountain pose turned the palms up sweep the arms out to come up as you inhale maybe even challenging the balances the palms come too tough which then turned the palms out again as you acts hail dive it forward into that fold then inhale to a flat back plant the palm step back into plank as you exhale this is where you get to choose knees khun come down to modify or knees up exhale chatter ranga inhale low cobra or upward facing dog and as you exhale use your belly as you lift up and back downward facing dog breathing here you here all the time that allowed down dog to be arresting post yes it's a great place to kind of catch your breath and recollect yourself but it's also a challenging pose if you're doing it right so any time you actually need to rest you can come down into child's pose which is where we started now we'll complete that first round bring your feet together look forward as you inhale come to your toes bend your knees and just take a few steps or maybe one to the front of the mat keep your knees bent if needed inhaled to a flat back axle to fold inhale rising all the way up towards standing sweeping the arms out and up bring the palms to touch and as you exhale lower in your hands to your heart great job we'll do two more rounds just like that inhale reaching the arms out to come up exhale fully as you dive it forward inhale to a flat back plant the palm step back in the plank posts knees up or down exhale chatter rhonda inhale low cobra or upward facing doc axe hail lift up and back downward facing dog you can also use this down dog which is right smack to have in the middle of our round to reconnect with your breathing it's almost like a a meditation in your yoga asana practice take a few deep breaths traditionally it's five but since we've got a thirty minute practice here will do just a couple then bring your feet together look forward keep the arm straight as you inhale to the toes bend the knees and as you exhale step to the front of the map might be one big step or a couple small steps inhaled to a flat back ak sale to fault inhale rising all the way up deep breath in and as you exhale drawing your hands to your heart one more round inhale arms reach exhale fold it down inhale flat plank pose as you exhale now try to use that same ex elation lower down chata rhonda inhale upward facing dog or low cobra axe hail downward facing dog breeze one more breath cycle together in down dog feed together look forward as you inhale to the toes bend the knees you khun step forward or take just a light little hop keeping the hips low for that first hop inhaled to a flat back exhale twofold inhale rising up exhale hands to your heart great job hopefully you're feeling a bit warmer I know I am my toes were cold ennui started and now I'm really feeling the effects of that sun salutation a of moving of breathing together my hamstrings feel really open so hopefully you're sharing those great feelings with me now we'll move into a little prep for our sun salutation b now I want you to take your feet hip distance even if you've done this before just for the first chair it gives you the ability to really feel how your glutes work bend your knees and tapped the ground first of all I want you to make sure that your feet are parallel to one another that the toes are in line and when you bend your knees because the feeder apart make sure the knees aren't together the knees should be tracking over the second toes of both of your feet then inhale reach the arms up as you exhale sink back a little bit deeper so you want the weight back into the heels like you're sticking your booty out but at the same time try to squeeze your butt using the glutes in any sort of squatting position is actually going to give you the benefit of the posts enough talking inhale exhale folding all the way down inhale to a flat back now we've worked our arms in syria a we're gonna work our legs a little bit here you step your left foot back to the back of the map make sure your feet are hips with in distance and with place your left knee down making sure that the left knee's behind the line of the hip on that your right shin is in a nice straight line from the top with ankle all the way to the top of the me take your hands to your right knee and press yourself up into a variation of on johnny osuna so typically we have our arms raised in this post but I really want you to feel what's going on with the legs okay so it is a stretch for that left him flexor area but it's also a really great way to strengthen your right hamstrings who think about ice symmetrically pulling your right foot to the back of the mat draw your navel in then you can inhale and reach your arms up maybe exhale sink a little bit deeper into the bend on that right knee just making sure you keep hugging the inner thighs in towards one another inhale feli exhale taking your hands down to the mat framing your right foot going to straighten your right leg come onto your right heel untucked your left hosts hugged the inner thighs into think about sucking that right thighbone back and into the hip socket this is where if you're feeling really really tight and you're grounded and your hands don't touch the ground you can grab anything to prop your hands up whether it be yoga blocks a couple books whatever you need flex your right foot take a deep inhalation lengthen the spine and exhale fold to your best ability

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-60 minutes

Power Vinyasa yoga offers fast-paced, athletic, total body workout flows that will make you work up a sweat and ignite your energy. It also provides breathing exercises to help shut out the noise of daily life and tap into your creative mind. This at-home vinyasa yoga course will help you:

  • Develop your athleticism
  • Build strength
  • Increase endurance
  • Get the mental health benefits of a breath-based practice

Briohny Smyth is one of the most renowned yoga instructors in the world. She’s best known for her signature Fit Flow classes, as well as her dedication to practicing self-care to achieve better health. She found her own path toward healing, health and purpose after ongoing struggles with body image. Becoming a mother has led her to share her passion for yoga with others and begin her lifelong journey of teaching. Briohny will instruct you in:

  • Inversions and arm balances
  • Fun and invigorating flows
  • Alignment exercises

If you’re an intermediate yogi looking for vinyasa yoga at home classes that will help you build strength, challenge your endurance and clear your mind, this series of power vinyasa yoga classes of varying lengths and intensities is perfect for you.

Workout Descriptions:

Power Vinyasa: Level 1
Let yourself flow gracefully through this beginner vinyasa yoga class. Grab blocks and a strap if you are feeling tight in your hips.

Power Vinyasa: Level 2
This vinyasa class will be athletic yet accessible. Plus, Briohny will show you how to do crow pose!

Power Vinyasa: Level 3
Work up a sweat and try out some arm balances and inversion practice in this level 3 class.

Power Vinyasa: Constant Movement
Find your flow with this power vinyasa yoga class.

Power Vinyasa: Push Your Edge
Push to your edge with this core-igniting, full-body power vinyasa flow sequence.